Tommy Stoneberg has recently released ‘Praying’.

Singer-songwriter Tommy Stoneberg is originally from Africa but now lives in London. He’s been evolving his music career since singing in the school choir at the age of 7. He has written a large number of songs in styles ranging from blues to jazzy soul to dance pop which he has showcased on a number of occasions on the live London music scene.

We’ve previously heard ‘This Time’ (Week 45, May 2022) by Tommy Stonemberg. ‘Praying’ is his new single, which is out now.

Tommy is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


Finnegan Tui released ‘The Guard’ on June 9th.

‘The Guard’ is from Finnegan Tui’s début EP, ‘Zephyr’. On this EP, Finnegan fastens a folk-flavoured knot between himself and the world around him. Dancing with tradition, he threads his rich vocal tone around a warm bed of spiralling synths and homespun guitar leads. In doing so, Finnegan knits a musical fabric that entwines folk heritage with a sparky, electronic veil.

‘The Guard’, ‘Zephyr’s’ opening track, is a brooding symphony that swells with rolling hums and circling guitar riffs. Like the pull of a tide, the song draws listeners in with its meandering rhythm and subtle drum-breaks. Lyrically, Finnegan surrenders to the brutal beauty of nature, relinquishing his grasp upon the anchor of youth. His words are drenched in candour as he lays bare his disguise, preparing the audience to dive beneath the murky surface of his mind.

Revealing further detail, Finnegan writes: “I gave everything, all of me is in this EP. My desire, fear, stories, and failings are all here… I hope there is something wild and alive in here for people.

Finnegan Tui is on Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.


Jack Cullen released ‘Dark Days & Nightmares’ on June 10th.

After selling out three London headline shows, Jack Cullen dropped his second single ‘Dark Days & Nightmares’ on 10th June. It follows on from his début release, ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ which we heard in May (Week 47)

‘Dark Days & Nightmares’ is co-written and produced with Jack’s primary collaborator Couros. It is a glorious taster of the album that the pair have been working on together, which is due over the summer. Seeing the positive in a negative is central to the spirit of the single. Cullen’s trademark positivity offers a heartfelt and emotional ray of hope to listeners. The song blends effortlessly catchy melodies with honest lyrics that are a real testament to Jack’s ambition and potential as an artist.

Jack has also announced he will be touring in September. Tour dates are:

9th September: King Tuts, Glasgow

10th September: Deaf Institute, Manchester

12th September: The Exchange, Bristol

13th September: Lafayette, London

14th September: Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

Jack is on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


FeelX has released ‘The Secret of Love’.

‘The Secret of Love’ was originally released in 2016 as part of a 13-track-album of the same name. The singer is Swiss but now lives in the USA. She likes to remain anonymous when doing session work, but is a great writer herself.

FeelX does have a website, at, but it’s in German!


On June 10th, Jerry Folk released ‘U Got It’.

This single is the first to be revealed from his upcoming project ‘Castle Tapes’.

Oslo born and based, Jerry Folk has always been a traveller at heart. Each of his songs are unique in their own right as the producer refuses to stick to one particular genre. Luring with its reoccurring trap rhythms, Jerry Folk’s latest single refines simplistic beauty to the T.

Speaking about his latest single, Jerry Folk says, “As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more aware of how I get drawn to certain palettes over periods of time and how I can use this to make more cohesive projects. Thinking more conceptually about my sound choices and moods gives me a bigger feeling of purpose when making music. ‘U Got It’ is a result of the last couple of years where I’ve been drawn toward mediaeval-sounding things. Harpsichords, worn instruments, simple, folky (no pun intended) sounding music. It’s the first single from my upcoming project ‘Castle Tapes’ and it captures a lot of the palette that has been inspiring me the last couple of years. Hope you enjoy it!

Jerry is on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram and Spotify.


ATMIG have recently released ‘Ride’.

‘Ride’ is the third single from ATMIG. This Michigan band take their name from the Talking Heads track, ‘After the Money is Gone’. With music that is described as loud, soft, raw and heartfelt, ATMIG have caused quite a stir in the USA.

ATMIG are on Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram and Twitter


‘Spectrum of Color’ is the fourth single from Sarah Perrotta’s album ‘Blue to Gold’.

We’ve previously heard ‘The Other Side’ (March2022, week 37), ‘The Wilderness’ (April 2022, week 41) and ‘Circles (June 2022, week 49).

