Jessy Howe has collaborated with Felix Waldispühl to record ‘Sea of Humanity’.

We’ve heard previous tracks by Jessy Howe in collaboration with a other artists. ‘I Am Love’ with Valentina Velkova in October (week 18) and ‘Soul Food’ with Vikings of Blue in September (week 14)

Jessy Howe was born in Switzerland and grew up in the South West of England. As a professional singer and songwriter she performs and records in Switzerland and throughout Europe. She has a website at and is on YouTube, Twitter Instagram and Facebook

Felix has a website, at, but it’s in German so I can’t tell you anything about him, other than he’s on Facebook.


‘Rock Candy’ by the Druids of Stonehenge is out now.

The Druids of Stonehenge are a band of brothers who started out playing ‘garage-blues’ in the late 1960’s. They became hits in New York City and signed with Universal City (UNI) Records. But the commercial psychedelia in UNI’s 1968 ‘Creation’ album replaced their edgy, underground feel. Half a century on, still close friends and far more experienced as musicians, the Druids decided to take a stand, and leave the mark they should have made in 1968-72.

The Druids have created two albums. ‘Resurrection’ (2017) is the album they should have made in 1968; a collage of little-known, powerful, hard-edged blues ‘chestnuts’ from the 1920-50s. ‘The American Ghosts’ album – from which ‘Rock Candy’ is taken – continues that musical path the Druids should have taken as they matured as musicians and became songwriters. ‘The American Ghosts’ songbook is a conceptual trip down a highway from the country blues of the 1940s through the electric blues of the 70’s to more modern blues-based pop. The Druids tell those stories through their own rich and intimate lifetime of experiences.

The Druids of Stonehenge have a website, at, and are on YouTube, Facebook and iTunes.


Steve Wernick’s ‘The Final Chapter (Has Not Been written)’ is out now.

Steve Wernick is a singer / songwriter originally from the UK and now based in Sydney, Australia. His brand new single ‘The Closing Chapter (Has Not Been Written)’ is a collaboration with famous Aussie musician Michael Carpenter. Michael is best known for his work with Allan Caswell Alan wrote the theme tune for the drama series ‘Prisoner Cell Block H’. ‘The Final Chapter (Has Not Been Written)’ has a Celtic / country vibe and has been compared with The Pogues.

Steve is on Facebook and ReverbNation.


VONAMOR released their self-titled album on 16th March. ‘Never Betray Us’ is the third single from that album.

VONAMOR is made up of sisters Giulia Bottaro, Francesca Bottaro and Luca Guidobaldi, with Francesco Bassoli and Martino Cappelli joining in for live performances. This project started in 2016. Initially focused on communicating images and composing scores for short films, they morphed into the trio we know today with their style, literary echoes, imperious art-pop and enigmatic aesthetics.

Combining classical influences with electronic music, VONAMOR confirms their will and ability to communicate audio-visually, offering glimpses of the contemporary world in an artistic and forward-looking vision, even though it may be sometimes dark or seductively morbid.

The ‘VONAMOR’ album offers a wildly emotional trip through stories of love, belonging, submission, protest, power, desire, abuse and the passion that affects our everyday lives. Here we find stories of femme fatales and fearful memories, of burning desires, motherly loves and fatal tragedies, falling empires and latent revolutions. Music about a messed-up world that is always moving too fast, yet makes us dangerously linger between reality and dystopia, sanity and madness. Music conveying the hope that we recover our true and authentic bond with mother nature and other human beings.

The full ‘VONAMOR’ album is out now on CD and digitally via streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and Spotify.


Phoam’s ‘Tear the Blinds’ is out now.

Phoam is reluctance and outburst, build-up and severance. Calculated tracks connected to the everlasting battle of inner emotions. Uncompromising tension on the edge of conflict. Salvation comes from the inside and must be found by each individual. And what a better way to do this than on the dance-floor.

Phoam have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube.


