On 28th October, Ellen Williams released ‘World in Union’.

Welsh classical crossover star Ellen Williams brings a new and powerful take on the classic hit song ‘World in Union’, with a lush and emotional orchestral arrangement that will appeal to all lovers of classical cross over music.

The single is taken from a forthcoming album of rousing hymns and sporting anthems to inspire hope and faith. It was first made famous at the Rugby World Cup in 1991 when it was performed by Kiri Te Kanawa. The well-known melody is ‘Thaxted’, from the middle section of ‘Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity’, a movement from Gustav Holst’s ‘The Planets’, which was originally adapted by Holst for its use in the British/Anglican patriotic hymn, ‘I Vow to Thee, My Country’ using words by Sir Cecil Spring Rice.

PJ Powers and Ladysmith Black Mambazo produced a version in 1995 and in 1999. Shirley Bassey and Bryn Terfel put their spin on things, performing a rousing version at The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff which incredibly featured Ellen’s mother playing the harp!

Ellen Williams has a website, at ellenwilliams.co.uk


Cyrillic have released a remix of ‘Zero Gravitation’.

The electronic duo Cyrillic are back with a brand new remix of the single ‘Zero Gravitation’. This follows on from the original release of ‘Zero Gravitation’ which gained a great amount of streams and overall support. Sothey now release a slightly different approach on the track. The track still features the beautiful vocal of young and talented Lara, but the fresh arrangements and the production are by Mario Eddie. It’s a first remix in a series of 3 total remixes that will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Cyrillic have a website, at cyrillicmusic.com, and are on Facebook and Insta.


On 31st October Wookalily released ‘Ghost’.

Wookaliliy are five women and ten instruments. With awe inspiring four part harmonies, low bowed double bass, flutes, trumpet, banjo and more, Wookalily create a masterful and sweeping sonic tapestry that will leave audiences rapt with wonder, and wanting more. ‘Ghost’ is the first single from Wookalily’s second album ‘Everything is Normal Except the Little Things Inside my Head’.

Wookalily have a website and a linktr page with links to all their streams and social media.


Mike Badger released ‘Wolfman’ on 31st October.

The new single ‘Wolfman’ is the second single from forthcoming album, ‘Papa Badge Light The Blue Touch Paper’. Inspired by the 1950’s ‘B-Movie’ Horror genre, this track is a thundering ‘juke-joint’ garage-psych rocker, suitably released this coming Halloween!

Liverpool born Mike Badger founded seminal indie band The La’s. The Onset followed, releasing music on local label Probe Plus. More recently he has toured Europe and The USA with his unique brand of Rockabilly and Americana as Mike Badger and The Shady Trio. He is also a sculptor now living in Snowdonia National Park.

Mike has a website, at mike-badger.co.uk and is on Insta.


FeelX has recently re-released ‘Ready’.

Felix Waldispuhl is a Swiss singer, songwriter and musician. We heard her ‘The Secret of Love’ a few months ago (Week 52, June 2022). Both that track and ‘Ready’ come from FeelX’ 2016, 13-track album also called ‘The Secret of Love’.

The song ‘Ready’ got written in 2015. The lyrics deal with being stuck in situations where you feel uncomfortable and just want to move on. As usual, different guest musicians are featured around FeelX` harmonies and drumming.

FeelX does have a website, at feelxmusic.ch, but it’s mainly in German! She is on Facebook and YouTube.


Frankie Carvalho released ‘Don’t Come Round Here’ on 2nd November.

Inspired by a new passion for song-writing, Frankie Cavalho follows on from her critically acclaimed EP ‘Sandstorm’ with her new single ‘Don’t Come Round Here’. The track features Emma Davis on vocals. Upon being asked what it was like working with Frankie Carvalho, Emma Davis was quoted as saying, “It was a pleasure to sing vocals on Frankie’s song, the concept is great and Frankie’s story was very compelling, it was fantastic being a small part of her journey.

Further details on Frankie Carvalho can be found on her Twitter and Insta.


Siobhán Winifred released ‘This House’ on 2nd November.