Singer/songwriter/pianist Sarah Perrotta unveiled her fourth studio album late last year. The album, entitled ‘Blue to Gold’, contains original art-rock/dream-pop. In addition to her lush vocals and melodic piano, Sarah utilizes a variety of keyboards and synths including the Mellotron, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Moog, and even a toy piano. The steady masterful drumming of Jerry Marotta sets the foundation for Sarah Perrotta’s captivating voice and song writing. The final result of ‘Blue to Gold’ is an ethereal sound that washes over the listener with swirling waves of dreamlike melodies and harmonies. From start to finish it’s a sonic journey that rewards the listener with a musical depth worthy of repeated listening. Sarah has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Spotify and Instagram.


Marija Droze has recently released her second single, ‘Cry Baby Cry’.

Marija Droze was born in the small Eastern European country of Lithuania. There was always a spiritual beckoning toward music from as early as she could remember. Some of her earliest musical influences were not typical of a small-town girl in that part of the world. She found solace in genres foreign to her surroundings, and identified with artists that were completely different and somewhat unknown locally.

Marija spent the better half of her life studying music in some of Europe’s top music universities where she honed her skills as a vocalist and classic pianist, majoring in music theory. But life did what life does, and she set aside her music – but not her dreams – to focus on her family. Now she is giving life to her own music. Her first single ‘Listen to Your Heart’ is a lament of basically her life thus far. The words paint a very compelling and direct story of how it all happened.

Now Marija has released a new single, ‘Cry Baby Cry’. It is taken from her upcoming CD called ‘Marija With A “J”’, which is currently scheduled for a late summer 2022 release.

Marija has a website, at


Clara Tracey released her new single, ‘Baby Witch’ on June 16th.

Originally from Fermanagh but now spending her time between Paris and Dublin, Clara Tracey released her beautiful new single ‘Baby Witch’ on June 16th.

Baby Witch tries to capture the hedonistic feeling of falling in love and the danger of letting yourself fly so high. About the song Tracey says, “I wrote this song soon after I moved back to Dublin from Paris. I was living in a shabbier than chic flat above a shop called Bohemia and we thought it was paradise. In the middle of all there was this new love story. Baby Witch is about trying to just let yourself love someone even when it feels like your hands or mind might be tied.

Clara recorded her début album, ‘Black Forest’, between lock-downs at Sonic Studios. It is the culmination of many years and experiments in song writing. It will be available in the Autumn 2022.

Clara is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The Caughtery released ‘The Uninvited’ on June 17th.

Following up their début single ‘Fragile’, cinematic rock duo The Caughtery present ‘The Uninvited’. It is a stellar offering, showcasing the talents of long-time Austin music veterans Lisa Tingle and David Gayler. This is the second offering from their forthcoming début EP, which is set for release on July 15.

Lisa says, “These lyrics came spilling out from a state of depression and anxiety, something I think we all can especially relate to these days. It stems from the daily frustration and energy exerted while trying to keep out the dark thoughts, the sadness and despair.., a.k.a. the uninvited.”

The Caughtery are on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. ‘The Uninvited’ single is available everywhere digitally. The full, self-titled EP will be available from July 15.


On June 17th Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci released ‘Until We Meet Again’.

Legendary Dead Can Dance vocalist and highly acclaimed film composer Lisa Gerrard has joined forces with Los Angeles-based composer / record producer Marcello De Francisci for the stunning new album ‘Exaudia’. It presents a vivid collection of epic and empowering compositions. The first single ‘Until We Meet Again’, was released on June 17th, when the album also became available for pre-order.

Lisa says, “I met Marcello while I was composing for a film called ‘Kings’. He had wonderful engineering skills and I liked him as a person. After a while, we decided to try composing together and went on to compose some film scores. This work was borne out of a desire to write something together during COVID, there is also the artistic desire to embrace the opportunity to unlock our unfulfilled visions. The album is very physical in its construction and sensibility, it is a deeply sensual work that enjoys a sense of empowered subtlety.

Lisa and Marcello each have a website, and are both on Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and AppleMusic.

Lisa Gerrard’s website is at, and she is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and AppleMusic.

Marcello De Francisci’s website is at and he is on IMDb, Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify and AppleMusic.


The show is available on MixCloud.


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