Chris Stanley released ‘This Isn’t Like the Radio’ on 6th May.

Chris Stanley is a singer-songwriter, who is known equally for his commanding solo sets and energetic performances with The Prison Club Band. He draws his inspiration from Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Elvis Costello and a variety of contemporary country music artists.

Chris has a website and is on Facebook and Spotify


Soccer Mommy has recently released ‘Bones’.

Next month, Soccer Mommy will release her new full-length album, ‘Sometimes, Forever’. Daniel Lopatin produced the album. Now she is sharing another single, ‘Bones’, from that album. ‘Bones’ follows lead single ‘Shotgun’, which we heard in April (week 41).

Originally written for a rom com, ‘Bones’ is a track that Sophie Allison loved so much she decided not to submit it to the film and keep it for this album instead. ‘Bones’ is quintessential Soccer Mommy, featuring sparkling production that highlights the strength of the band as they tear through a dynamic breakdown that nods to the 90s.

Soccer Mommy says, “’Bones’ is a song about struggling with the parts of yourself that you don’t like in a relationship. It’s about wanting to become better for someone and feeling like you’re standing in your own way.

The album, ‘Sometimes, Forever’, is due for release on June 24th via Loma Vista. It can be pre-ordered on-line. Soccer Mommy will be touring in the UK in June. Tickets can be purchased via TicketMaster

Soccer Mommy have a website,, and are on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


London Plane released their new single, ‘Come Out of the Dark’, on May 18th.

NYC-based post-punk / alternative rock collective London Plane present their new single ‘Come Out of the Dark’. It’s a glimpse of brightness amidst the invasion of darkness, both internal and external, imminent and eventual. This is a new taster from their long-awaited ‘Bright Black’ album, set to release on June 17. It follows their recent single ‘Bright Black’ which we heard in April (week 44).

Vocalist, David Mosey says “’Come Out of the Dark’ is a simple rejection of isolation and aloneness. Following months of quarantining, the song is a thinly veiled allusion to the pandemic and the social and political conflicts that have carved chasms both internally and externally. The video – depicting a stranded space traveller – is a metaphor for the desolation from which the country, the world, and perhaps you are emerging.

London Plane have a website, at and are on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, TwitterSoundCloud, YouTube, AppleMusic and Spotify.


James Vincent McMorrow released his second single, ‘Hurricane’, on May 18th.

Irish singer, songwriter and producer, James Vincent McMorrow, has released the life-affirming single ‘Hurricane’. Filled with choral backing vocals, horns and sweeping refrains, ‘Hurricane’’ bottles the emotional directness McMorrow was after when approaching this record. Last month, he announced two new albums due this year, with ‘The Less I Knew’ coming June 24th. We heard the title track from that album in April (week 44). The companion album, ‘Heavyweight Champion of Dublin8’, is due for release in the Autumn.

Speaking about ‘Hurricane’ James says, “There are certain songs you can just build your world around. For me it’s this song. I’ve stood on stage in the last 2 weeks and performed it and I can exist within every single line. I can’t say that about every song I’ve ever written. I listen to it, I get to certain moments, and it makes me smile every time. I believe it will always make me smile.

James has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Miss Elm’s single, ‘Love Inside’, comes from the ‘Numbrella Charity Album 2022’ which was released on 19th May.

‘Love Inside’ was unanimously selected to be the first single from the recently released ‘Numberella Charity Album 2022’. The single, ‘Love Inside’ has been described as being a song of hope.

Each year, Numberella releases a charity album to raise money for an educational charity. This year, they are raising money for It’s Humanity Foundation, who work to provide free education for children in the poorest areas of Bangladesh. In addition to their existing campuses, Its Humanity Foundation recently opened a school on a converted bus which now tours around the slums in the capital Dhaka; broadening the horizons and improving the prospects of children there.

Numbrella and It’s Humanity Foundation each have a website. Miss Elm is on Facebook. The album is available from all the usual download sites.


Asher Kosher, in collaboration with Eerf Evil, has released ‘Focus’. (RAP!!!!)

North London rapper Asher Kosher is a founding member and cornerstone of the Hackney-based Root 73 studio and artist community. He is back with the second single which is from his forthcoming, as-yet-unannounced, new project. The track, ‘Focus’, features long-time collaborator Eerf Evil, and is out now on Root 73.

