‘For Centuries’ is one of seven reggae tracks on the album ’Maasai Moran Riddim’.

Maasai Moran Riddim is the production of Truce Label, a production house based in Eastlands of Nairobi, Kenya. This area is the bastion of Kenya music culture. The album has a variety of artistes, each performing one track:

  • Centre Party, a Zimbabwe reggae artiste with a song titled ‘For Centuries’ a conscious song (which we just heard).
  • Junior Di Boss a Kenyan reggae artiste with a song titled ‘Reggae Music’ highlighting the sweetness of reggae music.
  • Konsepts a Kenyan reggae artiste with an effort titled ‘Praises’ a gospel song.
  • Man Wazimu (who I have played on my Friday Breakfast Show) a Kenyan reggae artiste with a love song titled ‘Bridge’.
  • Acton a Malawian reggae artiste with another love song titled ‘Need You Day and Night’.
  • Rootskality a Fance based reggae artiste with a conscious song titled ‘In Love We Trust’.

’Maasai Moran Riddim’ is on YouTube and the production house has a website at trucelabel.com


‘I Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer’ was released by Lisa Pulman on October 1st.

After wowing sell-out audiences with her highly acclaimed West End tour de force Liza Pulman Sings Streisand, Liza returns with her brand-new show and album ‘The Heart Of It’. In this album, Liza rediscovers and re-imagines timeless classics and lost gems that have no business being lost. Her funny, intelligent and emotional connection to a lyric and a melody goes straight to the heart of every song.

Liza says, “Every track on this album has my heart in it and every arrangement, my soul. I am so thrilled that we are finally releasing it after such a hiatus.  I feel like a child a Christmas! I very much hope that you enjoy it, as it was created with great love

Liza has a website at lizapulman.com and is on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Sour Ops released ‘Navy Blue’ on October 1st.

Over the course of the last two years, Sour Ops – led by guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Price Harrison – has released some of the finest post-power pop in recent memory. In 2020 alone, the band has released a neat half-dozen singles that provide riff-heavy thrills. In the wake of the band’s equally fine 2018 full-length Family Circuit and 2019’s Tinder Flame EP, Sour Ops’ new single, “Navy Blue”, shows off their range. As Price laughs, “Sour Ops is not bluesy at all. It’s more akin to AC/DC or something than it is Alex Chilton.”

Sour Ops have a website at sourops.com and are on Facebook and Instagram.


‘Red Sun Rising’ is the second single from Ronan Furlong’s new album ‘Ataraxia’.

Ronan is an Irish musician/songwriter who has been writing and performing his own material for over 30 years. In this time he has produced a diverse repertoire of highly original, thought-provoking music which spans many musical genres and styles. The hallmarks of his music are strong melodies, a committed vocal style, skilful guitar playing, and refreshingly unique (and sometimes abstract) lyrical themes that complement and elevate the underlying song.

Ronan has sought to build on the success of his ‘King Of Leaves’ album with his brilliant follow up ‘Ataraxia’. His aim was to make the album as diverse and interesting as possible with particular emphasis on the guitar and vocals. The results cross musical styles from gentle acoustic ballads, Space, Celtic, Classic and Mystical Rock to upbeat complex guitar picking.

Ronan Furlong has a website at ronanfurlong.com and he’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Raphael Tate released ‘FEAR.NO.EVIL’ on October 2nd.

After feeling very thankful for his life with previous single, ’Blessed’, Raphael Tate comes through, bolder than ever, with brand new single, ‘FEAR.NO.EVIL.’ Staring the devil right in his (or her) face, Raphael’s latest single ‘FEAR.NO EVIL’ has all the strength to blast any darkness or troubles away, firmly cementing his place on your radar. ‘FEAR.NO.EVIL’ was released on 2nd October on download and streaming sites.

Raphael is on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


In the Autumn DEROSNEC have released a new album, ‘Three Lives’ from which ‘Save Me’ is the fourth track.

