Ryder released their new single ‘Lilan’s Lullaby’ and their ‘Live’ album on May 12th.

Ryder is a power quartet from Queens, NY that specializes in hard-hitting rock music. They are pleased to announce their brand new single and live album. The single, ‘Lilans Lullaby (acoustic)’, is a different sound from the original single which had over 402,000 views on YouTube.

Ryder were formed in August 2016. It consists of James Ryder (Vocals/Guitar), Andrew Bloch (Guitar) Billy Smith (Drums) and Erik Unkrich (Bass). The band features different talents, united in their passion to throw down the classic style for a modern crowd. Lead singer and guitarist James Ryder embodies the undying spirit of true rock. While Billy Smith fuses precision with rebellion on drums and guitarist. Andrew Bloch weaves the musical threads that unite the band into a single, guiding force. All while Erik Unkrich keeps that thumping, driving force on bass.

Ryder have a website, at ryderrockband.com, and are on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.


Downtown Patriots released ‘Your Burden’ on 12th May.

Danny Watts, a multi-instrumentalist from Woodbridge, Suffolk, created Downtown Patriots in 2015. Originally working with session drummer James Duncan on the two début EPs ‘Love’ and ‘Guiding Light’ before settling with Ben Cochrane to create a 2-man band for live gigs.

Danny and Ben began recording the début Downtown Patriots album ‘Legacy’ in 2015 but it didn’t drop until 2019.  Once the album was recorded, Ben relocated to Australia. Meanwhile, Danny began acoustifying the songs to play live as a solo act.

During lock-down in 2020, Danny began writing and recording the follow up to ‘Legacy’ – ‘Dance Out of The Dark’. With a more nuanced sound from the previous heavier offering, this new album combines Danny’s love for 90s grunge and 80s retro synths.

Downtown Patriots have a website, at downtownpatriots.com, and are on Facebook, Insta and TikTok.


Sabina Chantouria has recently released ‘Echoes’.

Sabina Chantouria’s sound is as eclectic as her Georgian-Swedish roots. With her velvet voice and rhythmic guitar, she’ll take you on a journey that evokes emotion and leaves you breathless. A 2017 Georgian National finalist for Eurovision, she has performed at numerous festivals. Also live on television and radio, working with music producers worldwide.

Her new song and video ‘Echoes’ is available on all platforms. The single pulls us into a rich soundscape with rock, pop and Americana influences along with powerful heartfelt melodies and lyrics.

Sabina says ”We all carry memories of someone close to us that has left a huge impact in our lives. ‘Echoes’ is a song about time, and memories that awake bittersweet feelings.

Sabina has a website, at sabinachantouria.com, and is on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and YouTube.


On 14th May, Call Me Amour released ‘IMLOST’ which features LinaDrae.

UK four-piece Call Me Amour have dropped their second single of the year with ‘IMLOST’ featuring LinaDrae. The single follows on from the previous ‘Blackout’.  Both are from their forthcoming EP, and is their second piece of new music since 2020.

On the new single, frontman HR states, “‘IMLOST’ came together around the chorus line “Somebody tell me who I really am”. Imposter syndrome ties this song’s lyrical content together, as well as coming to terms with your reality. I met LinaDrae on one of my trips to Vegas, heard her music and loved the direction. Having her lay down her vibe on one of our tracks still blows us away every time we listen to it.

Call Me Amour have a website, at callmeamour.com, and you can follow them on YouTube, Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


Trout released ‘Gutter’ on 18th May.

Fresh from showcasing at ‘The Great Escape’ festival, Liverpool-based Trout (she/they) arrives with new single ‘Gutter’. Chess Club records also announced her as their latest signing.

‘Gutter’ is made whole by Trout’s magnetic self-production. Particularly, layered guitars, stacked vocals and characterful electronic flourishes underpin the track’s heavier themes in masterful indie rock brevity. A biting takedown in the face of doubt, ‘Gutter’ sets the tone in bittersweet.

On the track, Trout reflects, Gutter’ is about an experience I had with someone close to me, where they couldn’t relate to dealing with depression. They believed it wasn’t a real thing or something people choose to feel, which is equally hilarious as it is tragic. It’s written fairly tongue-in-cheek to reflect that.

