Stickman released ‘My Genome’ on August 25th.

Welsh disco-punkers Stickman announce their début album ‘Cyanide Smile’. Due to drop on 20th October via Criminal Records. The record shares the flamboyant fruits of their summer touring & studio sessions.

Described as ‘disco punk with a touch of mid-life crisis’ their sound is unmistakable.  Essentially anthemic alt.punk, they effortlessly switch up genres, complete with soaring choruses and dynamic melodies.

Lead single ‘My Genome’ is the first offering from the eagerly anticipated record.

Upcoming Dates:

20th October – EJ’s Llanelli (Headliner)
17th November – EJ’s Llanelli (Stickman’s Christmas bash)
26th May – Breaking Bands Festival (Headliner)

Stickman have a page with links to all their social media and down-load sites.


Gypsy’s Kiss released ‘Better Than Me (2023)’ on 1st September.

Gypsy’s Kiss are proud to release a brand-new single, ‘Better Than Me’, accompanied by a music video. The visuals seamlessly blend footage from their energetic live performances in Lublin, Poland during October 2022, and June 2023, interspersed with candid shots of the band in their rehearsal haven. These glimpses authentically capture the essence and euphoria of their dynamic live shows. ‘Better Than Me’ was originally released on their album, entitled ‘74’, which came out in 2021. Now the song has been re-recorded and re-mastered for a single-only release on September 1st.

David Smith, the founding pillar, provides insight into the song, sharing, “This song is inspired by stories from friends etc. about their relationships breaking down and the anguish that can result and keeping their self-esteem by insisting that their ex-partner and ex-partner’s new beau are not better than them.
We’ve been really pleased with this track from the early drafts to the finished song. We deliberately wanted to write and record something that would appeal to a wider audience including a catchy chorus, guitar harmonies as well as being true to our rock roots. It stood out to us as a track we should put out as a single. It is always in our live shows and has fast become an audience favourite.

Live dates:

15th November – Poznan, Poland (supporting Atomic Rooster)
16th November – Warsaw, Poland (supporting Atomic Rooster)
17th November – Lublin, Poland
25th November – Cavern Raynes Park
19th January – Butlins Minehead (Solid Entertainments)
10th February – Winter Gardens Blackpool (Solid Entertainments)

Gypsy’s Kiss have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and Apple.


On 1st September, Jordan Joyes released ‘Confluence’.

Devotion to one’s roots is a highly valued musical trait. Particularly in the genres Jordan Joyes has spent the last decade trekking the globe performing: punk rock and country music. Despite their surface differences, both genres foster a fan base that suffers no fools and offers no quarter to those it deems unworthy of their dedication.

Building on her past musical endeavours by adding from a wild array of musical influences, Jordan walks the line between the many genres and offers no apologies. Her solo work is a texturally diverse, sonically bold palette that is truly unique. With just the turn of a phrase, she can invoke imagery that is vulnerable while retaining a strength and power that would take most a lifetime to procure.

Jordan Joyes has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Spotify.


‘Reflecting Beautiful Sense’ by FeelX features Jessy Howe and was released on 2nd September.

We’ve previously heard several tracks by FeelX (‘Love is a Reason’ (Week 74, November 2022) ‘Waiting for that Sweet Kiss’ (Week 85, February 2023) and ‘Solitary wind’ (Week 91, March 2023). We’ve also heard numerous tracks from Jessy Howe (‘Soul Food’ with Vikings of Blue in Week 14, ‘I Am Love’ with Valentina Velkova in Week 18, ‘Sea of Humanity’ with Felix Waldispühl in Week 40, ‘Eternal’ in Week 56, and ‘Message of Love’ in Week 77). Now they are back, working together, and bringing us ‘Reflecting Beautiful Sense’, which dropped on September 2nd.

‘FeelX is an independent musician from Zürich. His love of prog-rock, ambient, fusion and pop all fall into place while writing and producing tracks. His songs are instrumental or vocal with many instruments and textures. He has a website – – but, as he’s Swiss, it’s mainly in German! He is also on is on Bandcamp, YouTube and Facebook

Jessy, also from Switzerland, has a website at and is on YouTube, Twitter, Insta and Facebook.


Tim McGeary, with Robbie Gay, released ‘Life’ on 8th September.

Singer-songwriter Tim McGeary, who is based in Florida, USA has toured with the likes of Roxy Music, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, The Cure and Simple Minds. Now Tim has started gaining a name for himself as a solo artist. With his previous track receiving worldwide radio play and having some of his songs featured on hit television shows, Tim has released his new single ‘Life’. It features Johnny Van Zant Band guitarists Robbie Gay.

You can follow Tim McGeary on Facebook.


Jamie Lonsdale released ‘Paris’ on 8th September.

Speaking about ‘Paris’ Jamie says, “What do you do on Valentine’s Day when you realise that you don’t have a suitable present?
Write a poem or song!
After a romantic weekend in Paris, I felt very inspired and unusually creative. French architecture, the Seine, a visit to the Musee d’Orsay, a feast of Renoir and Monet, and then a glass of local wine as we watched the world go by. Lovers walking in the moonlight, hand in hand on the bridges, and chequered tablecloths fluttering in the breeze, the hum of French accents passing all around us.
‘Paris’, my new song will hopefully take you all the way along the Seine; if it so much as stirs a beautiful memory, let me know!

Jamie Lonsdale has a website, at


On 21st September, Kyren Penrose and Liv Burney released ‘Boots’.