King Princess released ‘For My Friends’ on March 18th.

King Princess unveiled her new song ‘For My Friends’ alongside a video directed by Nick Harwood. The track is from her forthcoming, highly anticipated album ‘Hold On Baby’, which will be out later this year.

King Princess says, “I thought it would be extra fab to begin releasing this new record with a song about my two best friends from high school, These girls have been through the pits with me, and the more time I spend with them as an adult, the more I’m reminded that they are my home. So thank you my angel horse queens for sticking with me. I love you all and I can’t wait to give you this song.”

Additionally, King Princess confirms ‘The Hold On Baby’ Tour, a North American run of headline dates later this year.

King Princess has a website, at, is on Instagram and YouTube and has a page with her download links.


On 18th March, Lara Taubman released ‘Ol’ Kentucky Light’.

Lara says, “The idea for this album came on a 105 degree day in July in Manhattan in 2021. The pressure of the heat was down on me and the gospel song ‘If I Can Help Somebody’ was playing in my ears, the version sung by Mahalia Jackson. I floated down the hazy sidewalk on University Place, her voice loud and raw in my headphones. Her truthful sound, the words, the tinkling reverb-y piano, made me feel as if I was hallucinating a flower unfolding before my eyes. Hours after that intense moment, the meaning of mercy was brought to me for the first time in my life, in a strange and mystical experience in Washington Square Park.

2021 was the year I began to cover some classic gospel songs.  Singing those deep, healing sounds sparked something profound in my body and mind. I believe part of the reason I began writing music at all was so I could climb inside of a song, to embody it.  The inspiration of classic gospel brought me that experience when I wrote these songs.

Being from the South and my roots in Appalachian music are not far from classic gospel music. The two kinds of music have always intermingled historically. In a way, these new songs have brought me closer to my southern background but in a deeper, more spiritual way.

‘Ol’ Kentucky Light’ could not have had a better birthplace than my current home of New York City. NYC is my creative home, where I have always gone to make things.

Lara has a website, at, and is on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.


On 25th March Colin Clyne released ‘Wishing winter Away’.

Colin’s musical style is a mix of Americana, contemporary Folk spiced with Country and Blues influences. His distinctive vocal tones and storytelling have won him fans and song writing awards around the globe. Now he’s back in the UK after 10 years in America. Plus he has a new single, ’Wishing Winter Away’, which came out on 25th March

Colin is delighted to have internationally renowned Scottish fiddle player, Mr. Paul Anderson, contributing his beautiful music to the track. Paul has been deemed the finest Scots fiddler of his generation.

When asked about the story behind the new single Clyne replied, “One of the hardest things to do these days is to celebrate the small victories in life. Disease, war, poverty, corruption, death, injustice and all their trimmings rightly dominate our TV, our radio and of course our social media. At times it feels like the only thing to do is to wish these dark times away, to wish away the winter of our existence if you will.

The lock-down winter felt like the longest winter I have known. It seemed to be longer, darker and colder than I recall any previous winter. I simply wanted long warm days with loved ones in the summer. I came to the realisation I was focusing on the negatives and missing the small victories, missing the moments of beauty. With that in mind, I wondered how many of these I had missed throughout my life wishing dark days away, wishing winter away, sometimes it feels like half our life.

Colin has a website, at, and is on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Mick Sparrow has recently released ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’.

Mick Sparrow was born in Edmonton, London in 1960. Since leaving school Mick has successfully pursued a music career that saw him perform with some of the greats. During all this Mick has accomplished many things. He’s produced several hundred works of art, published two books of prints and also a book of poetry.

This year is going to be special for Mick. He has a national tour coming up to display his art. Plus, later in the year, a cinema release of a film he has worked on about his life. In the meantime Mick has been recording new material to be released this year. That includes an acapela cover of the classic “Whiter Shade Of Pale”, in tribute to the late Gary Brooker.

Mick is on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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