Earlier in November, Lonehead released their new single ‘Jump Back’.

Lonehead are from Glasgow and have a Facebook page.


Ryan Sheridan’s new single, ‘Parachute’ is out now.

Following the success of his summer single ‘Fine Wine’, Ryan Sheridan is back with his brand new single ‘Parachute’. Taken from his forthcoming album, due for release in spring 2022, the Monaghan native is delighting fans once more with his signature acoustic-driven sound.

Written by US country-rock superstar Chris Stapleton, ‘Parachute’ sees Ryan setting out his stall for the new year, with an exciting, high-octane track that establishes his fresh Americana sound.

Speaking about ‘Parachute’ and his forthcoming album Ryan said, “I spent Lockdown searching for the roots of my sound in other tracks, and when I discovered ‘Parachute’ I knew I had to record it! It just worked so seamlessly that it’s led to the birth of a passion project for me, with a new Americana sound, and I can’t wait to share it with you”

Ryan has a web-site at ryansheridanmusic.com and is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


BYSTS released a new album, ‘Palace’ on 11th November. ‘Crime’ is the third track on that album.

‘Palace’ is the second full-length album by BYSTS and is the culmination of chilling new and pre-pandemic material – a twilight lament soaked in sexual static and sweat. Both sonically and lyrically prescient as a tongue-in-cheek statement about the fragility of our society.

The duo began releasing singles in September of 2019 following the release of their EP ‘Dreamland’, which was listed in Ghettoblaster’s best of 2019.

‘Palace’ is a product of 2 years in the making and was finalized in the Winter of 2020.

BYSTS are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.


On 12th November, The Taboos released ‘Midnight’.

The Taboos are a three-piece contemporary Indie/Alternative Rock band based in Berkshire. Their sound is very diverse, varying from punchy anthem-esque choruses, to catchy and alluring melodic pop.

The band currently have 4 singles released, with plenty more up their sleeves. Their latest offering of ‘No Miracles’ marked a big leap forward for the band, being widely viewed as their strongest single to date, after its release back in 2019.

The Taboos have since released their follow up single ‘Innovative Thinking’, on the 3rd July 2020, and their latest single ‘Midnight’ sees the band leap forward once more, bending even more rules this time. A groove-based anthem that builds to an explosive crescendo proving another demonstration of the band’s creative abilities. This band is a creative force, with an ever-growing and maturing repertoire of unique, stylish hits. 2021 will see the band continue to excel with more releases on the horizon.

The Taboos have a website, at thetaboosofficial.com and they are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Deezer, Tidal and Soundcloud


Skanger released ‘Mistakes’ on 12th November.

On the back of the critically acclaimed singles ‘Condolences’ and ‘A Chance To Count The Cost’, Dublin duo Skanger are back with their third single ‘Mistakes’. With this new song Skanger ponder those moments in life where events are beyond a person’s control.

Skanger’s debut album is in progress and due for release in 2022, when they will also be embarking on an Irish tour.

Skanger are on Bandcamp, YouTube and Spotify


On 12th November GODETT released ‘Nameless Connection’, which features Julien Charbonneau.

Nameless Connection is the result of two colliding universes: producer GODETT (Charles Robert) and singer-songwriter Julien Charbonneau.

Julien’s feisty lyrics infused with “nocturnal sensuality” immediately inspired GODETT, who finished composing the music in just a few hours. Brought to life with Julien Charbonneau’s powerful and emotional voice, ‘Nameless Connection’ is an extremely catchy and pulsating electro-pop song. This is GODETT’s second collaboration/single to be released, after last February’s ‘Right Places’ co-written with Sarah Bourdon.

Based in Montreal, GODETT has been making music since a young age; he only started honing his craft as a producer a couple of years ago. Since then he has been putting his natural talent to good use across various collaborations, combining musical energies and personalities to create something special. He was particularly taken by Julien’s versatile vocals and lyrics, which lead the duo to team up and create this fun electro pop track.

GODETT and Julian Charbonneau have a website.


Simon Mayor & Hilary James released a new album, ‘When Summer Comes Again’ on 12th November. ‘Sumer Is Icumen In’ comes from that album.

