Hotel California released ‘Greater Love’ on 18th July.

We’ve previously heard ‘The World Wants Peace’ (Week 38, March 2022) by Hotel California. ‘Greater Love’ is the opening track and first single from Hotel California’s third record ‘Family’.

‘Greater Love’ is a tune with a strong hook and a simple yet so beautiful message. We are all children of someone and deeply connected with that someone. Despite all problems in relationships between a child and a parent – we all can probably agree on the fact “There will never be a greater love than the love in the start of life“.

Hotel California is on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It is a folk music project of singer & songwriter Daniel Green, and he has a website at


On 22nd July, Mike Badger released ‘Beatin’ a Path (To Your Door)’.

Mike Badger formed The La’s in the mid-eighties, leaving just before they signed to Go! Discs. He went on to form The Onset, releasing albums on Liverpool’s Probe Plus label and touring the UK and Europe.

Also a sculptor who works with recycled materials, Mike created the artwork and videos for Space. They named their second album ‘Tin Planet’ after his work. (That will be released this Summer for the first time on vinyl.)

Mike co-founded The Viper Label in 1999 with ex-La’s/Lightning Seeds Paul Hemmings. They release authentic Liverpool ‘cult classics’ from the Mersey-beat era up to the present, alongside original US Rockabilly, Country and Rhythm and Blues compilations. Mike Badger and the Shady Trio followed. After showcasing in SXSW in 2009 and touring the UK and the USA with Margo Price they released two albums on the Generator Label.

‘Beatin’ a Path (To Your Door)’ is the first single from new album ‘Papa Badge Light The Blue Touch Paper’. Mike’s son Ray Badger has produced the album.

Mike has a website, at


Also On 22nd July, Murdocco released ‘Breaking Away’.

Originally from Uruguay, Murdocco is a London based singer-songwriter. She’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her style and musical output. With her velvety and sultry voice, Murdocco’s songs allude to heart-warming stories. Using live instruments and electronic beats, she delivers a melodic, quirky sound. ‘Breaking Away’ is her sixth release.

The track describes a state of daze, confusion and resignation, hints at the end of a relationship with no chance of being able to talk things through to mend it, there is resignation and a desire to move on. It speaks of an effort to feel stronger, breaking away from control and moving on. It is an intimate track with a sentimental voice, arpeggios that build up tension, distortion on electric guitars, strings with elements of trap and electronic beats.

Murdocco is on Facebook and has a linktr page with all her down-load links.


Harry Stone released his new, 4-track EP, ‘Easy’ on 22nd July. ‘Easy’ is also the title of the single from that EP.

Harry Stone has released a brand new 4-track EP, ‘Easy’. Produced by Kyle Evans, it’s Harry’s first new music since hugely accomplished debut ‘issues, 1’. Soulful, stark and atmospheric, the ‘Easy’ EP is inspired by those small moments in time that leave a lasting impact (and however challenging, quite possibly change you for the better). The brooding title track channels the emotional exhaustion of the past couple of years, and the moment you finally let it all out on a series of voice notes (which became the track).

Harry has a linktr page with links to all his social media and download sites for his EP.


Also on July 22nd, Fatal Vision released their new single ‘Heartbreaker’.

Fatal Vision may be a new name on the rock scene, however the band had its beginnings when hard rock ruled MTV and every arena from coast to coast. Hailing from Ottawa Canada, Simon Marwood and original members Chris Hirsekorn and Howie Manderson combined to bring a refreshing sound to melodic rock. Life can bring unexpected changes and Fatal Vision was put into park.

Fast forward to 2019, and Marwood received a birthday gift to record a song and a video at a local studio. However, instead of following the well-trodden path of recording a cover song like a typical client, he went back to his numerous books of songs written decades ago. From these sessions, the Fatal Vision machine roared back to life. With exceptional band members Andrew Burns (bass), a veteran who specializes in the sub-frequencies, Juan Miguel Gomez Montant (guitars), a producer, audio engineer and guitarist for several award winning bands, Scottie Irving (keyboards) a composer of theatre, jazz, pop, and rock acts, and Alex Wickham (drums), a performer at numerous festivals and with a lengthy list of A-list studio clients. Fatal Vision is a band that has both the skills and the knowledge to create a powerful musical vision.

