Rachel Davie Lee’s EP ‘Barely Concealed’ is out now. ‘Love is in the Air’ is on that EP.

It’s no secret that versatility adds an extra string to any player’s bow. For vocalist Rachel Davie Lee, it’s this multifaceted approach to music that is central to the dream of establishing her name at the top of the industry. Hailing from Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Rachel’s music is an eclectic blend of Pop, Neo-Soul, Ballad, and Caribbean-influenced. She has drawn inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Alicia.

Rachel’s début EP ‘Barely Concealed’ featuring 5 tracks, perfectly encapsulates her multitude of eclectic musical talents.

Rachel is on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


The Autumn Killers have released their new single, ‘Social Animals’.

We heard the Autumn Killers’ version of ‘Mad World’ in December (week 27) and ‘Darkside’, the title track from the latest album, in October (week 15). They’ve now released a second single from that album, ‘Social Animals’.

The Autumn Killers are from South Wales and have had a killer ride since the launch of their début EP. The band have honed their skills and their sound has grown significantly since those early days, culminating in the release of their début album, ‘Darkside’, last year.

The Autumn Killers have a website, at theautumnkillers.uk, and are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Esprit D’Air released ‘The Abyss’ on February 11th.

London-based Japanese electronic metal artist Esprit D’Air has released their latest single and visual accompaniment for ‘The Abyss’. It features Ryo Kinoshita of Crystal Lake. Released on February 18th, their latest album ‘Oceans’, includes ‘The Abyss’. The album additionally features appearances by gothic rock legends The Sisters Of Mercy and remixes by Heavygrinder and Shirobon.

Reformed in 2016, Esprit D’Air is a solo project led by vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Kai. Kai is not seeking a major record label but instead follows a strong DIY ethos and produces everything himself, even recording in his own home recording studio.

Espirit D’Air are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Daisy Brain has released ‘Digital Atlas’.

London based emerging indie-grunge artist Daisy Brain, shares his first new music of 2022 in the form of ‘Digital Atlas’. A raucous and energetic track, ‘Digital Atlas’ combines lazy Elliot Smith-esque acoustic guitars, with Daisy Brain’s recognisable grungy, crunching distortion. ‘Digital Atlas’ recounts Daisy Brain aka Will Tse’s attempts at escapism amid uncertain times.

Reflecting on the song, Daisy Brain says “We’ve all spent the last two years grappling with ourselves in uncertain times. I really didn’t want to write a “lock-down” song, but digital atlas describes the headspace I was in at the time. I found myself becoming more and more insular, trying to escape the world by almost any means possible and reliving my childhood by getting addicted to world of Warcraft. I’ve made it sound really dark there, but the song isn’t. It just reflects this strange, surreal headspace of not really knowing where the real world and the virtual world end and begin.”

Daisy Brain is on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.


On 15th February, Snakeskin Shoe Review released ‘Be Good at Your Work’.

Snakeskin Shoe Review came together with one clear goal in mind – to hang around in Stevie’s Man Cave garage conversion watching Vintage TV and drinking tea. From a handful of hastily put together easy cover songs they began to develop their own material – quirky and undefinable. They have recently completed their second album; ‘Futurists’ which is available from their website, on-line and in selected outlets.

Snakeskin Shoe Review have a website, at snakeskinshoereview.com, and are on YouTube and Facebook.


Lonehead released ‘Bold As Brass’ on February 18th.

‘Bold As Brass’ is the first new single in 2022 from Glaswegian alt-rockers Lonehead, and it’s out now. Written during a creative high for the band in lock-down, which followed a busy release schedule in 2021 which included an EP and three singles. ‘Bold as Brass’, with its explosive punk energy, riff and razor sharp production, blows away the cobwebs with an irreverent take on current politics. The rhetoric is reflected in the lyrics. ‘I’m the man with the plan, if you shake my hand you better count your fingers […] If there’s just one rule, that there are no rules, at least none I could mention’ getting to the heart of questionable approaches to public life.

Following the ease of lock-down restrictions, Lonehead are returning to Scotland’s live music scene. They will shortly announce new live dates in Glasgow and Paisley for March and April 2022.

