On 9th September, The Super Moons released their début album ‘Real Life Heroes’ from which ‘The Man Who Saved the World’ is taken.

After releasing the ‘One Small Step’ EP in 2018 and five singles (‘All About You’ and ‘You’re Not Alone’ both feature on this album) the guys knuckled down to record their début album during 2020 and 2021.

The band started up in late 2017 and have been gigging mostly around central Scotland, where they continue to gig this year. Their influences are wide and varied but include Michael Kiwanuka, Lee Dorsey, The Yardbirds, The Stone Roses and Paul Weller amongst many more.

The Super Moons are on Bandcamp, Facebook, InfiniteHive, Twitter and Instagram


On 10th September, Kat Moran released ‘Don’t Hold Back’.

Kat Moran presents her début single ‘Don’t Hold Back’. This dance pop anthem is the first glimpse at what’s to come from this up-and-coming starlet. With a strong and dark synth melody, Kat takes the listeners into a journey of self-discovery and hope.

Originally from Ukraine but now based in the US, Kat’s own journey in the music industry has been somewhat of a roller-coaster. She channels the ups and downs of her career in the track and urges others to go after their dreams, no matter what. Kat states, “I got my inspiration from holding back on pursuing music my whole life. Some people told me I’m not good enough or not pretty enough to become a music artist. Writing this song inspired me to go after my dreams and not listen to anyone’s opinions.”

Kat is on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.


Queen’s Pleasure released their new album, ‘Words to Live By, Suits to Die In’ on 10th September, from which ‘Empty Occasion’ is the second track.

Queen’s Pleasure is an impertinent semi-psychedelic classic four piece garage-rock outfit, based in Amsterdam. Driven by a brutal and poetic desire for love, Queen’s Pleasure sounds like a mix of Dandy Warhols and Blur, with the power of The Ramones and the melancholy of The Smiths. A ‘Wall of sound’ delivered with an energy you can expect from a group in their late teens. Ladies and gentlemen, the play has begun.

Authenticity particularly shines through in the song-writing process. The lyrics for Queen’s Pleasure’s songs are as poetic as they are cryptic (“In the line of horror / she keeps her spot at the window for now;” “Dear life grow up sometime and / Say hi to the shaking”), yet this doesn’t faze Jurre, the band’s songwriter; if anything, he prefers leaving the lyrics up to the listener’s interpretation: “I sometimes leave details out and make the track a compressed story. If I tell you straightforwardly exactly what the song is about and already figured out the song for you, then why would you want to listen to it? People are going to figure out the meaning for themselves.”

The band-mates note that a majority of the music ideas come from Teun, the most music–obsessed of the group. On the creative process, Teun says, “I listen to music all of the time, so whenever I sit down with a guitar, there is always going to be something, while not listening to rock music has helped me quite a lot in making more interesting music.” Almost all of the tracks emerge from a guitar riff Teun came up with and recorded on his phone, some of which are even four or five years’ old before the band first hears them. From there, the guys begin jamming, and “within the first ten seconds we know if it will work out,” Sal says

Queen’s Pleasure have a website, at showcase.fm/queenspleasure and are on Facebook and Instagram.


On 10th September, Fabels released their new album ‘Minds’ and this is the title track.

Fabels are Hiske Weijers, Ben Aylward (plus live, guest performer Tim Powles/The Church) who play original, experimental, progressive, dreamscape music with dynamic arrangements. Formed in Sydney, late 2010, the band have toured extensively through Australia and Europe and have released two albums before their new album ‘Minds’. ‘Minds’ is a journey into atmospheres, repetition and multilingual vocals with electronics, keys and sometimes angular and shoegaze guitar sounds. Recorded over three years with Icelandic music producer Geir Brillian Gunnarsson, the album is a true labour of love and reveals itself to be a strong artistic statement. This, the Fabels’ third album, was released on vinyl, CD and digitally though the Qusp label.

Fabels have a website at fabelsmusic.com and are on Bandcamp, Facebook and YouTube


Fingers & Sunshine have recently released a new album, ‘Solar Plexus’ from which ‘Slow Down’ is taken.

Fingers and Sunshine began as a musical duo in Bloomington, Indiana in 1987, but quickly picked up a third member. They began playing for tips in front of the Bluebird in Bloomington, and gained many local supporters. The trio went from playing and living on the street to living in apartments and playing on the radio after three years of writing and playing their own music as well as covers of songs by Neil Young, The Grateful Dead and many other artists, focusing on the psychedelic era of the late 1960s.

