Tracks played on week 4 of Izzy’s New Music Emporium, and contact details for the artists, are:

The Light Show released ‘Round and Round’ on 9th July.

The Light Show are an Indie Punk band from Leeds, England. Their influences include bands such as Jet, The Hives, The Strokes and The Subways, but their sound is uniquely their own: something you haven’t heard before. Their tunes are energetic and riff-driven with relatable lyrics and catchy melodies. They clearly love their live performances and so does their growing fan base; they’re full of energy and leave nothing on stage!

The Light Show are on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.


The Tolks will release ‘Beside the Deathbed’ on 2nd August.

Established in 2018, Finnish band The Tolks are back with a new single, after the success of their début album Malefunction. ‘Beside The Deathbed’ is a dark but enjoyable Indie sound of yesteryear, for fans of Tindersticks & Nick Cave.

They have a website at


King Prawn guitarist Hans Deville, will release his début album ‘Prophecies of the Lost’ on 4th August. The first track on the album is ‘Porbander’.

Recorded over lock down, Prophecies of the Lost is a fusion of maritime folk, psychedelia and spaghetti western, all wrapped up in a raw punk energy. Half instrumental, half in collaboration with Hastings dark country vocalist Andrew J Davies. Turn down the lights, stare out to sea and let this album take you on its own unique journey.

Porbandar: Hans wrote the music in his characteristic folk guitar building to epic western style, then King Prawn band mate Nikolai Jones penned the lyrics to add a poetic maritime twist, pensively delivered here with the moody baritone vocals of Andrew J. Davies. The recording features Han’s mum playing an accordion she carried across the border when she fled from East to West Berlin in the 1950’s.

The album will be available from and Hans Deville is on Facebook as HansDevileMusic.


And now for something completely different! Here’s the title track from Chloe Charody’s new album, ‘Castle in the Sky’, played by Van-Ahh Nguyen.

Chloé Charody’s new album Castle In The Sky is an anthology of her compositions for solo piano, performed by Australian-Vietnamese pianist, Van-Anh Nguyen, and is a dreamy collection of ten tracks which have a distinctly impressionist aesthetic. Charody’s gift is her ability to paint pictures with music. The themes she has chosen for the items in this anthology lend themselves beautifully to her style of writing. Freewheeling melodies, teasing tempi, wistful phrasing and resonant arpeggiated baselines give voice to intimacy and quiet introspection. Van-Ahh Nguyen’s technique is light, bright and flexible, but also gives full voice to the more dramatic moments as in A Faraway Land, another track on the album which is released on 6th August.

Chloe has a website at


Diane Ofori will be releasing ‘Sail Away’ on 13th August.

Born and raised in a working-class family in the heart of the East End of London, from the age of three Diane aspired to become a singer. She loved to watch classic musical films and from when she was a little girl, she would sing and perform for anyone that wanted to listen to her. Growing up she tried her hand at many musical styles, but when Diane began to perform Jazz and Gospel songs, she discovered her voice. During her journey Diane has had the privilege of partnering with top composers Steve Carmichael and Vegard Schow in creating masterpieces. Sail Away was penned to a composition by Vegard Schow. Downcast, Diane came to a desperate realisation that a relationship that she had sowed so much into and was hoping would be the one, wasn’t, and had to press into her faith for the strength to let go, forget and move on.

She has a website at and is on YouTube


Dominique Simone released ‘Sweater’ on July 17th.

British singer-songwriter Dominique Simone’s soulful vocals and velvety tone are what sets her apart as one to watch in 2021. Citing Jorja Smith, Lianna La Havas and Kiana Ledé as her biggest influences, Dominique commands her own distinctive sound, effortlessly blending elements of neo-soul, R&B and alt-pop. On ‘Sweater’, she hopes to shine a much needed light on the notion that it’s okay to not be okay. She wants her music to soothe the soul and really make an impact on her listeners. Raised in Staffordshire, Dominique is a born performer. As a young girl, she was always drawn to music, teaching herself the piano and writing songs from as young as eight years old. She began performing professionally at 16, playing shows, festivals and radio sessions. More tunes from Dominique incoming this summer – watch this space!

Dominique is on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Spotify


Aditya Rao released ‘Thrills’ on July 12th.

Introducing Indian-American singer-songwriter Aditya Rao and his new single “Thrills”. Adi’s distinctive, genre-blending sound infuses pop sensibilities with soulfully powerful vocals, melded with Eastern flair. Adi said, “I wanted the song to hit the right spot as we walk into a brand new summer, eager to tease, flirt a little, and dance a lot.”

Adi first rose to global recognition after winning India’s prestigious State Award for Excellence in the Performing Arts in 2013 and Best Debut Artist in 2015. His global collaborations with established and rising artists have garnered multiple viral hits with over 50M cumulative views. Outside of music, Adi is known across the entertainment industry as a voice actor in major Bollywood & Hollywood productions. His upcoming debut album takes you on an unconventional, cathartic journey exploring the nooks and crannies of his perception of the world around him – keep your eyes and ears open for more news on this!

He has a website at


Timothy and The Apocalypse released their new album ‘Future So Bright’ on 15th July. ‘I’ll be Yours’ is the first track from the album.

Timothy and the Apocalypse is the solo musical endeavour Timothy Poulton, an Australian musician, composer, songwriter and producer for Mass Experience. After two years living through a world pandemic, catastrophic Australian bush-fires, career change and challenging family issues Tim started writing music again as an outlet for his frustrated creativity. Using his experience from rock, pop and indie from the eighties, dance and rave from the nineties, hip-hop and electronica from the twenty-first century, Timothy and the Apocalypse has released numerous singles and an EP in the lead up to Future So Bright his début. It is a critical update to the catalogues of down-tempo house and the subversive revival of acid-jazz.

He is on Instagram and Facebook


Jango Flash will release ‘My Mercedes’ on 28th July

Newcastle rock and roll group Jango Flash release their new single, ‘My Mercedes’, on 28th July 2021 via AWAL Music. Engineered, produced and mixed by Mark Broughton (Sam Fender, Take That, Sting), ‘My Mercedes’ is written as a dialogue between a girl trying to help her close friend out of an abusive relationship, scrambling to contact her so that she can find solace and escape to a better life. The song imparts tension in each of its verses through desperate broken conversations, but this weight is lifted in its epiphany inducing choruses, where ‘Mercedes’ finds strength to pick herself up and get out of her relationship. Jack Golightly (Vocalist and Songwriter) explains, “At the time, my mum was a single mother travelling the world with my brother and working three jobs. Along the road she ended up in an oppressive relationship prior to meeting my dad. It was my mum’s friend that gave her the nickname “Mercedes”, because she found elegance and strength in the way she carried herself through life. Whenever she writes to my mum she always starts with, “Dear my Mercedes”. So I opened the song like a letter from her, and the rest wrote itself.”

They have a website at and are on  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple Music, YouTube and Spotify


The show is available on MixCloud.

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