Nave & The Ghost Collectors released ‘One of a Kind’ on October 8th.

We heard a previous track by Nave & The Ghost Collectors, ‘Hit The Flame’, back in week 2. But this is their latest offering, ‘One of a Kind’, which is out now on all streaming platforms.

About the track, the band says, “It’s a fun indie rock blues song telling the story of wanting something you can’t have and wishfully hoping that one day things will change. The song was recorded live in the studio in just three takes. We are so happy with the result as we feel it really captures the emotion of the song.”

Nave & the Ghost Collectors are an explosive new band on the indie rock scene, hailing from Bergen, Norway. The band takes inspiration from several musical worlds; navigating the powerful rhythms of rock, soul, funk, hints of blues, and combining all of these to make their signature sound.

This track is their latest offering from their recent self-titled album which the band will be touring across Europe in 2022.

They have a website at and are on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and several other social media channels.


Roberto Cacciapaglia released ‘Angel Fall’ at the beginning of October.

Neil O’Brien Entertainment is delighted to announce that the acclaimed Italian composer and pianist Roberto Cacciapaglia will make his UK début at the Cadogan Hall, in Chelsea, on Tuesday 9 November 2021 (tickets from Cadogan Hall website).

An innovative and pioneering composer who blends classical tradition with electronic experimentalism, Cacciapaglia’s debut recording, 1974’s ‘Sonanze, was the first quadraphonic LP released in Italy. Days of Experience’ (2020) was composed during the COVID era and given its première at the Teatro Bibiena in Mantua (where 13-year-old Mozart made his début with his father). Robeerto’s new single ‘Angel Falls’ was released on 8th October. Both Days of experience and “Angel Falls” are realized also in a Dolby Atmos version, a new technology that allows listeners to experience the sound in 360°.

Roberto Cacciapaglia’s music takes in elements and essence of the classical era, tradition, the avant-gardes and the contemporary. His music offers a profound glance into the mystery of things; total harmony passing from emotion through melody and harmony to primordial elements of the power of sound in all epochs. His script is based on essential elements – triadic harmony, melodic repetitions and cycles mirroring planetary orbits and harmonic structures (the same canons that in Pythagoras coincided with the laws of the universe). During the last years he has been using electronic sound in very ecological way, with respect to the nature of sound, without synthetic sounds but through sophisticated software expanding the might of sound.

Roberto Cacciapaglia has a website at and is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


The fabulous Jessy Howe has released a new single, ‘I Am Love’ with Valentina Velkova.

‘I Am Love’ is a new song release by singer / songwriter / producer Jessy Howe featuring Bulgarian violoncello player Valentina Velkova. The healing recipe message of this song is about giving loving light to one’s own heart and to make it shine. Every one of us is a beautiful soul creation and together we all can glow and make this world and life wonderful!

Jessy Howe was born in Switzerland and grew up in the South West of England. As a professional singer and songwriter she performs and records in Switzerland and throughout Europe. Her new album “Soul Food” by Vikings Of Blues was released in April 2021 and we listened to a track from that album a few weeks ago. Jessy is also known as the lead singer of The Raveners.

Jessy has a website at and is on YouTube and Facebook

Valentina Velkova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and studied at the State Academy of Music “P.Vladigerov” in Sofia and with the concert classes of Conradin Brotbek at the University of the Arts in Bern.

She is an experienced soloist, prize winner, sought-after teacher and plays for various orchestras and ensembles in Switzerland, France, Germany and Bulgaria. She is a multisided Cellist who experiments with different music styles. Aside from being a classically trained musician, Valentina Velkova is also involved with different projects and bands that focus on genres Pop, Jazz, Rock, Flamenco and Fusion.

Velentina has a website at


On 8th October, Tony Steele and The Massacre released ‘Our Time’.

Last year saw Tony Steele and The Massacre go through a massive transformation with 3 new members coming into the equation, leaving singer/songwriter Tony Steele the only original member left in the band. Since then, the band has moved away from the Folk Rock sound that was prominent in the past and they have taken on what can only be described as a much more Scouse Indie vibe. Drummer, Mal Peet gives a Keith Moon-esque, energetic and powerful backing which matches Jon Dillon’s bass playing. That bass is, at times, playing lead guitar like riffs before moving back into an energetic backing to make room for Sean Gows rhythmic lead playing on guitar. It’s a perfect blend for Tony Steele’s new songs, who as ever, gives a powerful vocal performance. This is a new beginning for the band, ‘Our Time’ is their time.

Tony Steele and The Massacre are on Facebook


Allexa Bash released ‘Texas Rodeo’ on October 8th.

