North Blood have recently released their début single ‘Supermarket Flowers’.

North Blood is an original 4 piece guitar-based indie band based in Lancashire. Daz Gilkinson (lead/rhythm guitars) and Duffy (drums) have toured extensively over the UK and internationally on other projects. Mick Bates (bass) has played with various bands over the North West over the last three decades. Daren Reece Lamberton (singer/guitars) has played in numerous bands touring the UK and parts of Europe.

Their soon to be released album, ‘Rolling Doves’, is an honest and eclectic collection of original compositions with influences varying from funk, blues, rock & folk. Daren wrote a collection of songs over the lockdown period with a desire to record them all. The tracks were laid down at Lisa Stansfield’s private studio Gracieland in Rochdale. Around this time, Duffy had recently finished building his home studio. He kindly offered the use of his facility to work on new material and rehearse. Daz lived round the corner so, as they both liked the songs, they were keen to get involved. Mick Bates and Daren were long term music buddies who had done many gigs together so with this enthusiastic response, North Blood was born. The lads say, “On our first practice we realised we had something that excited us all and wanted to pursue further.

North Blood have a website, at, and are on Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Apple and YouTube.


Sleep Theory released ‘Numb’ early in July.

Sleep Theory’s trajectory thus far has been lightning quick and impressive, to say the least. The numbers don’t lie. ‘Numb’ follows the band’s début single ‘Another Way’, which arrived in January 2023 and amassed 500k views on TikTok within 36 hours of release. The reaction was intense, and as such, the band was also selected for SiriusXM/Pandora’s Artist Accelerator Program and will be a part of their Next Wave Concert Series in September. This all happened in the span of six months.

But what seemed like an overnight success (or an ‘industry plant’ playing to the algorithm, as some trolls theorised) has actually been years in the making. Since retiring from the U.S Army several years ago, Moore has dedicated his life to carving his own path in the music industry. Officially starting Sleep Theory in 2019, the current incarnation of his musical journey began as a studio project to fuse his love of hard rock, funk, and R&B.

Now a four-piece band, which came to be on the back of a chance meeting via Facebook Marketplace, Sleep Theory combine metal-core breakdowns with bluesy grooves and a pop sensibility made for modern radio.

You can follow Sleep Theory on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, Apple and YouTube.


‘A Little Piece of Eden’ is the title track from Sarah Deere-Jones’ new album.

‘A little piece of Eden’ is a reflective collection of self-penned & subtle traditional English music arrangements with haunting songs and dazzling instrumentals for harp, keyboards, concertina, melodeon & guitar. Although classically trained, this 6th album of Sarah’s reflects her wide range of interests and influences in musical genres, from the medieval sounds of John Taverner to the African rhythms of the Kora, to the poetry of her native Dorset, and the natural sounds of birds, wind and the dawn chorus.

Sarah says of the album, “My music, whether solo classical pieces for harp, choral works or folk music, is always inspired by the landscape and nature within it that I love. This album particularly reflects my personal feelings on the changes in rural life, from my childhood in north Dorset, to where I live today in rural Cornwall – the crash of biodiversity, the diaspora of small communities and the damage of intensive farming, these are all changes that I have witnessed with my own eyes – but in recent years the growing rewilding movement gives us hope that these problems can be solved.

Sarah has a website, at, and a page with links to all her social media and down-load sites.


‘Oracle Pt 1’ is the title track from David Wright & Carys new album.

‘Oracle’ is a magical musical journey blending elements of ambient, new age and electronic space music with a touch of the avant-garde. A follow-up to their 2017 release, ‘Prophecy’, ‘Oracle’ is a far more varied and yet more focussed work. Strong synth and sequence passages by David Wright along with his adept arrangements are complemented by the evocative and sublime vocal textures of Carys. The additional choir and string orchestration by David add an almost cinematic feel to proceedings.

12 varied tracks blend effortlessly together, forming one complete 78 minute opus. This is an epic synth and choral symphony. It presents music for the heart, mind and soul on a grandiose scale. Atmospheric vistas laced with mysterious beauty present haunting passages that are intertwined with hypnotic and evolving sequences providing gentle rhythmic motion that is all held together by memorable musical themes.

‘Oracle’ incorporates all the best elements of the new age and electronic space music genres. From the thematic to gentle ambience, from glorious sequences and rhythms to the evocative and ethereal vocal textures of Carys. ’Oracle’ ebbs and flows through it all. It takes the listener on a journey through the cosmos that they will want to revisit time and time again.

The CD and download can be purchased via


Krea released ‘The Callows’ on 13th July.

We have previously heard ‘September Sun’ (September 2022, Week 66) and ‘Last Day of the Year’ (Week 77, December 2022) by Krea (pronounced ‘Kree-ah’).

It has been a whirlwind year for Krea – the stage name of Irish singer-songwriter Karen Cowley. Following a hiatus from her band Wyvern Lingo, Krea was awarded the prestigious Music Bursary by the Arts Council. She also obtained a residency at the renowned Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris. It was during this residency that she dedicated her time to crafting songs. Those songs now make up her solo EP, ‘The Callows’. The EP came out on July 13th.