Trout is the creative alias of 23 year old Cesca – who spent their childhood years growing up in Copenhagen, born to an Iranian father and British mother. Their early musical memories are of sibling rivalries played out to the soundtracks of the Gipsy Kings. Along with a worn out Suzanne Vega tape which emboldened their early love of song writing.

Moving to Wales.

On turning nine however, they found themselves suddenly uprooted, relocating with their family to a country they’d never even heard of – Wales. The teething problems which hallmarked such a shift in Trout’s psychogeography were compounded further by the prospect of learning a third language. Arriving in a “particularly Welsh part of Wales“, they had to quickly learn the Welsh language – an ability Trout now carries proudly. With green hills in the East and the Irish Sea to the West, framing their adolescence, rural Wales nutured Trout’s reverence for nature and water. It became an inextricable part of their identity and their passion for sustainability, plus their artist moniker, is a reflection of this.

Trout has a website with all their download links, and you can follow them on TikTok, Spotify, Twitter, Insta and YouTube.


On 18th May, Still Blue released ‘Lace’.

Irish indie-pop band Still Blue released their new single, ‘Lace’, on May 18th. Their début EP, ‘All Over The Chip Shop’, will follow on June 16th.

After the success of their début single, ‘Honeysuckle Daydream’, Still Blue has quickly made a name for themselves in the Irish indie scene. Their unique sound, led by vocalist Nicole Lyons, Ruairi Forde on guitar, and Greg Kearns on drums, has caught the attention of many music lovers and critics alike.

‘Lace’ is a personal and vulnerable song. It describes the complicated and confusing experience of trying to feel comfortable in one’s sexuality while being viewed solely as a body. The band describes the song as “a sad song about sex,” but it’s much more than that. It’s an honest and raw portrayal of the lengths people will go to feel loved and the toll it takes on one’s self-esteem.

About the song lead singer Nicole says, “I remember when I first wrote ‘Lace’ back in 2021, I wanted to keep it for myself. It felt too personal of a song to share with anyone, let alone release it! It’s an incredibly vulnerable song describing a very female experience wherein you would degrade yourself to nothing but an object, to gain any sort of intimacy from another person. Trying to feel comfortable in your sexuality whilst only being viewed as a body is so confusing as a young woman. People will do whatever it takes to feel loved, even if that means lowering their standards until they’re non-existent.

Still Blue are on Twitter, Insta and Facebook.


Dove Ellis released ‘Adonis’ on 19th May.

Dove Ellis, the fresh and explosive live artist from Ireland, is now based in Manchester. He released his début single, ‘Adonis’, on May 19th. It marks the first in a series of upcoming singles. All with his unique blend of RnB, pop, country, funk, and alt-rock.

Dove is quickly garnering attention from fans and industry insiders alike. He spent the last two years building his fan base DIY-style, through Instagram, Soundcloud and most importantly, live shows. Without releasing any music Ellis sold out shows in Central Manchester (Zombie Shack), Soho London (The Spice of Life), and back home in Galway (the Roisin Dubh). Dove put his first demo out on Soundcloud in February 2023, and within 2 weeks it had over 2500 plays, and 150 reposts. Through this hype, Dove captured the attention of major UK festival bookers, and is now playing the Mainstage of Lakefest UK this Summer.

With his slot at Lakefest and upcoming headline shows in Manchester and Dublin, Dove’s summer schedule is brimming with festival slots and live performances. His explosive yet artful live shows are not to be missed, promising an immersive experience that will leave you wanting more.

Dove Ellis has a website, at doveellis.com, and is on Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


Tom A. Smith released ‘Weirdo’ on 19th May.

Fresh off the back of a wave of support for his latest single ‘Little Bits’, Sunderland’s Tom A. Smith has returned to announce the details behind his latest collection ‘EP3’, alongside the euphoric new single ‘Weirdo’.

