Earlier in the Summer, The Ormidales released “Crawlin’ on my Hands and Knees”.

From Vancouver Canada, The Ormidales have released a new power pop single and video “Crawlin’ On My Hands and Knees”. Looking forward to the fun and excitement of sports crowds at live events, Crawling On My Hands And Knees is the pre-game anthem, a roll down the windows, hit the accelerator, sing it out loud kind of song! We all remember our first love. Perhaps it was the rapture and emotion we felt for another person, the passion for Rock & Roll or fast cars, or the excitement we felt taking in our first live sporting event.

With all those feelings in mind, The Ormidales have a blazing new power pop song that pays tribute to the fans and their love of European football. Ethologist Desmond Morris points out in The Soccer Tribe, “no other game has been able to grab the imagination like football…relatively simple rules, team bonding, and flow of the game are some of the main reasons why football is a clear leader over many other team sports”. The Ormidales have also captured the spirit of the game with a straight-ahead power pop song that embraces the perspective of joyous football fans everywhere and those falling in love with the game for the first time.

The Ormidales are on Facebook, Bandcamp and YouTube.


Dan Jones has released a new album, ‘Zero Four Nine’ from which ‘1512’ is taken.

Dan Jones is a UK based rock guitarist with an appetite for bluesy, riffy, progressive music. He leans towards a unique fusion of styles, wrapped in a melodic sound. Drawing on influences from classic rock, blues and jazz, the listener will hear echoes of guitarists such as Dave Gilmour, Steve Hackett, Jimmy Page, Larry Carlton and Robben Ford. Like many other musicians in 2020, Dan found a lifeline within his music during lock-down. With time on his hands, he was able to sift through several years of material, carefully listening and selecting songs which really connected his style and meant something to him emotionally. Some were complete demo’s while others were strong riffs or chord progressions. The scene was set to face up to the challenge, overcome adversity, and put out his first solo project, the instrumental album ‘Zero Four Nine’.

Dan Jones in on Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud.


Earlier this year, Jack R Davies released his new album, ‘Evenstar’ from which ‘Dreaming From Home’ is taken.

Jack says, “My name is Jack R Davies and I recently released a self-produced album of 12 songs. As an Australian living in London (co-incidentally through the pandemic), the album explores the journey into the unknown, with all of the highs, lows and self-development that comes from it.”

Jack is on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon and Instagram.


On 1st September, Lixx released ‘How High is the Sky’.

Lixx are from Dundee and comprise Joe – Vocals, Nazz – Guitars, Robin – Bass and Steevo – Drums.

The Lixx story is a crazy ride. In 2018 American label Demon Doll Records signed the band and re-released the back catalogue to a new global audience, sparking off the next chapter in the Lixx story. Lixx are adept at creating a crackling, fizzing intensity – you’ll love the sleek, astonishingly tight songs which sit perfectly in 2021 – yet taking inspiration from a heritage worthy of rediscovery. You’ll be reminded of the brilliant simplicity of the Ramones here, the tricksy sophistication of Roxy Music there, the boot-stomp and silky sinuousness of T Rex, the attitude and the weight of Nick Cave.

There is something genuinely refreshing about Lixx

Lixx have a website, at lixx.rocks, and they are on Spotify, YouTube and Bandcamp.


Out now is ‘Silly Me’ by Andie.

Andie is a 19-year-old British singer, songwriter, and musician from London who has been working hard during these difficult COVID times, writing some fantastic material.

Andie has a website at andiemusic.co.uk and is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


People of Maha’s single, ‘Darling’ is out now.

People of Maha are an alternative rock band based in Sofia, Bulgaria, and ‘Darling’ is the first single from their début album ‘Blue to Gold’.

They are on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


On the 3rd September Sal Nurrito released ‘Flying High’.

Sal Nurrito is a Swiss musician with Italian roots. He is a singer / songwriter, guitarist, bassist and producer. Inspired by Simple Minds, Blondie, Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Duran Duran, and many more, he melts all these elements together to create his own music style. Crispy guitar riffs, groovy bass lines and driving drum beats alternate with soulful ballads. His signature vocals and catchy melodies are intended to create positive feelings and touch listeners from soul to soul.