Reflecting on her EP, Krea explained, “The Callows are the flat grasslands along the Shannon, and the word comes from the Irish ‘Caladh’ for meadow. My mother is from Shannonbridge, Co. Offaly, where I spent a lot of time as a child. There’s something really tranquil and ancient about the landscape there. I wrote ‘The Callows’ at a time where I was feeling unmoored and craving a stronger sense of identity and rootedness. Images of this beautiful part of the country kept coming to mind, particularly the view from where my grandparents are buried at Clonmacnoise Monastery along the river. The Irish landscape and the effect that it has on me comes into each of these songs in some way, so I wanted to acknowledge that in some way in the title and artwork.

She is on Twitter, Facebook and Insta.


Róisín McCarney released ‘Dancing with the Devil’ on 14th July.

Róisín McCarney is an exciting new powerhouse singer-songwriter from the heart of Glasgow. With her previous single ’Vision’ (which we heard back in February 2023, Week 85) it’s exciting to hear what’s next for this future Scottish pop star. Róisín’s music is inspired from her own experiences, most recently dealing with personal heart-break. She is relatable to us all, and her songs are perfect for your breakup soundtrack!

The past few months has been a whirlwind for Roisin. She’s in hot demand and has picked up some tasty festival slots including ButeFest and Mighty Boof! Her new music is heavily influenced from an array of strong female singers from the 2000s. She has found her sound. Her escape is music, and that’s exactly what Róisín wants to be for her listeners…musical escapism!

New single ‘Dance with the Devil’ was released on Friday 14th July, and Róisín has a with all her social media and down-load links.


On 14th July, Chloe Collins released ‘Hard to Get’.

Genre bending artist Chloe Collins is based in Nashville, USA, and we’ve previously heard ‘Do It for the Plot’ (Week 85, February 2023). Now Chloe returns with her new single ‘Hard to Get’ which is catchy, energetic, and genre-bending.

Chloe started singing as a toddler. She picked up the guitar at the age of 8 and has not looked back since. You can follow Chloeon  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Insta.


Outsound released ‘Hardcore Daisy’ on 14th July.

Outsound are based in Cork, Ireland. Steve Beale, Alan Murphy, Aaron Kennedy and Luke Butler first formed to perform a Chris Cornell tribute gig in early 2018. This eventually led to the creation of an original project in Outsound. Today, their sound encompasses a new wave of progressive, hard rock. It carrys forth melodic vocals through atmospheric bends, searing leads and bouncing breakdowns. Tearing strips from blues, grunge, heavy metal and even sprinkling in some Beach Boys flavoured harmonies for good measure. Now Outsound are ready to spread their madness to the masses.

You can find Outsound on Facebook and Bandcamp.


‘The Hopeful Boy Replacement’ is the title track from Sandra’s Wedding’s new album.

‘The Hopeful Boy Replacement Service’ is the latest album from Yorkshire band Sandra’s Wedding.

They formed in the triangle of sweet nothing between Goole, Castleford and Selby. Since then, Sandra’s Wedding have been busily curating a unique yet familiar sound. They have gained a loyal following over the past six years, five albums, two EP’s and several singles. Now, the band are excited to share this latest body of work.

The album’s title track was the spark for a collection of songs which could be an old fashioned ‘concept album’. The arc of growing older and realizing the great escape isn’t on the horizon. Then revelling in the banal absurdities of everyday living. The idea was to imagine a long forgotten classic ‘kitchen sink’ novel’ from the 1950’s and 60’s. Add a modern stage production of said novel with a contemporary soundtrack. This album is the soundtrack.

The album dropped on July 14th and is available on limited edition vinyl. Sandra’s Wedding are on Facebook, Insta, Spotify and Twitter.


‘Nosebleeds’ is the title track from MasterWives new album which dropped on 14th July.

New York City & Los Angeles-based alt-pop group MisterWives have announced their highly anticipated fourth studio album ‘Nosebleeds’. It is came out on July 14th. The album propels the group into all new territory. This time, equipped with bravery, confidence and strength. After a decade-long career, this project meets the band at their most evolved. Here they turn their pain into power. Over ten compelling tracks, the band digs deeper than they ever have before. They capture the nuances of life’s highs and low and re-defining what it means to succeed and to fail.

Front-woman, Mandy Lee, explains, “‘Nosebleeds’ encompasses both meanings of the word–feeling high up and beat down–a response to the punches that leaned into the messy middle without fast forwarding to a silver lining. Learning along the way that the journey is both heavy and delicate, vulnerable and strong, betrayal and trust, ugly and beautiful.

On the forthcoming album, the band opens up about their struggles, and what it takes to stick together after so many years. Mandy adds, “Being a band for ten years and still standing despite the amount of times we’ve been dropped, a bandmate quitting during the pandemic, a divorce – the perfect storm for how bands historically fall apart – felt like a pretty big triumph and moment to allow ourselves to create our fourth record with no limitations and without feeling boxed into what others might expect from us.

MisterWives have a website, at, and are on YouTube , Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Bandcamp and TikTok.

A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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