Christopher Taylor released ‘Everything to Me’ on 24th November.

We’ve previously heard ‘Ink’ from Christopher Taylor (August 2022, Week 60). Having been writing songs for many years, Christopher reached a new career-high when his EP, ‘Chasing Rainbows’, was awarded The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop Rock EP. Two singles from the EP also picked up awards. Now the Yorkshire based singer/song-writer has released his new single, ‘Everything to Me’.

Details on this can be found on his website, at or you can follow him on Facebook


On 25th November, King Cujo released ‘In My Vein’.

King Cujo are back with their second single ‘In My Vein’ from forthcoming album ‘Lost Inside the Landfill’.

‘In My Vein’ sees a much more restrained and vulnerable side of King Cujo with a song inspired by the impact lock-down had on our lives and the effect on mental health. The track welcomes you in with a simple two chord motif. Drummer Jamie Hook resists adding anything more than a steady groove which compliments Ben Keep’s Motown style bass perfectly. It’s not long before Kevin Dawson’s vocals detail the anguish behind them with imagery of being leashed and trapped, both physically and mentally.

Surprisingly, when Kevin takes us into the chorus, with the echoing repeat of the song’s title, lead vocals are handed to bassist Ben to deliver what is both confirmation of a battle-tired mind with the lyric “The corner of this room is where we go to lay” and a dig at the British Government, for not doing enough, with the poignant line “A nation with closed eyes gets buried underground”.

King Cujo have a website, at, plus a web page with all their down-load links. They are also on Twitter, Insta and Facebook.


The Magic Es released ‘Little Mistake’ on 25th November.

The Magic Es are an established, Norwich band, and have released two critically acclaimed albums, two EPs and seven singles since forming in 2015. The name of their forthcoming EP, which will be released in time for Christmas 2022, has now been revealed. It’s called ‘Talk in Tongues’ and contains the new single ‘Little Mistake’, as well as the previous single ‘Gone’ which we heard back in September ,(Week 65) plus two other new tracks. The Magic Es have also announced they will be  touring in 2023.

Talk in Tongues Tour 2023

10/03/2023 – The Smokehouse, Ipswich
11/03/2023 – Percy’s Cafe, Whitchurch
14/04/2023 – Northern Guitars Cafe Bar, Leeds
15/04/2023 – NE Volume Music Bar, Stockton-on-Tees
05/05/2023 – The Brunswick, Brighton
06/05/2023 – The Hobbit, Southampton

The Magic Es have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Insta, BandCamp, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and AppleMusic.


On 25th November, Slyder Smith & The Oblivion Kids released ‘The NeverEnding Story’.

Slyder Smith &The Oblivion Kids unleash their third single, a heart pounding cover version of iconic 80s pop hit, ‘The NeverEnding Story’. It is from their acclaimed début album, ‘Charm Offensive’. The album, released in August this year has attracted plenty of media attention, including us as we heard ‘Pleasure Victim’ from that album, back in August (Week 61).

Slyder says, “I’ve always loved this song and I remember the Top of The Pops performance with Lamahl so well. I’ve always fancied the idea of doing a duet with a female vocalist too so getting to sing this with the fabulous Nina Courson from Healthy Junkies has been a great opportunity. Originally I recorded an acoustic version of it on my iPhone for a birthday surprise for a friend who loved the film, it sounded great & I loved singing it so the idea was born! We’ve stayed true to the original other than it is now guitar-based, I wanted to create a commercial rock anthem akin to that of Def Leppard or Van Halen in that period.

The band will be spreading their grit, glamour, emotion and possibly some glitter across venues across the UK throughout December:
Fri 16th Dec -Bridgewater, Cobblestones
Tues 20th Dec – London, The Water Rats / *Christmas Spectacular*

Slyder Smith & the Oblivion Kids have a website, at and are on Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


Jessy Howe has recently released ‘Message of Love’. It features Chris Musik.

We’ve heard a number of tracks by Jessy Howe in the past (‘Soul Food’ with Vikings of Blue in Week 14, ‘I Am Love’ with Valentina Velkova in Week 18, ‘Sea of Humanity’ with Felix Waldispühl in Week 40, ‘Eternal’ in Week 56 and ‘Love is a Reason’ with FeelX in Week 74). Now the Swiss-born singer has teamed up Chris Musik to give us ‘Message of Love’.

Jessy has a website at and is on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Hook have recently released ‘Breakout’.

December sees the release of the title single, ‘Breakout’ from Hook’s new album. The album will be released in 2023 on the Bad Monkey Records Label.