Kyren says, “I am thrilled to introduce you to a track co-written by myself and Liv Burney. Our song, ‘Boots’, carries the essence of Wilco and Tom Petty, delivering a timeless sound.
‘Boots’ is a heartfelt composition, weaving a narrative that resonates on a personal level. Its evocative instrumentals and soulful lyrics aim to create an emotional connection with listeners, inviting them to embark on a musical journey.

You can follow Kyren Penrose on Spotify, YouTube and Insta.


MILENA released a remix of ‘The Secret Garden’ on 9th September.

The reggae-soulful song, ‘The Secret Garden (Sunsplash Mix)’ was released to the world on Saturday, 9th September 2023.

Joining forces, once again, with Nick Van Gelder (the drummer and founder of Jamiroquai and The Brand New Heavies), MILENA brings something completely unexpected – a reggae version of ‘The Secret Garden’. MILENA’s piano parts are still kept and cleverly entwined with Nick’s groovy drum parts and guitar solos. With the vocals sounding more angelic than ever, this is a tale of pure spiritual love and connection between two people.

MILENA has a website, at, and is on Soundcloud, Insta, Facebook, YouTube and  Spotify.



The Ormidales released ‘You Left Me Cryin’’ on 8th September.

‘You Left Me Cryin’’ is from a 1985 ‘Bachelors in Paradise’ single that Bill Oliver and Richard Walker recorded with English producer/composer John Schroeder. The Ormidales and multi-talented producer PD Wohl recorded this new version for the Ormidales 2024 EP, ‘Love Had a Chance’. ‘You Left Me Crying’ is updated for this century while retaining the energy, fun and innocence of invention that produced so much of the music we enjoyed in the 20th Century. Taking a pop-art road trip to the damsel’s doorstep that makes a hard turn down a dead end road. If it’s only love’s illusion we recall then we didn’t really didn’t know love at all, but we do have a lively pop tune to soothe our souls on a lonely night ride home. John Schroeder, at the time of the original sessions, in 1985 said “This should be a hit” Let’s hope he was correct.

The Ormidales say, “‘You Left Me Cryin’’ is dedicated to the memory of John Schroeder; with thanks for his guidance and for giving us a fab recording experience that lit the flame to create and record our music for so many years since.

You can follow the Ormidales on Facebook, YouTube and Bandcamp.


On 14th September, Pelican Rocket released ‘Faces’.

Fresh, blues and western influenced, rock band Pelican Rocket are based in Sweden. Formed by four experienced musicians with a purpose to be more community oriented than band, Pelican Rocket now release their third single ‘Faces’. It is taken from their forthcoming album, ‘Low Country’.

Described as having rootsy and bluesy riffs performed with an aura of country rock intertwined with fresh melodies and hooky, high-hitting choruses.

You can find more information about Pelican Rocket by following them on Insta and YouTube.


Blondeshell has recently released ‘Street Rat’.

Breakthrough LA artist Blondshell (AKA Sabrina Teitelbaum), is pleased to share details of a special, Deluxe Edition of her self-titled début album, which is coming on 6th October. The resounding success for Blondshell in 2023 – measured not just in global sold-out tours and critical acclaim, but also in Sabrina’s ever-deepening resonance with a devoted fan base – has now necessitated its release.

Blondshell Deluxe Edition is anchored by new tracks like the open-hearted grunge ballad ‘Street Rat’ and a lilting, Bossa-Nova-esque reworking of ‘Tarmac’ (dubbed ‘Tarmac 2’). It also features another new song (‘It Wasn’t Love’), a previously released standalone single (‘Cartoon Earthquake’), and a home demo version of ‘Kiss City’. She’s celebrating the news by sharing ‘Street Rat’.

Speaking about ‘Street Rat’, Blondshell says, “I wrote ‘Street Rat’ the day we finished tracking the album so it really feels like part of the same era to me. If I had written it one day earlier it would’ve been on the album. It’s a song about all of the mental gymnastics behind wanting to give up a bad habit, but not being able to despite knowing you should.

Live Dates:

30th October – Thekla, Bristol
1st November – Lafayette, London
2nd – 4th November – Iceland Airwaves Festival, Reykjavik
7th November – El Cajon, CA – The Magnolia %
8th November – Tucson, AZ – The Rialto Theatre %
10th November – Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern %
11th November – San Francisco, CA – The Masonic %
13th November – Portland, OR – Revolution Hall %
14th November – Seattle, WA – Moore Theatre %
17th November – St Paul, MN – Palace Theatre %
18th November – Chicago, IL – Chicago Theatre %
19th November – Detroit, MI – Masonic Temple %
21st November – Boston, MA – Roadrunner %
22nd November – Philadelphia, PA – Franklin Music Hall %
24th November – Brooklyn, NY – Kings Theater %
25th November – Washington, DC – The Anthem %
27th November – Nashville, TN – The Ryman %
28th November – Atlanta, GA – Atlanta Symphony Hall %
30th November – New Orleans, LA – Orpheum Theater %
1st December – Austin, TX – ACL Live at Moody Theater %
3rd December – Dallas, TX – Majestic Theatre %
4th December – Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
7th December – Phoenix, AZ – Valley Bar

3rd February 2024 – Brisbane, Australia – Laneway Festival
4th February 2024 – Sydney, Australia – Laneway Festival
5th February 2024 – Auckland, New Zealand – Laneway Festival
10th February 2024 – Melbourne, Australia –  Laneway Festival
13th February 2024 – Tokyo JP – WWWX
Note:^ denotes with Oslo Twins
& denotes with Tiberius b
% denotes with Liz Phair

Blondeshell has a where you can pre-order her album. She also has a website, at, and is on YouTube, Insta, TikTok, Twitter and Spotify.

A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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