Lonehead have a website, at lonehead.com, and are on Facebook and YouTube.


Martin Reynolds released ‘I’ll Crawl’ on 18th February.

Martin Reynolds, former drummer for Tamworth based duo You Dirty Blues, who graced the Glastonbury stage, as well as supporting many artists, decided to change musical direction during lock-down and step out from behind the drum kit to become a singer/songwriter in his own right.

He borrowed his band-mate’s 24-track mixer and began demoing the ten tracks that would form his début album. A winning combination of uplifting pop melodies and honest refreshing lyrics entitled ‘Where There’s Hope’.

Martin now returns with his brand new single, the powerful, emotive ‘I’ll Crawl’.

Martin has a website, at martinreynoldsofficial.com and is on Twitter, Spotify and YouTube.


Poundshop Parka released ‘Managing Director’ on February 18th.

‘Managing Director has been released through B Side Recording. Poundshop Parka are on Facebook and Instagram and that’s all I know.


Nave and the Ghost Collectors released ‘Pale Blue Dot’ on February 18th.

We’ve heard previous tracks by Nave & The Ghost Collectors – ‘Hit The Flame’ in July 2021 (week 2) and ‘One of a Kind’ in October (week 18).

Combining a funky bass line with quirky lyrics, the track takes the listener on a journey as if they were floating into the earth’s atmosphere before spiralling back down to earth in a high octane blues-jam.

Speaking of the track Nave says, “I wrote the song as if the Voyager NR1 Satellite is talking to us… Imagine you could see what that satellite has seen in its travel from earth to space and get a different perspective on life on earth.”

Nave & the Ghost Collectors are an explosive new band on the indie rock scene, hailing from Bergen, Norway. This track is their latest offering from their recent self-titled album which the band will be touring across Norway and beyond in 2022.

They have a website at thenaveblues.com and are on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.


Metronomy released their seventh studio album ‘Small World’, on 18th February. ‘Things will be Fine’ is the second single from that album.

We heard the first single ‘It’s Good to be Back’ in December (Week 25).

‘Things will be fine’ grapples with harnessing hopeful, sunny optimism in the face of difficult situations, speaking positivity into existence whether for our own reassurance or for that of our children or loved ones – even when we have no idea ourselves if things really will be fine.

The video accompanying the single is a paean to teenage nostalgia and which Metronomy describe as a “sort of pseudo role-play therapy session in which we all re-visit our teenage selves. Everyone ended up more scarred than they did before making it…”

Metronomy will be touring in the UK and EU.

The album, ‘Small World’ and tour tickets can be purchased on-line.

Metronomy have a website at metronomy.co.uk and are on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


Sinead O’Brien has released ‘Holy Country’.

We heard ‘Girlkind’ back in December (week 26). Now Irish artist Sinead O’Brien has announced her début album – ‘Time Bend and Break The Bower’ – will be released on June 10th and is available to pre-order now. Sinead has also released a brand new single ‘Holy Country’, which is accompanied by a stunning official music video. The album news and ‘Holy Country’ are also accompanied by the announcement of massive UK, Ireland and European tours pencilled in for September and October 2022 including London’s Lafayette.

Sinead explains, The story of the album is built up in layers; one song giving context to the next. I thought about becoming undressed; testing my ideas, my voice. Working myself out across themes of identity, curiosity, creative process. Experimenting with the form and shape of language, using tone and delivery to get to the immediate centre of what I am saying. The record opens and closes with poems, these tracks have a really clear direction – a form which is set apart from the ‘songs’. I hold stops in different places, moving emphatically through the lyrics, changing the meaning. No punctuation – only the voice mapping out the way.

“The album title “Time Bend and Break The Bower”, from the song ‘Multitudes’, came into my head and made its demands, an idea that pressed on me throughout the record. It has a very active role. The clock symbol is enlarged, it looms like a moon over my activity watching, counting me down to zero. Dripping with self-sabotage and the feeling of being chased; it pulls and pushes against the verses which talk of ’Multitudes’; the things that faithfully come back – the images, the words, creativity. It is creativity itself.”

Sinead is on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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