Many incarnations of the band through the years have culminated in the present line-up featuring David and Ron McKibben on vocals, guitar and song writing, Donald Steininger on bass and vocals, and Larry Stoltie on drums, percussion and vocals.

Fingers & Sunshine have a website at fingersandsunshine.com and are on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, ReverbNation, Facebook and YouTube.


Empires That Dance released ‘Love Songs’ on 13th September.

Being lifelong fans of Simple Minds the men behind Empires That Dance have created remarkable adaptations of monumental songs written by Simple Minds that will surely trigger your musical interest. Based in England and Scotland, they joined forces to produce innovative interpretations rather than just traditional cover versions. ‘Love Song’ is their interpretation of the Simple Minds classic. The album “Sons and Fascination” where the track comes from was released 40 years ago this month and it seemed like the perfect time to re-imagine this classic tune.

Empires That Dance have a website and are on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter


Earlier in the year, Vikings of Blues released ‘Soul Food’.

Vikings of Blues is the new collaboration of female singer Jessy Howe and male guitarist/producer Javier Vargas. Their introductory EP “Magic Waters” came out in June 2020, and their first album “Soul Food” was released in April 2021. The album has ten songs with powerful melodies, lyrics and riffs brought forward with the fiery soulful guitar playing of a blues man, sounds reminiscent of the 70tis carried by the dark toned and heartfelt voice of a soul siren.

Vikings of Blues have a website at vikingsofblues.com and are on Facebook and Spotify.


Recently AJ McLovely released ‘Breathe’

AJ McLovely, from Aberdeenshire, is a professional singer, songwriter and vocalist performing an eclectic range of cover versions and original material. A model, fitness enthusiast, mum of two and nature lover, AJ renewed her passion for singing and music following life changing events in her personal life, forming her band AJ and the Debonairs in 2019.

During lock-down, she continued her passion by opening a Facebook music page to help raise spirits through entertainment and heartfelt messages, which quickly attracted a worldwide audience, gaining a ‘family’ of 4,500 followers, with her live performances and videos attracting over 500,000 views. Being influenced by the likes of Sheryl Crow, Eva Cassidy, Dido, Olivia Newton John, Carrie Underwood and Dolly Parton, AJ has a soulful, melodic and angelic singing voice and this, combined with a compassionate nature, allows for an ability to express herself through music. AJ has released her self-penned song ‘Hold On’, (with guitarist Kevin Buchan), written about her personal struggles with mental health and to help raise awareness of mental health. She is also collaborating with other musicians, planning an album of covers and working on more original material, with an EP and new single, ‘Breathe’ recently released. AJ is a seasoned live entertainer and is available for all functions, including weddings, birthday parties and live gigs in all types of venues.

AJ has a website, at ajmclovely.co.uk and is on Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.


On 17th September, Fast Trains released ‘A Thousand Tiny Cuts’.

Portsmouth singer-songwriter and producer Fast Trains (aka Tom Wells) shares his new single ‘A Thousand Tiny Cuts’, which is out now on YouTube, Bandcamp and the Fast Trains website only.

‘A Thousand Cuts’ touches on the subject of self-harm without shame or scrutiny, but with compassion for another person’s pain and suffering. The song brings a new narrative to the subject in the context of a relationship, where the lover doesn’t see their partner’s pain as an end-all to the relationship but as something that they can both get through together.

Tom champions the survivors of self-harm, encouraging conversations around the subject to happen rather than it being swept under the rug. He says, “A strong relationship is more powerful than the struggles of an individual. Topics such as self-harm should be openly discussed rather than shamed. Opening up to others helps hugely towards recovery.”

Fast Trains is a passionate, DIY enterprise. True to this ethos, Tom writes and records all the music himself, and maintains a tight focus on a direct-to-fan relationship via his official website and social media channels.

Fast Trains has a website at fasttrains.co.uk and they are on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Bandcamp.


My Position released ‘Battle of Evercry’ on 17th September.

Florida-based rock singer-songwriter My Position (aka Joe Marks) released his brand new track ‘Battle of Evercry’, on 17th Sept on all streaming platforms. The song is a relatable take on staying in a worn-out situation, whether that be a relationship, friendship or any other circumstance in life.

Joe says, “I tried to morph the lyrics to not just focus on relationships, but on anything that might be hard to walk away from. Even though you know that there is no room to grow, you stay because it’s more comfortable than change.”

Influenced by the sounds of two of his favourite artists, Dayshell and Celldweller, the musical direction of My Position is akin to nu-metal with a modern low-toned twist, flavoured with electronic elements. The lyrics draw from the human condition, allowing listeners to relate to topics or thoughts they may be going through themselves. Standby for more new music coming soon!

My position is on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube


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