Born in the Ukraine but now based in Dubai, Allexa is a brilliantly versatile musician who fuses elements of pop, rock and jazz with powerful vocals to bring her emotionally-charged song writing to life. Her life-long music dream came true in 2021 with the release of her début album ‘Dark Angels’ which covers songs about life, love and her dual roles as a performer and a woman. The powerful, original album cleverly weaves a narrative about Allexa’s journey and her identity in the world. Created in collaboration with the producer JR, .’Texas Rodeo’ blends 80s rock instrumentation with country dubstep to relay the story of a therapist who absorbs the pain of their patients, almost like pain transference. The clients walk away in better condition than the therapist, leaving the therapist with the realisation that they need to live their own life for them self.

Allexa has a website at and is on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube


Sarah Caltieri released ‘Yesterdays’ on 8th October.

Bold, beautiful and impossible to ignore, Sarah Caltieri is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Leeds, currently making her mark on the global music scene. She has spent many years collaborating with musicians in a variety of genres, as well as fronting 5 bands. She has performed in venues across the UK, from small-scale to Stadium-sized, and has had original songs broadcast on national television, national and international radio.

Due to a life-threatening diabetic eating disorder she put her dreams on hold for a while though she never stopped writing and performing – noting that music is a healing and liberating process which allows her to show the world her innermost feelings. 2021 is the year of the comeback for Sarah.

Sarah is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Earlier in the year, Obsidian Cane released ‘I’m Good’ which features Lyriqé.

‘I’m Good’ is the follow up single from Obsidian Cane who débuted in August 2020 with his EP titled ‘Reset’. That EP was a three-track set possessing a punch of 90’s UKG with a hint of soulful R&B which was met with critical acclaim.

‘I’m Good’ is the first track that marks the beginning of Obsidian Cane’s burgeoning collaboration with upcoming Birmingham singer/songwriter Lyriqé. Their mission is to bring UK R&B to the forefront with a fierce makeover.

Speaking of their working relationship and single, Lyriqé said “I met Obsidian Cane on Instagram in 2020. He asked me to sing & song write for R&B tracks he was developing. Initially I missed a message in 2018 so I’m so glad he reached back out! ‘I’m Good’ came from us starting to work on a collection of tracks that bring together his amazing production and my nostalgic R&B vibe.”


On 15th October, Dig Lazarus released new album ‘Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time’ from which their new single, ‘Sky Tonight’, is taken.

Nuneaton, alternative rock band Dig Lazarus announce the release of their début studio album, ‘Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time’, and new single ‘Sky Tonight’, which is out now on all streaming platforms.

The track tells the story of a relationship that is coming to an end – one person is trying their best to keep it alive when the other has already given up.

Produced by Dave Draper, the album is the culmination of nearly 10 years of Dig Lazarus playing and writing music together. It features songs from across this entire period. With the tone set from the get-go by opening track ‘Sermon’ (featuring Jesse Hughes from the Eagles of Death Metal) to album closer ‘Time Froze”, an all-out head-banger (featuring Ally Dickaty from The Virginmarys), the album encapsulates an abundance of catchy rock songs, interspersed with lip-curling riffs and palm-sweat-inducing drum beats underpinned by lyrics musing on change, loss, and self-discovery.

Dig Lazarus are currently touring the UK with one of Britain’s finest rock acts of recent times, The Virginmarys! Dates are listed on their website, which is at Dig Lazarus are also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.


On 13th October, The Consecutives released their new album, ‘Vol 2’. ‘Montana Slim’ is the first track from that album.

The Consecutives are a Modern Funk band from Brooklyn, NY who write intentionally simple music that thrives on improvising. Influenced by American music between the late-1950s to mid-1970s, pieces of Rhythm and Blues, Modern Jazz, Funk and Soul can be heard from song to song and witnessed during their live show. Compositionally their music uses traditional jazz forms and repeating funk ostinatos as frameworks with an always present backbeat to keep the listener’s head nodding and foot tapping.

Recorded in October 2020, The Consecutives, Vol 2 is the second studio release from the band. The 5 song session was recorded at Flux Magnetic Studios in Brooklyn, NY. It was recorded in 4 hours with minimal rehearsal prior to letting the tape run and nothing but charts and a brief rehearsal to prepare. Each track on the album is a first take with a noticeable human element to the music left in to reflect the reality of being a musician in New York during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. What you’re hearing on this recording are 4 musicians giving an honest portrayal of what it sounds like when musicians don’t have access to regular gigs and rehearsals but continue more than ever to have the desire to play. This record sounds and feels best when played loud.

The Consecutives have a website at


The show is available on MixCloud

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