Late last year, Anissa Damali released ‘Take a Break’.

Anissa Damali is a Swiss singer, performer and songwriter who was born in Basel with “Ticino dots” and North African roots. In addition, she has lived and loved Brazil for 10 years. She plays from jazz to bossa nova and soulful pop music with the different colours and shades of music.

After the release of “SUN”, a homage to the sun, which we heard back in August 2022 (Week 60) there now follows the new title, ‘Take a Break’. It is a great and essential – even vital – homage to the pause. A call to live the moment to the fullest and to understand life, despite difficult ups and downs – “Life in all it’s facets”.

Anissa says, “Give me a stage and I’ll show you what passion and the magic of music means to me and where there are no barriers or limitations. Inspiration through the place and moment where I am spatially and emotionally. The Creator did not give us colours to think and live only in black and white. This is exactly the same for my music.”

At the moment, Anissa is working on the new album, which will be released in 2023. It will be a mature work of surprises. Concerts are also planned.

Anissa has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.


At the beginning of the year, MP Grey, with Rudiger, released ‘Different Views’.

We’ve previously heard from MP Grey and Rudiger – ‘Me & You’ (Week 3, July 2021) ‘Hunt for Attractions (Week 30, January 2022) and ‘Game of Life’ (Week 51, June 2022). Now MP Grey is back with the emotional track ‘Different Views’. The song manages to create a strong and catchy song from the thoughtful topic “views on life“. The German songwriter, musician and producer says: “Life isn’t always straight and we don’t know where it’s going to take us. But our personal journey and our emotions depend on how we look at life and how we react.” So the song carries an absolutely positive message and wants to invite you to broaden your horizons and gain new perspectives plus to implement them accordingly.

MP Grey has a website, at and is on Spotify: Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook, Insta and YouTube.


K-Syran released ‘Inappropriate’ on 25th January. ‘Carefree Careless’ is from that album.

K-Syran has seen tremendous success as a singer songwriter, actress, author, director, and lyricist, not to mention as an impassioned activist for women’s rights. As a trained actress at RADA & Guildhall School of Music & Drama, her musical career knows no bounds.

K-Syran’s stunning new album ‘Inappropriate’ was made with her amazing backing band of Jazz musicians; pianist, Gauthier Toux, saxophonist, Leon Phal, guitarist, Erwan Valazza & drummer, Axel Lussiez.

K-Syran has a website at


Chloe Collins released ‘Do It for the Plot’ on 25th January.

Genre bending artist, Chloe Collins, is based in Nashville, USA. She has now released her new single, ‘Do It for the Plot’.

Having started singing as a toddler, followed by picking up the guitar at the age of 8, Chloe has not looked back since. Influenced by the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, Chloe has already had one of her tracks featured on the ABC family TV show ‘The Vineyard’ and on the 100th episode of Nashville on CMT. Quoted as being country pop poetry that is reminiscent of the early days of Taylor Swift coupled with the inventiveness of Ed Sheeran you can find further information on Chloe Collins on Facebook, Twitter and Insta.


‘Michael’ by the Snakeskin Shoe Review is out now.

We have previously heard ‘Be Good at Your Work’ by the Snakeskin Shoe Review, about a year ago (Week 35, February 2022)

Snakeskin Shoe Review are Scotland’s number one indie, psychedelic novelty folk pop band – or so their website claims. They came together with one clear goal in mind – to hang around in Stevie’s Man Cave garage conversion watching Vintage TV and drinking tea. From a handful of hastily put together easy cover songs they began to develop their own material – quirky and undefinable.

Snakeskin Shoe Review have a website, at, and are on YouTube and Facebook.


On January 27th, J. Matthews released ‘Courage for Fools’.

Matthews isn’t your typical pop artist. To him, genres have always been more of an experiment than a definitive style. Some genres capture certain emotions better than others, or reflect certain stories that other genres tend to avoid. Any story worth telling has its phases, its unique chapters, its unexpected twists, and J’s. music captures this element through an unexpected, yet cohesive, rhapsody. Two songs that sound completely different are somehow still connected. The reason for this? J’s staple: his lyrics. J. is a writer first and foremost. Day after day he’d write songs, poems, and even stories, on the quiet, dead end street he grew up on. Storytelling is at the heart of who he is as an artist. When listening to J. you’ll feel deep, personal notes to his voice, wrapped around a melody to match, connecting stories that transcend linear genre.

Matthews has a website at, and is on AppleMusic, Facebook, Insta, Spotify and TikTok.


Róisín McCarney released ‘Vision’ on 27th January.

