Carys released her new album, ‘Max the Pirate Cat and friends’ on 23rd June.

Carys is a singer songwriter based in Suffolk. She has an enthusiastic and evocative stage presence, displaying a natural charm that has won her many admirers, not only within the folk scene, but also far beyond it. Her musical partnership with UK synth veteran David Wright and the avant-garde rock band Code Indigo have won many plaudits from fans and media alike. The CDs ‘Take the Money and Run’ and the critically acclaimed 2017 release ‘Prophecy’ were followed by a series of successful UK and European concerts, including two nights supporting the German music legends Tangerine Dream.

Carys has autism and anxiety disorder and she came to realise that her mind has a unique way of producing some interesting songs. Her first solo album ‘A Different Kind Of Normal’ certainly reflects that with its roots firmly in folk, but also dipping into rock, pop and em. And as she explains with a smile when discussing the album; “The title describes me perfectly”. She released her second solo album ‘WolfSong’ during the first lockdown in Spring 2020.

Her continued involvement in folk music includes many local events and folk sessions. Together Carys and singer Rosemary Griffith form the duo Celandine, releasing their CD ‘She’s Like the Swallow’ in 2015. Beyond this, Carys has created ‘Max the Pirate Cat’ who features in both song and story.

Carys has a website, at, and is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


On 12th June, The Jeff Adams Experience released ‘Love Like Tomorrow’.

Released via the MiParis Music label, The Jeff Adams Experience provides a smooth jazz instrumental titled ‘Love Like Tomorrow’. It’s a perfect ode to cherish the time with close friends and loved ones, as tomorrow is never promised.

Leading the way with the smooth delicate flow of the piano keys, multi-instrumentalist Jeff Adams is joined by a team of award-winning musicians. The track awarding guitarist Alvin White, international saxophonist Carl Cox, drummer Gorden Campbell and bassist Mark A. Walker. ‘Love Like Tomorrow’ was written and produced by MiParis label owner and executive producer Michael Upshaw, with Jeff Adams as co-producer and writer.

The single forms part of ‘MiParis Smooth Jazz Compilation Vol.1’, which is out now on all music platforms, including Spotify. The seven-track project includes Mark A. Walker’s highly received singles, ‘Duke’s Stroll’ and ‘Let Me Breathe’.

The Jeff Adams Experience are also on Spotify, as well as Twitter and Facebook.


On 14th June, Vicious Kitty released ‘No More Waitin’’.

Vicious Kitty was born from the streets of Seattle. Matt Tantrum grew up with the sounds of Seattle ringing in his ears. So did the likes of Jimmy St Bitchin and Tony (Bones) Terlicker. Being veterans of the local scene and touring with various bands abroad has given the band a very strong sense of the term ‘Rock’. The band’s music truly reflects those influences; from the gritty guitar sounds to the hammering drums to the harmonized vocals we think you will hear something familiar yet new and just plain amazing when you listen to Vicious Kitty.

Of this latest release – slated for their new album coming out this summer – Matt Tantrum explains, “This song is about my daughter as a teenager who was quite smitten by a boy in school. He seemed nice and was a musically talented individual (a drummer, go figure). My daughter and he dated but she wanted him to commit to them being together. He kept telling her that he wanted that too, but the time wasn’t right or he had to heal from an old relationship or some other excuse. Since my daughter had good self-esteem she finally told him off and let him go, she has since found the love of her life and they are married!

Thus the song; No More Watin’ for those of us who won’t be second best and won’t be led down a garden path to heartbreak!!!

Vicious Kitty are on Facebook.


Miso Extra released ‘Space Junk’ on 14th June.

The revolutionary London-based, mixed heritage singer, rapper and producer Miso Extra has announced the release of her second EP ‘MSG’. It will come via her new label home, Transgressive Records in August. Alongside the news, she’s shared the first taster from the release; the 90’s R&B infused pop sounding ‘Space Junk’. This track sees Miso’s trademark playful beats and instrumentation out in full force and marks a glorious return for the artist who turned many heads upon the release of her début ‘Great Taste’ EP last year.