Asher explains, “Eerf is a collaborator in more than just a music sense. We work on various projects together, so the energy between us is reciprocated and it keeps us both motivated. It’s an important song because the last track we put out was called ‘Chase It’, which was a centre-piece of The Silhouettes Project. I guess ‘Focus’ is a view on different aspects of life, but with the same message underpinning it all.

Asher Kosher and Eerf Evil are on Spotify. The studio, Root 73, has a website, at


Secret Wish released their new EP, ‘Voodoo Nights’ on 20th May, and this is the title track.

Founded in 2009, in Belgium, Secret Wish quickly became a brand in the world of Pop, Dance and Electro music. Described as having awesome high energy music that would fill the dance floor on any continent, Secret Wish now release their new single ‘Voodoo Nights’. It is available via all major platforms.

Secret Wish have a website, at and are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


On 23rd May, Paris Music Corp released a new single, ‘Here It Is’ from his self-titled album.

Austin native John Andrew Paris, a.k.a. Paris Music Corp. presents his latest single ‘Here It Is’, a deep soul-tinged fluid fantasy-inspired offering from his recently-released self-titled album.

Paris explains, “The pandemic was at its worst and the George Floyd protests were hitting hard. I’m a person who is at his best when things are at their worst so I got busy.

This single represents a new facet to the 14-track album, following up the lead track ‘Light Speed’, which we heard in March (week 36). His first record in half a decade, this collection is a much welcome sonic diary. It is his first release since his début ‘Rewind’ album released in 2017.

Paris Music Corp. has a website, at, and is on Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter and has a LinkTree site for all his digital downloads.


On Tuesday (24th May) Alice Offley released ‘Funk on the Dancefloor’.

Alice Offley, disco diva and cousin of Dusty Springfield, launched new single, ‘Funk on the Dancefloor’ yesterday. As a professional musician and singing bass-player, Alice has a great reputation on the live circuit, having toured internationally with bands and solo, in both arenas and TV studios since she was a teenager. Her day job is singing & playing piano in London bars, and her family’s roots of jazz and soul have been a big influence on her musical tastes.

Alice has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Spotify and YouTube.


The Clarisse Sisters will release ‘Butterflies in June’ on 1st June.

‘Butterflies in June’ is the second single, taken from the Clarisse Sister’s new album ‘Fire and Ice’. We’ve previously heard ‘Gravity’ (Week 44, April 2022) which is from the same album

The sisters were raised in a family where music played a very important part in daily living. They were influenced by the multitude of cultural traditions found in Mauritius: the Sega folklore (in Kreol), French ‘chanson’ prominent in the Indian Ocean, British pop/rock and American jazz/soul. But it was the 1977 ‘ABBA The Movie’ film that convinced the young girls they too were destined for overseas success. It resulted in many family gatherings where the sisters would perform songs from the Swedish quartet to the rapturous applause of all! Their love for dance music blossomed from there, with disco and Motown as major influences.

The new album ‘Fire & Ice’, was initiated by the global lock-down, enabling the three sisters to spend most of their time in their studio in Mauritius, working on new material. Paul Booth, a world class saxophonist, flautist and multi-instrumentalist from England, produced the album. The songs are all sung in English and the band are first-class musicians from the UK.

The Clarisse sisters have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.


Phoebe Bridgers released ‘Sidelines’ earlier this year.

Phoebe Bridgers has released a brand new song, ‘Sidelines’, which was written for Hulu’s ‘Conversations with Friends’. The show is a TV adaptation of the popular Sally Rooney novel. Hulu tapped Phoebe – a long-time fan of Rooney’s work – to write a song for the show. So she penned with band-mate and collaborator Marshall Vore and Ruby Rain Henley. This will be the only original new song from Phoebe this year. It’s out now on Dead Oceans. The show premières in the USA on May 15th

Phoebe is currently on tour and performs at

20th June: Fairview Park -Dublin, Ireland

22nd & 23rd June: Barrowland, Glasgow

24th & 25th June: Glastonbury

26th June: O2 Academy, Birmingham

She then got dates in Europe before returning to the UK, to play at the Latitude Festival on 22nd July. Followed by dates in Manchester and, finally, at the Academy in Brixton.

Phoebe Bridgers has a website (with a URL I can’t read out!) and is on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


The show is available on MixCloud.


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