Róisín McCarney is an exciting new powerhouse singer-songwriter from the heart of Glasgow. With her previous single ‘Sidelines’ being a Radio Scotland’s ‘Track of the week’, it’s exciting to hear what’s next for this future Scottish pop star. Róisín’s music is inspired from her own experiences, most recently dealing with personal heart-break. She is relatable to us all, and her new songs are perfect for your breakup soundtrack!

Róisín says, “‘Visions’ brings us back to basics using just a simple piano track with raw vocal emotion. Going through a break up is hard – but imagining life moving on can be even harder. Knowing you want your ex to be happy, but finding happiness without you wasn’t in the plan, and you have a fear you’ll never move on. The truthful lyrics speak for themselves. Get your tissues ready.

Róisín has a page with all her social and down-load links.


‘Avalon’ is from The Vagaband’s new album, ‘Beautiful World’.

The Vagaband return with ‘Beautiful World’, which is due for release on March 3rd on Eggsong Records.

‘Beautiful World’ comes four-plus years after the release of the dark “full bodied and city sullied dramas” (Americana UK) of ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ to shine some light in these troubled times.

The East Anglian sextet are at the forefront of the region’s vibrant roots music scene, picking up praise for their incendiary live shows and soulful song writing. Just like the voices of lead singers Jose McGill (think oak-aged whiskey) and Yve Mary B (mountain spring water), ‘Beautiful World’ is an album of contrasts. From the back-porch duet of opener ‘I’m Not For You’ through to wide-screen epic closer ‘Into the Blue’, the band move from small moments of domestic drama to cosmic country and everything in between. Classic 70s rock from both sides of the Atlantic rubs up against far older, and also more contemporary, sounds to create something at once familiar and yet of their own making.

A collection of stories, ‘Beautiful World’ tells of depression, break-ups, and even murder on their southern-gothic take on folk standard ‘The Unquiet Grave’, and yet the sheer rush of joy on cuts ‘Avalon’, ‘Desdemona’ (both channelling Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac) and the Southern rock-meets-White Album of lead single ‘Into the Blue’ remind us that yes, perhaps it is a Beautiful World after all.

The Vagaband has a website, at


Juliez Andrewz has recently released ‘Dirty Desperation’.

Rock band Juliez Andrewz ,who are based in Calgary, Canada, are currently creating a name for themselves through high profile gigs at legendary venues such as The Whiskey A Go. They have now released their new single ‘Dirty Desperation’.

You can follow Juliez Andrewz on Insta.


FeelX’ new single, ‘Waiting for that Sweet Kiss’ is now available.

We have previously heard ‘Love is a Reason’ by FeelX (Week 74, November 2022). Now he’s back, with his new single, ‘Waiting for that Sweet Kiss’, which features Tsering Purtag, Jörg Hofmann, Eva Wey and Dédé Felix.

FeelX is an independent musician from Zürich. His love of prog-rock, ambient, fusion and pop all fall into place while writing and producing tracks. His songs are instrumental or vocal with many instruments and textures.

FeelX has a website – – but, as he’s Swiss, it’s mainly in German! He is also on is on Bandcamp, YouTube and Facebook


Dexter Moore offers pure bliss with his new single, ‘Daydreaming’.

With so much uncertainty in the world today, American artist and keyboard player, Dexter Moore’s, latest single, ‘Daydreaming’ brings along hope and aspirations. The immediately uplifting smooth jazz instrumental invites us to let loose of all the woes and just enjoy life while we can!

Dexter explains, “’Daydreaming’ exemplifies how music can bring out the best in people – the ideas…the passion…the inspirations to always show your best light. Hopefully, I did my best to inspire my listeners with this jazzy, melodic and groovy track…Enjoy!”

With over 30 years’ experience performing with other artists as a sideman and accompanist, Dexter Moore now wants to share his keyboard talents to the world as an artist.

Dexter Moore is on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and Spotify.


Yvngerror released ‘Gold Roses’ on 1st February.

Alternative indie artist Yvngerror (pronounced Young Error) is based in Middlesex, England. Exploring the real essence of British culture and Brit Pop vibes, Yvngerror’s career only started recently. But it has already resulted in his first release being featured across 15 play-lists on Spotify. It’s also been played on a number of radio and TV shows too.

Now releasing his new single ‘Gold Roses’, which is taken from his forthcoming début album which will be released later in the year. The song touches upon good times and friendship in Camden Town, London and has been described as being fresh guitar flares, vibey vocals and overall a great catchy song to start of the year with a bang.

Yvngerror is on Facebook.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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