Accompanied by an official video, directed by Miso Extra and Alistair Raymond, Miso says about the single “‘Space Junk’ is a “I’ve moved on and so should you” kind of breakup song. Whether you like to hear it or not, sometimes the no contact rule is best for everyone involved and often the most respectful approach.

Miso Extra has a website that lists all her social media and down-load links.


Electric Sufi released ‘Destiny’ on 15th June.

The UK Northern collective reimagine a poem by the Sufi poet Qateel Shifai, incorporating their distinctive mix of traditional & electronic flavours.

With the release of their début album imminent, UK world music & electronica fusion trio Electric Sufi release the single ‘Destiny’. Following the release of previous singles; the ethereal ‘O Ignis Spiritus’ (which we heard in April 2023, Week 93), the hypnotic ‘Breathe In Love’ and the lyrically profound ‘Hudaaya, Destiny’ (which we heard in June 2023, Week 102) Electric Sufi continue their conversation on respect for nature & the natural order of things, in order to raise awareness of climate change issues.

This reinterpretation by Electric Sufi retains the original words while re-imaging the melody & musical arrangement. Initially a solo voice, the track evolves under pulsing electronica & features traditional Arabic instruments; the Nay (an Egyptian flute) & Qanun (a plucked zither). The word Qanun means ‘law’ in Arabic, and was probably named so because it’s the instrument that lays down the law of pitch for other instruments & singers.

Electric Sufi are on Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Spotify and YouTube.


On 15th June, Grace Carter released ‘Riot’.

Hailed as one of Britain’s most striking young voices, singer/songwriter Grace has dazzled audiences across the globe with her powerful voice and gut-wrenchingly honest lyrics. Now, fresh off a critically lauded headline tour across Europe, Grace Carter releases her brand new single ‘Riot’. The single is the latest release from her forthcoming new EP, ‘A Little Lost, A Little Found’, which will be released on the 21st of July.

Speaking about the track, Grace says “Riot is a song about injustice and specifically the emotional and physical injustices that black people face daily. It’s a song that touches on the literal meaning of the word but more for me, it is about the emotional turmoil and the internal riot so many black people experience.
It was written in 2014 about the murder of Eric Garner but the sad reality is that the lyrics of the song have constantly been reinforced and made relevant time and time again by systemic racism and police brutality; the horrific incident surrounding the murder of George Floyd further illustrates this. The song is about something very painful and traumatising but it’s also really important to me to represent black joy, power and community. Music has always been a vehicle for me to speak about things that are important to me and this song is me using my voice and doing what I can do to spread a message.

Grace has a website with links to all her down-load sites. She is also on TikTok and Facebook.


‘Fuzzy’ is from Still Blue’s début EP, ‘All Over the Chip Shop’ which was released on 16th June.

Irish indie-pop band Still Blue is excited to announce the release of their highly anticipated début EP, ‘All Over The Chip Shop’, on June 16th. The EP, a culmination of their creative efforts since the summer of 2020, showcases the band’s unique sound and lyrical depth. We’ve previously heard ‘Lace’ (Week 102, June2023), which also features on this EP.

Lead singer Nicole has been the primary songwriter for the project, crafting heartfelt tracks that resonate with audiences. The songs on ‘All Over The Chip Shop’ were initially composed on an acoustic guitar in Nicole’s room. But, through collaborative efforts with the rest of the band, they evolved into captivating musical arrangements. Nicole expresses her joy in witnessing the evolution of the EP, stating, “It’s been so lovely to see it all come to life.

The EP’s title, ‘All Over The Chip Shop’, draws inspiration from a lyric in one of the tracks, ‘Honeysuckle Daydream’. It captures the essence of feeling disoriented and lacking control in life, particularly during the tumultuous phase of one’s early 20s. The phrase humorously encapsulates the experience of being young, in love, and perhaps a little intoxicated, as symbolized by the image of being in a dirty chipper.

