‘Reaper’ is from the Name Sayers new album, ‘Joyboys in the Grindhouse’.

Name Sayers has announced the release of ‘Joyboys in the Grindhouse’ which dropped on 18th August.

Produced by Grammy nominee Grant Eppley, the album marks a pop evolution for the band. It incorporates elements of psych rock, hip hop, synth pop, and cumbia. It also features guest appearances from guitarist Wayne Kramer, Brooklyn rapper Chris Conde, and Orlando rapper E-Turn.

The taut lyrics of ‘Joyboys in the Grindhouse’ touch on sex, psychonautic tour experiences, self-medication for social anxiety, and the resiliency which can result from sustained political resistance. The album’s title nods to both a wry sense of camp that imbues the project and to band member, Devin James Fry’s hands-on profession as a surgical instrument sharpener. Fully 49 songs were written, demoed, and culled to the 11 that constitute Joyboys. Fry says, “In making a record, as in sharpening you grind away what you don’t need.

‘Joyboys In The Grindhouse’ is available on CD, digitally online, and in 180-gram audiophile LP format. You can follow Name Sayers on Bandcamp, Facebook and Insta.


On August 18th, Amerik, with sasha samara, released ‘The Real Thing’.

Amerik (Adam Booth), the highly acclaimed Belfast based artist and producer, is set to make waves once again, with the release of three highly anticipated singles. They feature local Northern Irish artists Wilfie Gilbert, sasha samara and Niall McDowell. This exciting collaboration promises to showcase the incredible musical talent emerging from the vibrant Northern Irish music scene.

The first single ‘The Real Thing’ sees Amerik joining forces with rising star sasha samara. She is known for her mesmerising vocals and emotive performances, so it will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on audiences.

The second single, ‘Nevermind’, features Wilfie Gilbert. Wilfie is a legend in the Northern Irish music scene for his captivating song writing and soulful vocals. Gilbert’s ability to tell stories through his music perfectly complements Amerik’s production prowess, resulting in a collaboration that is sure to captivate listeners.

Finally, Niall McDowell, an emerging Northern Irish talent, will also lend his distinctive sound to the single ‘If I Told You’. They combine their skills and artistic vision, promising an exhilarating, boundary-pushing track.

You can follow Amerik Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


Hobson have released ‘Shake Your Head’.

The all-embracing sound of Hobson is brought together through a diverse and talented group of seven musicians. There is a humbling modesty that accompanies each performance, despite the unfathomably distinct talent of lead singer Kelly, who will undoubtedly awaken the emotions of any discerning listener. The storytelling genius is evident in the song writing and the journey of a Hobson track takes you through a tangible dynamism, juxtaposed with calm serenity. The warming tones of the horn section, coupled with Muse inspired lead guitar lines, and set to a creative rhythmic backdrop, all make for a delicious musical concoction. Ultimately, Hobson comprises seven genuine individuals who share a passion for music, song writing, recording and performing.

‘Shake Your Head’ is from their new album, ‘Falling As we Fly’, which dropped on 17th September.

Hobson have a website, at hobsonband.com, and are on Soundcloud and Facebook. They also have a ditto.fm page with all the links to pre-save their album.


On 24th August, HOLiDAY released ‘WOA’.

Tasmanian based alt-rock / indie-pop outfit HOLiDAY have promoted the release of their funky, punchy, up-tempo banger ‘WOA’. With its driving drums, big vocals and bouncy riffs, ‘WOA’ (an acronym for ‘work of art’) is inspired by what it means to be an ‘artist’ dealing with social pressures and ultimately celebrating individualism. We are all in our own way a unique ‘work of art’ and, as such, life should be about pursuing one’s passions while having fun with that journey!

Meg from the band says of the release, “For me the song is our ‘nod to not take things too seriously’. Its playful nature reflects our intention to embrace the joyous side of making music & art, despite the challenges” while band member Jesse reflects on how “we’ve all evolved personally & artistically during the process of putting this record together. In fact, our upcoming debut album has been a journey of self-refinement & understanding with this song in particular being an anthem to that concept”.

HOLiDAY have a website, at weareholiday.org, and are on Facebook, Insta, TikTok and Spotify as well as having a page with all their download links.


‘No Flowers’ is the first track on Repulsive Woman’s EP ‘The Even Hand’.

Repulsive Woman’s sophomore EP, ‘The Even Hand’, dropped on August 25th as a limited run of cassette tapes.

