Yiğit Çıtak has recently released ‘Feels Right’.

Yiğit Çıtak (silent “G” as “YEET” /jiːt/) is a multi-instrumentalist rock musician, singer-songwriter and producer from London.  He studied music theory and composition and has self-released 17 singles and 3 albums. (One of his previous tracks, ‘Hard Times’ was played on the Burnt Crumpet Show.) He plays all the instruments and produces the tracks by himself.

Yiğit has travelled extensively around Europe with his band, and they have developed a fan base from many different countries. Working with many different musical genres and styles has enriched his musical knowledge and creativity. Yiğit says, “Performing and researching on both Western and Eastern genres has brought me such colourful sensations in his sound.” He is currently recording a new album which is planned to be released at the end of this year.

Yiğit has a website at Yigitcitak.com and is on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. His music is available from all the usual streaming platforms.


Skidders are back with a new single, ‘I Wonder’.

Skidders (aka Steve Skidmore) is back with a brand new single, ‘I Wonder’ taken from the forthcoming studio album ‘Friends & Family Vol.2’  Steve says, “I wrote the song for my wife to appear on volume 2, but rather than wait until it’s release, I wanted to publish it earlier, hence the single! But as a love song, and with my vocals, I really could not do it justice – hence the addition of Andrew James’ incredible vocals. Together with the bass, mixing and mastering of the amazing Paul Hogg, although a simple song, it is one I am most proud of. I thank Andrew & Paul from the bottom of my heart and I really hope you will like it as much as I do.”

Skidders have a website at skiddersmusic.com, and is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube


On August 13th Ragsy released ‘Summer’.

‘Summer’ is the latest single from Ragsy’s eagerly awaited forthcoming album ‘One More For The Road’ Volume 1 which was recorded at Northhouse studios, co-produced with friend and producer Chris Peet and features the artwork of Ragsy’s partner Hannah Day.

Ragsy said, “The album itself has been a long time coming, with a delay in its release in early 2020 due to the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic continue to have on the world, as well as the music industry”.

The latest single ‘Summer’ is bright, upbeat, and endlessly bounds on with excitement. A song written about family life. Especially the joys that children bring being a parent. “There is something wonderful about your child telling you about their day or telling you a story. The imagination, excitement and those big smiles as they explain everything they see, everything that they believe, it’s so infectious. It is amazing to hear, something to be cherished and there is a small part of you that would love to see the world through their eyes, if only for a brief moment. As well as sense of hope that the imagination, excitement and innocents never leaves them”, said Ragsy.

The album ‘One More For The Road’ features the singles ‘The First Time’, ‘Under Clear Skies’ and ‘Safe From Harm’ which was played on the New Music Emporium back in July.

Ragsy has a website at www.ragsymusic.com/ and is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube


Dublin songwriter and producer Zach James Douglas released his third single ‘Anyone Else’ on August 19th.

With the release of his single ‘Anyone Else’, Zach James is announcing his debut EP ‘6×3’ which will be released everywhere on September 10th on ZJD Records via Faction Records.

Zach says, “In ‘Anyone Else’ I consider the unexpected feeling of self shame that ensues once you have been broken up with. It is a retrospective comparison of the sentiment felt by both parties in the aftermath, with a focus on the bitterness and resentment that I had to deal with. This resentment is not, as some may presume, towards her new partner, but instead is directed towards how seamless the transition was for her. It describes my struggle to come to terms with how quickly she was capable of moving on and meeting someone new, while to this day, I still struggle to engage in a conversation with a woman without feeling an insurmountable sense of guilt, shame and sadness.”

The new single features guest vocalist Manamon, a childhood friend of Zach’s and lead singer of their old band Little One. Manamon is on Facebook. Zach is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


Glen Hodges Banned released his new album, ‘The Long Run’ on 20th August, from which ‘As It Is’ is the second track.