Still Blue are on Twitter, Insta and Facebook.


‘Upper Stream’ is from Autism’s album, ‘Neverberator’ which was re-released on 16th June.

Vadim Militsin is the artist behind the Autism moniker. He says “When I was recording Neverberator, I knew it would be my last album on the European continent. I assumed we’d probably stay in America forever.

In 2000, Autism settled in New York City. ‘Neverberator’ indeed turned out to be Autism’s last ‘European’ album. Now, Vadim lives on Staten Island. It’s a quiet New York borough where flocks of wild turkeys walk the streets and you can make friends with a possum. It’s easy to write country music in a place like this, not experimental electronica. Nevertheless, several more Autism albums were born on this island.

In terms of sound purity, Vadim says this is his best album. “I invented a special sound processing technique at that time: each steam of the track – hi-hats, for example – was split into highs, mids, and lows. I’d treat each of those sub-steams with a separate sound effect, and then I would put them back together. I don’t know if anyone else has done anything like that back then.

The album saw two limited CD prints but was impossible to find anywhere in any form. Now ‘Neverberator’ returns in all its glory, fully remastered by Bill Sellar at Super Audio Mastering, with new cover artwork. Available on all major platforms via Omninorm Records, digitally from June 16, 2023. A vinyl LP is coming at a later date.

Autism has a website, with links to all his downloads. He is also on Facebookand Insta


Dolores Forever released ‘I Love You But Your Making Me Sad’ on 19th June.

We’ve previously heard ‘Funeral’ (Week 63, September 2022) and the single ‘When I Say So’ (Week 87, February 2023). Now 2023 just keeps getting bigger and better for rising duo Dolores Forever. After kicking off a run of summer festival dates, the band have announced their superb new single ‘I Love You But You’re Making Me Sad’.

Produced by Askjell Solstrand, ‘I Love You But You’re Making Me Sad’ sees the band take a more melancholic approach. They’ve embraced their descriptor of ‘indie ABBA’. The results speak for themselves. This summer sad banger is set to confirm the duo as one of the most exciting acts around.

The band explain, “This song is about being lonely beside the one you love. Those maddening irritations that appear when a relationship has run its course. If you’ve ever been heartbroken about not being more heartbroken ‘I Love You But You’re Making Me Sad’ is for you.

Dolores Forever have a website, at, and are on YouTube and Insta.


On 21st June, Electric Callboy released ‘Everytime We Touch (TEKKNO Version)’.

Electric Callboy are set to captivate audiences once again with their latest single, ‘Everytime We Touch (TEKKNO Version)’. Originally a massive dance hit in 2006 by Cascada, Electric Callboy has given the beloved track their own unique twist. Now it’s showcasing their creative prowess and readiness to conquer the mainstream.

Combining their signature high-energy sound with a fresh approach, Electric Callboy’s rendition of this Euro-Dance classic breathes new life into the iconic track. They add their own distinct style and injecting it with a surge of contemporary rock vibes. The result is an electrifying anthem that will have listeners dancing and singing along in no time.

To complement the release, Electric Callboy has unveiled an impressive music video. Castle Rothestein provides a visually stunning backdrop for their energetic performance.

United Kingdom 2023 Tour Dates

w As Everything Unfolds + Special Guest
22.10.2023 – Portsmouth, UK, Guildhall
23.10.2023 – Leeds, UK, O2 Academy SOLD OUT
24.10.2023 – Glasgow, UK, O2 Academy SOLD OUT
26.10.2023 – Bristol, UK, O2 Academy SOLD OUT
27.10.2023 – Cardiff, UK, Great Hall SOLD OUT
28.10.2023 – Birmingham, UK, O2 Academy SOLD OUT
Find tickets here.

Electric Callboys have a website, at, are on YouTube and have a website with all their down-load links.



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