Originally formed in 2006 Hook consists of John Hook (keyboards), Rob Hook (vocals) and Marc Hook (guitars). Together they write and record original songs.

After getting lots of USA airplay back in 2009, John says “We decided to look at performing our songs live around our local area, Norwich, just to see what kind of response we got. Our first gig was in 2019 and then COVID came and, like many other bands out there, our musical future and our live gigging was held up. Not letting that stop us though we got busy during lock-down and started writing for our first studio album, ‘Sanantorium’ which was produced & engineered by Roaul Crane at Blaze studios in Caister Norfolk in between lockdowns & now we have returned there for our brand new album ‘Breakout’

The Hook trio are joined by Mick Grant, on bass, and Damion Dogget, on Drums, for the recording of ‘Breakout’.

The band offer a rare mix with their music drawing on all of their musical influences from rock & metal, 80’s music, 70’s Punk to a mix of glam & electronica. It’s safe to say they have all their bases covered!

Hook are on Facebook or can be contacted through their record label, Bad Monkey Records.


Krea released their new single, ‘Last Day of the Year’ on December 1st.

It’s been a busy year for Krea, the moniker taken on by Irish singer- songwriter Karen Cowley. After taking a pause from her band Wyvern Lingo, she was awarded the Music Bursary by the Arts Council. She was also awarded a residency in Paris at the Centre Culturel Irlandais where she spent the month of August writing songs for her solo EP.

Following the release of her “an enchantingly serene début” September Sun, Krea presents a more intimate offering with ‘Last Day of the Year’.

About the song Krea says, “I started writing Last Day of the Year in the middle of June when I was living in Berlin in 2021. There were murmurs of lock-downs returning, I was feeling a little lost and began panicking that I might get stuck in Berlin for months on end like the last time. In a way I think I was romanticising the nostalgia of home, particularly around Christmas/New Year, and realised how much of my identity I had anchored how I was perceived at home.

Krea is on Facebook, Twitter and Insta.


On December 2nd, Sleep in Motion released ‘All That You Are’.

After the release of their début EP in February 2022, Sleep in Motion are back with their new EP. It is called ‘Separate’ and is due for release on 20th January 2023. ‘All That You Are’ will feature on that EP.

The three piece from Nottingham, England have expanded on their discography by adding four more tracks to their arsenal. A band with venom, frustration and aggression providing the lyrical content to this new entity, Sleep in Motion deliver yet again a stunning insight into the world of animosity and angst. After just over a year of being together as a band, Ryan Brooks, Lewis Brade and Alex Smith are set to deliver a début album in Autumn 2023 after their first two four track EPs.

Sleep in Motion have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Insta, Spotify and AppleMusic.


Sara De Sanctis released ‘Astray’ on 2nd December.

Sara started playing the piano at five years old. She became passionate about song writing and composition during her teenage years. She says, “After graduating in classical piano, I realised playing other composers’ works wasn’t as exciting for me as performing my own music and singing.” Her interest in composition led her to the UK and the USA. There she also studied film scoring and conducting after influences such as Hans Zimmer and Ennio Morricone. In 2021, she decided to pursue a career in song writing and released her début single ‘Serendipity’. There followed a string of singles, and now ‘Astray’.

Sara has a website, at, and is on Facebook and YouTube.


Dead Memory released their new EP, ‘Awake’, on December 2nd. It includes the single, ‘Dance in Flames’.

After the singles ‘Dance in Flames’ and ‘Light it up’ Dead Memory now present their EP ‘Awake’. The German foursome are from the rough, sooty heart of the Ruhr area – the locals call this region ‘Pott’. They deal with demons in form of various mental illnesses through the tracks. And the belief that, if not necessarily defeated, they can at least be fought.

Dennis Koehne produced the EP. It features influences from different rock and metal genres skilfully woven into each other. The result not only shows the musical versatility of the band, but also reflects a journey. Out of a depressing and a seemingly hopeless situation in life to a form of awakening that gives strength and courage.

Dead Memory have a website.


On 2nd December Louis McTeggart released ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’.

Louis McTeggart is a singer / songwriter based in Northern Ireland. He’s had some of his original songs used on TV, movies and radio. Most recently ‘It’s a Draw’ played on an episode of Channel 4’s ‘Hollyoaks’. We’ve previously heard ‘Beat of the Drum’ (Week 68, October 2022).

Louis is on Facebook, SoundCloud and Spotify.


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