It’s difficult to put Glenn Hodge Banned in a box! He is often compared to the likes of Billy Bragg and Robert Wyatt. In-fact, Billy himself once said that Glenn’s ‘stuff’ is “Really good stuff!”. You might say he is a folk singer, and his songs are often folky, but so they are soulful too and sometimes punky. His songs draw upon everyday life topics, bringing a degree of candour and sometimes humour. To date, he has released 7 singles and 1 EP. ‘The Long Run’ is his first LP and will be available on all digital platforms 20th August 2021.

He has a web site, at www.glennhodgebanned.com and is on Facebook and Instagram


On 20th August, My Position released ‘Deluded’.

Highly influenced by the sounds of two of his favourite artists, Dayshell and Celldweller, the musical direction of My Position’s first project is akin to nu-metal with a modern low-toned twist, flavoured with electronic elements. The lyrics draw from the human condition allowing listeners to relate to topics or thoughts they may be going through themselves.

Speaking of the track, My Position says, “I hope this can be a track that people relate to when they’re dealing with a person who won’t look at their own actions that led them to the place where they’re having a disagreement, hardship, or altercation. This can happen in any form of relationship. It’s a good venting song. When I was writing the song, I went through some instrumental ideas I created a few months prior, changed the beat slightly and wrote the song from the ground up. I wanted a song that had a big ending to match a song I love by Bring Me The Horizon called ‘I Don’t Know What To Say’”.

My Position are on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


RinRin will be releasing ‘Blacksheep’ on 20th August.

Qarin Hipe is an emerging singer, songwriter and guitarist from Perth, Australia who fronts her band RinRin. Hot on the heels of recent chart and airplay success, RinRin is releasing her greatly anticipated EP ‘Episode 1’ on September 3rd! New single ‘Blacksheep’ continues RinRin’s theme of pitting self against a dystopian establishment, backed up by her stunning anime videos. RinRin is poised to draw you into her universe, a realm where futurism, teen empowerment and the righteousness of heavy metal music builds wonder from the triple helix of creativity.

RinRin are on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify


Canadian rock singer and songwriter Eric Bolton released his début, original, solo song ‘Genesis (Let There Be Love)’ on August 20th.

The track is a rock anthem for the ages, which Eric describes as “a song to mark my coming out as gay and beginning to celebrate the big life and big love I always knew I was meant to live.” Eric grew up as a closeted kid in a highly conservative, Christian family with many messages from the Church and society putting down his sense of self-worth and confidence. Knowing he was gay from a very young age, he spent over two decades being told that he did not deserve to love or be loved as he was.

With depression taking over, Eric then spent years hiding away from the world. In May 2020, at the age of 31, he finally stood up for himself and proudly came out as gay. He says, “I decided to take my life back and saw it as my new beginning, so I wrote Genesis immediately after coming out. Stealing from biblical beginnings, I named the song ‘Genesis’ and swapped ‘let there be light’ for ‘let there be love’. It’s been a beautiful journey of self-discovery, mental and emotional clarity, and increasing confidence ever since.”

Eric has a website at ericbolton.ca and is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


On August 20th, Meilir released ‘Music for Typewriter’.

Acclaimed experimental music maker Meilir has announced his captivating album ‘In Tune’ is available from UK Record Stores. Released via Gwdihŵ Records (Goo-dee-who – the Welsh word for owl) the record will be available in heavyweight transparent magenta vinyl as well as standard black vinyl and also CD format. Meilir released the single ‘Music For Typewriter’ a week later on 20th August

“The song Music For Typewriter is one of the more experimental compositions on the album In Tune” says Meilir. “It came from a different approach to most of my song writing, it was composed at first as a piece of music that was specifically written to open my live set. I think this gives it a slightly different ambiance to the rest of my music. Usually I compose in a studio where the focus is on the potential of a recorded piece of music with little thought at that early stage about the live performance. Music For Typewriter was completely different to my usual approach; the recorded version came from building on the structure that already existed from the live performance version of the song. The short recited poem in Welsh in the song Music For Typewriter hints at ones inner struggles when trying to achieve success”.

Meilir is on Facebook, BandCamp, SoundCloud and Twitter.


The show is available on MixCloud.

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