‘When Summer Comes Again’ is an album of both reflection and optimistic anticipation. Lockdown might have been a time of few physical journeys, but for Simon Mayor & Hilary James, free of concert commitments, it was a chance to journey back to their roots and revisit favourite songs and tunes, as well as to write new material.

For Simon, it was a time to rosin up the bow with a passion. His treasured 1740 violin (yes, it’s that old!) had long played, second fiddle to his international reputation as a mandolinist. On the album, the violin is heard on intricate arrangements of the traditional songs ‘Sumer Is Icumen In’ and ‘Lovely Joan’ and on his own swing-tinged composition’ Jerry & Tom.

But there’s no shortage of mandolin too, or its big sisters the mandola and mandocello. All three feature on the starkly beautiful arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Barcarole’, and on the original tunes ’The Kissing Gate & The Strawberry Tree’

For Hilary, revisiting the title track ‘When Summer Comes Again’, a song she wrote and recorded some thirty years ago, seemed an appropriately optimistic way to hail the emergence from lockdown. It’s re-recorded here with her sister Janet Giraudo’s harmony vocals arriving from France courtesy of cyberspace!

For all her reputation as a singer, it’s a little ironic that Hilary’s unusual taste in bass instruments attracts as much attention. She found her mandobass (bass mandolin) selling second-hand quite by chance just a week before the duo started their mandolin quartet, The Mandolinquents. It’s become something of a calling card ever since, although she plays double bass on the album too.

Simon and Hilary have a website, at mayorandjames.com.


Earlier this year, Braidwood released their new album, ‘Braidwood’s Second Cacophony’ from which ‘Cat’s Got Your Tongue’ is taken.

Braidwood brings 40 years of musical experience to the table. Like a perfectly aged wine, his songs have mellowed into fine & fun, highly melodic pieces of classic-style pop rock ready to pour. It’s clear Braidwood understands melody and pop song construction, with strong melodies and lyrics that are clever and catchy. Well crafted melodic rock tailored to a more discerning, mature audience. As a singer-songwriter, Braidwood’s songs fall within the classic pop rock genre, but stylistically, they’re pretty varied; there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Braidwood have a website at braidwoodsongs.com.


On 19th November SODY will be releasing ‘…(i said it)’.

Turning sadness into anger is cathartic for rising star Sody who’s latest single “…(i said it)” is very much as relatable to all as it is a stunning piece of pop brilliance. Speaking about the song, Sody explains “After years of releasing music about my sadness,…(i said it) takes me into this new, angrier phase. I do see the good in people a lot but there are only so many times you can put up with someone treating you badly. This song has given me new confidence and has enabled me to channel my emotions into a sort of cheeky rage rather than crying into my pillow energy. It’s the realisation that you’re actually better off without them and now you can scream it from the rooftops!

Sody has a website at sody.lnk.to/bitchpresave


On 19th November, x-blu will release ‘Fear’.

x-blu are an Avant-garde / Post Punk band who formed at the beginning of this year in Thamesmead, SE London. In this short space of time, the band have already built a reputation for passionate, live performances and the innovative use of digital media. They are a band from diverse backgrounds and equality and diversity are at the heart of their ethos.

Whilst encapsulating Punk, Soul and Electronica they are a digital media band working in visual art, film, music, poetry, live performance and video. This is their debut single ‘Fear’.

x-blu have a website, at x-blu.com and are on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Disktroid.


Ruby Fields will be releasing ‘Kitchen’ on 19th November.

Australia’s Ruby Fields has released her début album ‘Been Doin’ It For A Bit’. It’s a collection of her best songs born from lived experiences. As per usual, Fields is never afraid to tell it like it is. The album includes singles ‘R.E.G.O’ – a brooding slice of fuzz-pop that traverses masochism and existential dread; ‘Song About a Boy’ – a heart-wrenching track that explores the darker sides of romantically complicated friendships; ‘Bottle’o’ – which shows the more delicate side of Ruby.

Ruby says, about the new album, “Since I was 17 I’ve been doing the Ruby Fields thing, but I gave myself a break last year to finally come to terms with who I am as a person. Making mistakes is part of life, but in 2020 my self-worth wasn’t validated by who I was on stage. So I’ve been working on being a better friend, partner, bandmate; just a better person.”

Ruby has a website, at rubyfields.com and is on Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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