Following on from the fervent support for her debut single ‘Black Hole’ (which we heard in Week 69) earlier this year, Siobhán Winifred has returned to offer up her heartfelt second single, ‘This House’.

Siobhán says, “‘This House’ was written 2 days after a house party me, my ex and his new girlfriend were at, and the lyrics capture exactly how I was feeling. I wrote the song in about 20 minutes and the vocals on the final version are the first take I did – everything was so raw. It’s a song about all the conflicting emotions you have when you want someone to be happy but are struggling to watch them move on.

I wanted to capture the intense feeling of claustrophobia I had that night, being in a house full of your friends who know the situation and just reaching a point where you have to leave. That’s why we included the sounds of a house party and made the production really kick in on the line ‘so I think I better leave’ – it’s about reaching breaking point and desperately needing to escape.

The lyrics are so important to me as I think they’re the most vulnerable I’ve been, there’s no embellishment – it’s just exactly how I felt in that moment. I hope when people listen, they feel heard and understood; that someone else knows how hard it can be to see someone you used to be with move on, even if you know it’s the right decision. I think it’s a feeling you can relate to so many different situations and I hope people feel less alone when they hear it.

Siobhán is on Insta, TikTok, Spotify and YouTube.


Seán Joyce released his début single ‘While You Were Out’ on November 2nd.

The 22-year-old newcomer Seán Joyce is blessed with a voice that stops you in your tracks. You can hear that talent in his debut single ‘While You Were Out’. In this he delivers every line with utter conviction. He evokes passion, pain, yearning and hope in equal measure. It’s a song that tees up his upcoming début EP, which is a set of postcard snapshots of the rollercoaster ride of a relationship, set to music.

Seán is an artist that has emerged seemingly fully formed, but it has taken four years of dedication to get to this point. Working with some of Ireland’s top tier talents, Seán now writes songs rich in personal experience that will speak to young adults who are going through similarly tumultuous times. Just as relationships are inevitably a web of conflicts and contradictions, his lyrics make sense of complicated emotions.

He says, “‘While You Were Out’ is about hope, but also learning that not everybody is meant to stay in your life forever. But it can still teach you a lot. Don’t be afraid to open up or trust someone with a secret. It’s also about being an anchor for someone else, to let them know you’re a safe place for them. Once all the lights go out and the madness of the outside world is forgotten about, it’s just the two of you talking.

Seán is on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. He’s also got a linktr page with links to all his streaming platforms.


Charlie Baker released ‘Dancer’ on 3rd November.

‘Dancer’ immediately brings that positive energy with its catchy guitar riff and afro basement drums. These lead straight into the bouncy chorus. This song tells the story of being mesmerised one night by a dancer. She makes an unquestionable impact through her confidence, looks and dancing ability. To enforce a slight seductive undertone to the song, Charlie’s verses provide slower melodies with his soulful vocals sounding warm and enticing. In Charlie Baker fashion, the lyrics remain once again confident and catchy.

‘Dancer’ is Charlie’s fifth release in just over a year. Following hot on the heels of ‘You Want Me’ the dance house collab with Dj George Daniell, which we heard back in May (Week 47)

Charlie is on Insta, Spotify, Facebook: and Tiktok.


The latest track from The Late Arrivals Club is ‘Take my Hand and Run’.

The band of five musicians from Yorkshire came together to record original songs written by the keyboard player, Peter O’Grady. Peter has, and does still, work with many bands playing various styles. The lead vocalist is Andy Smith who also plays acoustic guitar. The other members are Charles Oxtoby (electric guitar) Chris Swindells (bass) and Iain Clarke (drums).

‘Take my Hand and Run’ is the second track from their album ‘the dessert sure is a lonely place…’ which got its release on 31st October. We heard the first track, ‘Citybound’, in August (Week 60).

The Late Arrivals Club are on Facebook.


‘The Bells of St Wystans’ is the title track from Phil Matthew new album.

Phil – AKA The Village – has built up a following around the Midlands and South East. He’s been winning hearts and minds with his performances. Phil has written and performed with many bands over the years and the Village is his latest alter ego. It is a magical place for outsiders and oddballs.

Phil has a website, at thevillage.me.uk, and is on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.



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