The road has been long for Fatal Vision and the destination is well worth the wait.

Fatal Vision has a website, at, and are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud.


Out now is ‘Islands Over Time’ by And Did Those Feet.

We’ve previously heard ‘What It All Was Worth’ by And Did Those Feet (September 2021, Week 13).

And Did Those Feet were formed in 1995 as a vehicle for the songs of Richard Ellin which are esoteric and spiritual in nature. Since its formation there have been six albums and several singles with a few live concerts. Their seventh album, ‘I Am God of Einstein’, is in progress. The last four releases have featured Ina Williams as principal singer with Harvey Summers taking more responsibility in the arranger role.

The name of the band is taken from the Blake/Parry song ‘Jerusalem’. It reflects aspects of the unseen and sometimes difficult to fathom side of the English and British nature.

Richard Ellin is on YouTube. Did Those Feet are on Amazon and Discogs


On 22nd July, Lady J Huston released ‘Groove Me Baby’.

Lady J’s talents as a trumpeter and vocalist, with a 4-octave range, are fully represented here. The song – with its bluesy, soulful exuberance and moans – blends the styles of R&B, retro-soul & blues that lovers will especially enjoy spooning to!

Lady J has a web site, at


Sir-Vere released ‘Mysophonia’ on 22nd July.

We stick to our guns,” says Craig Hammond of Sir-Vere, “you could almost call it stubbornness.

That resolute nature, almost bordering on missionary zeal, has certainly served the Milton Keynes groove merchants well. The band’s musical aesthetic, to fuse the filth and the fury of punk and the power of rock with the irrepressible momentum of breakbeat, house and techno technology, is one that has, in the past, foxed the rather straight-thinking minds of the music industry.

We’ve been sat in meetings with A&R men in record labels,” recalls Craig, “and they’re saying ‘we like it, but we don’t know what to do with it.

That was an attitude that never put the band off their avowed course, naturally. They’ve kept themselves busy – way, way busier than the average musical outfit, it has to be said – with a constant stream of productions, EPs and remixes that suits the modern distribution model of streaming platforms and word of mouth, viral promotion right down to the ground.

Emerging from lock-down, the band are as productive as ever and, in 2021, they released their album ‘Singulus’ to critical acclaim keeping the strong vibes of Psycho Ballistic Funk the last studio full album release. Now 2022 has seen Sir-Vere release a collaboration EP called ‘Party Time’.

Sir-Vere have a website, with all the links for ordering the single. They are also on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter and YouTube.


Also on 22nd July Sarah Class & Eimear Quinn released ‘Naiades of Nymphes’.

We’ve heard from Sarah Class before (‘Resonate’ (November 2021, Week 20), ‘Blackbird’ (February, Week 33) and ‘I Saw You in a Dream’ (March 2022, Week37)). This time she has teamed up with Eimear Quinn. The ‘Naïades Of Nymphes’ is a masterfully crafted duet by composer Sarah Class. Here she draws on the lyricism of Sappho’s poetry in Ancient Greek, and weaves luxurious melody and harmony to express her admiration for female love in all of its forms.  In this she is joined by Irish Soprano, Eimear Quinn, in a celebration of their deep friendship and artistic collaboration.

Sarah has a website, at and is on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.


On 22nd July Jodie Louise released ‘Never in My Life’.

Jodie says she’s “Just a gal who likes to sing!

Jodie is on Facebookand YouTube.


The Black Skies released ‘Save My Soul’ on 22nd July.

After charting at number 3 in the rock charts with their début single ‘Unchained’,  The Black Skies are back. The York duo their eagerly awaited follow up ‘Save My Soul’. It has a deep rock and soul influence, but definitely includes elements of outlaw country mixed in for good measure.

Band members James Handley (Vocals) and Luke Falkingham (Guitar) formed the British rock/soul band in 2020. They describe their sound as a mix of melancholy rock and classic soul.

The Black Skies are on Facebook and YouTube.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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