Repulsive Woman began as a side-project in 2015 for Millie Lovelock, one half of much-loved Dunedin, New Zealand alt-indie two-piece, Astro Children. In 2019, Lovelock released ‘Relief’, her début album as Repulsive Woman. ‘Rough Around the Edges’, Lovelock’s début single, charted on the New Zealand Hot 20 in 2019. In 2020, ‘Relief’ was awarded Best Independent Début at the Taite Music Awards.

Lovelock has performed at the Red Bull Music Festival in Berlin (2018). She is also a co-writer on six tracks on ‘Various Assets’, a compilation produced as part of the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin (2018), and has previously worked with Susan Rogers as part of the APRA/AMCOS Songhubs Sphere project. Lovelock is currently a President’s Doctoral Scholar at the University of Manchester, UK.

Repulsive Woman is on Bandcamp and Facebook.


John Leslie released ‘The History of Sugar’ on 25th August.

Award winning Australian John Leslie is a true artist in every sense of the word. His music is timeless, and whilst his releases have crossed a mix of genres such as dream pop, pop rock, gospel and more, there is a consistency to his music which is instantly recognisable as John Leslie.

After the confusion following an artist name change, John Leslie comes back with a lush and lavish production, ‘The History of Sugar’. Weaving elements of jazz with Latin beats and layered harmonies create a stunning soundscape. Then John’s distinct and passionate vocals deliver his beautifully worded lyrics of love, loss, forgiveness and resilience, in a track that will sit comfortably alongside the most heart wrenching love ballads of all time.

John Leslie’s uplifting and thought-provoking lyrics are relatable across generations and his vocals are delivered with such passion and emotion that you can’t help but get swept along in the moment. Spending an extended period ignoring the music of Western cultures has given John the opportunity to hone his craft and develop a unique and distinctive sound.

You can follow John Leslie on Facebook, Insta and Spotify.


On 1st September, Read the Room released ‘Jade.

Norwich (UK) based pop/punk fused alternative rockers ‘Read the Room’ have announced the release of their début single ‘Jade’. A song that delivers infectious hook-lines and will resonate with fans of Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Pale Waves.

The exciting newcomers to the British rock scene consist of Alana Beardsley-Best (Vocals), Adam Hearth (Guitar), Alex London (Guitar), Dan Dawson (Bass) and Elle Steel (Drums/Backing Vocals). Within a short space of time, they have gained recognition for their energetic live shows and their commercially-edged sound. Read The Room are a collective of experienced musicians. Their creative chemistry embraces elements of pop, indie, punk and rock with a sprinkle of humour.

Their début EP, ‘A Place Like No Other’, will drop on Friday 6th October 2023. ‘Jade’ is merely a taste if things to come from the emerging and self-releasing act. It is available on all major digital platforms.

You can connect with Read the Room via Spotify, Facebook, Insta, TikTok and YouTube.


Jamie Bosanko released ‘Jennifer’ on 1st September.

Jamie Bosanko hails from the small but busy shipyard town of Barrow in Furness. Nestled between the sea and the English Lake District, his songs reflect the diversity of his surroundings. Able to evoke and convey warmth and emotion alongside acerbic, indie-punk anthems, Jamie is a songwriter, singer and guitarist completely at ease with his craft and worthy of your attention. Jamie has released his début album ‘Echolocation’. He is currently releasing a string of brand new singles, the latest of which ‘Jennifer’ dropped on September 1st.

You can follow Jamie on Facebook and Twitter and obtain his music via his record company, Sea House Records.


DΞWΛR has released ‘Show is Never Over’.

DΞWΛR is a Scottish musician and recording artist. She has been writing and recording her own music since 2015. Also she has been performing in the UK and Europe with her band for the past five years promoting her EP ‘Influence’ which was released in May 2022. Now has new album ‘Rudiment’ dropped on 1st September. We’ve previously hear ‘Influence’ (Week 112, August 2023) which, like ‘Show is Never Over’, is from that album.

DΞWΛR is planning a UK tour after the release of her album ‘Rudiment’. She says she cannot wait to perform her new music. DΞWΛR has a website, at kirstydewarmusic.com, and you can get to all her social media, down-load and pre-order links from there.


On 2nd September, Mick O’Regan released ‘Waiting for Summer.

Singer-songwriter Mick O’ Regan is based in Essex, England. He grew up as a musician in the Honky-Tonks of Cork County, playing in taverns now either forgotten or turned respectable. But he has come a long way since taking his music to the UK in 1984. With radio play on a large number of stations worldwide behind him, Mick’s musical reputation has increased even further following his headline gig in Cork. There he fronted an eight piece band for his album launch party, in front of over 300 people. Now his new single, ‘Waiting for Summer’, has dropped.

You can find further information about Mick O’ Regan and purchase his single by visiting his website and you can follow him on Facebook.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud

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