DEROSNEC is the multimedia audio-visual project of Nina Helene Hirten. Visually, DEROSNEC is a film-maker and illustrator. Her passion for storytelling has inspired shorts, movies, and graphic novels as well as standalone pieces of drawn or painted images. She has created everything from animated shorts, to documentary vignettes, to music videos.

Musically, DEROSNEC is a singer, performer, and songwriter. With her unusually low voice and wide operatic vocal range, she makes music that pulls from all genres of the musical world to create a moody, personal, and intense sound. Her lyrics range from politics and philosophy to her own experience and feelings, and are unusually straightforward while being simultaneously laced with double meanings and word play.

She has a website at derosnec.com and is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Scarlett Mill released ‘In You’ on 6th October.

Scarlet Mill are a Dutch alternative/indie band consisting of Jennifer Moesker (vocals, piano, synths) and Erik Verhoef (vocals, guitar, bass and drums). Their permanent special guest is Maarten Verhoef (saxophone). This obscure duo first got together in the 1980’s, but then drifted apart for a couple of decades. It took them, all-in-all some 35 years, partly spent on various musical adventures with other musicians and bands, to finally get their act together and to release their first album ‘Chronicles’.

‘In You’ is taken from ‘Chronicles’, which is a murder ballad in 7 pieces; a vibrant mix of eclectic dream-wave, European Americana and gritty chansons. The album tells the tale of an impossible love, passionate and fuelled by tender hatred. The careful listener gets many leads as to what may have happened, and why. So it’s actually a whodunit, why-dunit and how-dunit in one, even though in the end, one may wonder whether the answers really matter against the greatness of a passionate love that deep…

Scarlett Mill have a website, at scarletmill.com and are on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube


On 7th October, Michael Kerr released his new song, ‘Life Goes On’.

‘Life Goes On’ is a first taste of Michael Kerr’s new EP which is due out in 2022. Influenced by greats such as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Van Morrison, ’Life Goes On’ is a song about grief. One person is helpless to do anything while the other is saying there’s nothing else to do other than accept the inevitability of death. It’s the end for one but not the other. Life goes on and you have to keep moving knowing that the person that is gone has given their blessing.

Michael says, “The song is an older one I had and I sort of benched it for 5/6 years as I didn’t know what to do with it musically. I knew there was a good song there but I couldn’t place it or know how to best deliver it. When I was pitching songs in New York, it managed to find its way back into my periphery and I gave it to Michael Mormecha to throw some ideas at it. With that and the whole pandemic, it became a meaningful song again and felt right to get it out there.

When I wrote the song I was thinking about a story my uncle told me when he visited my Grandfather in hospital just before he died. My Grandfather was unwell for a while and I think he knew he was ‘goosed’, as he used to say. My uncle said the night before he died he was with him and he determinedly took the oxygen mask off his face and said “It’s not working, take it away.” Despite my uncle’s attempts to force the mask back on him, he realised it was his way of saying I’m ready to go. It was a tough one to hear but that was my Grandpa, he knew when his time was up.”

Michael has a website at michaelkerrmusic.com and is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


On 8th October, SHADE released ‘Fallen Skies’.

Just when you think you’ve ‘heard it all before’, along come a new gang who take the pre-conceptions and twist them into their next single. ‘Fallen Skies’, produced by Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios, is another grand song and SHADE’s first release post lock-down.

The SHADE story takes many twists and turns as they started playing live in 2019 then releasing music in the pandemic: ‘Neverdie’ (Spring 2020 demo) then, ‘Head In The Clouds’ (Autumn 2020), ‘Jump Into Heaven’ (Spring 2021) and ‘Test Of Time’ (Summer 2021). Now they’ve got a new single, ‘Fallen Skies’ and they will be live on stage again.

Their Live Dates are:

14th October Lancaster Music Festival

23rd October Toolmakers Brewery Main support to Section60 Sheffield

30th October The Castle Manchester main support to Outcharms.

They have a website, at shadeband.com and are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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