In 2010, after a varied career, Sal decided to start his own music project. He wrote lots of songs and released a demo CD. He formed a band and they played some shows, while he was writing new songs and recording more demo’s for an official album. ‘Vola via con me’ Sal’s first official album was released in 2016 and contains Italian and English Pop/Rock Songs. Since then Sal Nurrito has released 19 singles including, 0n 3rd September, his latest single ‘Flying High’.

Sal has a website at salnurrito.net and is on Facebook, Spotify and Instagram.


And Did Those Feet have released their new single ‘What It All Was Worth’.

‘What It All was worth’ features the voice of Ina Williams, and is from And Did Those Feet’s forthcoming album, ‘I am God of Einstein’ which will be coming out in the Autumn of 2022.

And Did Those Feet were formed in 1995 as a vehicle for the songs of Richard Ellin which are esoteric and spiritual in nature. Since its formation there have been six albums and several singles with a few live concerts. They are currently working on their seventh album to be called ‘I AM God of Einstein.’ The last four releases have featured Ina Williams as principal singer with Harvey Summers taking more responsibility in the arranger role.

The name of the band is taken from the Blake/Parry song ‘Jerusalem’. It reflects aspects of the unseen and sometimes difficult to fathom side of the English and British nature. Ellin was envious that Woody Guthrie had ‘This Machine Kills Fascists’ written on his guitar so he had a young girl photographed with a guitar that said ‘This machine goes one way but not the other’ and was the cover of their 5th album called ‘We are Just Beginning.’ One reviewer noted that the key to this band is Dreaming, not in the way of fantasising but in the Albion equivalent of aboriginal dream time. And Did Those Feet walks that very thin line between the two.

Richard Ellin is on YouTube Did Those Feet are on Amazon and Discogs


Lisa Gorry releases her new single, ‘It Was You (and Me)’ on 23rd September.

Kildare singer songwriter Lisa Gorry is delighted to release her new single ‘It Was You (And Me)’ on September 23rd. She also announces her second EP, of the same name, which will be released everywhere October 28th. The 4 track pop-rock EP brings resolution to Gorry’s début, ‘Is It Me?’. Where Gorry’s first EP asked questions, ‘It Was You (and Me)’ delivers answers and is almost jubilant in its assertion of the freedom that comes with them.

About the new single Gorry says ‘It Was You (and Me)’ was the last song to be written for the EP and it was written for the purpose of having a single with the EP’s name as I thought the message was important. This single, and the EP as a whole I suppose, is answering the title of the first EP, ‘Is It Me?’ and was a reminder to myself of the work that I had done in the wake of past relationships to become stronger and more self-reliant, and how, while it was helped along by a loving partner who sought to understand, it was me who had to put in the foundational work first to then be able to express myself and set boundaries within a new relationship.

It was written in a couple of hours, and came together very naturally and in advisory tone that I hope listeners can hear and think, “This was written for me.””

Lisa Gorry is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook


Audirush released ‘Electric Rainbow’ on 8th September.

AudiRush is a multi-instruments solo artist, who has paid his early dues playing with many different bands. Now based in Los Angeles CA, he’s won over audiences with a combination of quality sound and creative tunes.

Audirush have a website at audirush.com


On 9th September, Brí released ‘In My Head’

Irish indie pop artist Brí released a stunning single and accompanying video for her new song ‘’In My Head’ on September 9th. She is also announcing her highly anticipated début album ‘Hide’ will be released on October 22nd.

About her début album, Brí says, “The theme of my début album grew from my song ‘Hide’. I’ve always held other people’s opinions above my own and let fear hold me back both in music and in life. This album embodies the fallout and the resolutions that stemmed from this into many facets of my life. A loud theme that has been reinforced since the album’s inception. The entire process of making ‘Hide’ in itself, has forced me to trust my gut and to honour my vision. From now on I won’t hide.’”

Pre Order the début album ‘Hide’ on Bandcamp. Brí is also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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