As well as the new single ‘Weirdo’, ‘EP3’ will also feature the recent singles ‘Little Bits’ and ‘Like You Do’. The latter of which was co-written with Miles Kane and co-produced by Miles Kane, Oscar Robertson and Dave Bardon. There’s also a cover of Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Don’t You Worry Child’, and the demo track ‘Me. That is the original version of what became ‘Like You Do’ before Miles Kane got involved and helped Tom take it in a new and exciting direction. Tom has also just announced he will appear at this year’s Glastonbury Festival on the Left Field.

Speaking about the new EP, Tom said, “I don’t really set out to have a certain theme or style when I’m writing and recording tracks. I just like writing Bangers. I love working with Larry Hibbitt and I’m proud of our creations for ‘EP3’. The track I wrote with Miles Kane on here is just absolutely massive and you can see the fantastic reaction every time we play it live. The EP also has my favourite song I’ve ever written lyrically on it (‘The Worst is still to come’) and it’s particularly close to my heart. My cover of ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ is a live favourite and thought it would be great to share it after plenty of requests.

Tom has a website with all his down-load links.


Electric Sufi released their latest track, ‘Hudaaya’ on 23rd May.

Electric Sufi’s previous tracks – the ethereal ‘O Ignis Spiritus’ (which we heard in April 2023, Week 93) and the hypnotic ‘Breathe In Love’ – have enjoyed critical acclaim. They now come with the third single ‘Hudaaya’, which is from their upcoming album. It is a track featuring traditional Urdu lyrics that speak about the revelation of transcendental truth in nature.

As with much of Electric Sufi’s music, ‘Hudaay’ mixes traditional Arabic instrumentation (this time a woodwind instrument called a Duduk) with electronic beats to produce a distinctive sound. Vocalist Sarah Yaseen sings ancient Urdu lyrics that have been sung in many forms and by many people. Translated into English, ‘Hudaaya’ speaks of how the Divine is visible in the Moon and the Stars, while asking for enlightenment on the understanding of all that’s around us. Thus it mirrors Electric Sufi’s climate change message of respecting the all-encompassing existence of nature and the need to develop a better understanding of humanity’s place within it.

Professor Chill explains: “The issue of healing our collective relationship with nature is the biggest challenge facing humanity. Often, looking back through ancient text, you can reconnect with what is fundamental to life – and by drawing tradition and ideology together, rather than pushing them apart, we’re more empowered to overcome the momentous challenge that all of us currently face.

Electric Sufi are on Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Spotify and YouTube.


On 26th May, Charlie Baker released ‘Kissin’.

At midnight (BST), on Thursday 25th May Charlie Baker released his new single ‘Kissin’. Tipped as his best track to date, ‘Kissin’ highlights Charlie’s musical direction going forward. With this new track Charlie has spanned several genres, merging them together to give the perfect mix. The strong baseline hits you immediately, followed by a nostalgic catchy dance sample, continued with an RnB/funk melody sung by Charlie. It’s all designed to put you in the ultimate groove.

The song radiates positive energy with it re-telling what it’s like to feel that rush when kissing someone for the first time. Movie like settings described throughout the song put you in a state of bliss. The saxophone, towards the finale of the song, tops this off with it’s romantic and relaxing vibrations.

With ‘Kissin’ it’s clear Charlie has found his lane. Thus he is ready to take both his music and song writing to the next level. Coming off the back of appearing on Jason Derulo’s ‘Project Icon’, Charlie has come out the other side a stronger artist. Plus he now has a clear vision of the singer he wants to be. With social teasers already stuck in people’s heads, ‘Kissin’ is on course to be a smash hit as it ushers in the Summer months.

You can find Charlie on Spotify, TikTok and Insta.


Yvngerror has recently released ‘Txttalking’.

Alternative indie artist, Yvngerror (pronounced Young Error), is based in Middlesex, England.

Exploring the real essence of British culture and Brit Pop vibes, Yvngerror’s career only started recently. But his first release features across 15 playlists on Spotify as well as playing on a number of radio and TV shows too. Now his new single, ‘Txttalking’, is out. It is from his forthcoming, début album, ‘Definitely tea’. The album will drop later in the year. The song is a fun and catchy song that stays in your head long after you’ve heard it

You can find more information on Yvngerror by following him on Facebook.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.


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