‘Free to Choose’ is from Jude Adams’ new album ‘Freedom’.

Jude is a singer-songwriter across various genres and would still describe what she does as a “professional hobby”. Having never sung in a choir, never played an instrument nor learnt to read music and lacking the confidence to share a voice she knew she had, Jude finally started singing at the age of 50. But only two years later, in 2011, myalgic encephalitis was diagnosed. So performing, as with most areas of her life, came to a halt.

Not one to be put off by the limitations presented to her, Jude found herself writing poetry and lyrics. She also attended song writing courses and worked with a series of vocal coaches. This all led to her début album in 2106 – ‘This Girl This Woman’. In 2019, this was followed by ‘The Window To My Soul’. Now her third album ‘Freedom’ has been released.

The album is a departure into a world of blues, bluegrass and country, and it hosts a wealth of talented musicians. A fourth project now under-way, including young musician Chris Vince, is due to be recorded this Spring as she enters her 65th year.

Jude Adams has a linktr.ee with all her social media and down-load links.


Allan Clarke released ‘Buddy’s Back’ on 10th February.

Old friendships, longstanding love, and new beginnings: Allan Clarke returns to music with ‘Buddy’s Back’. It’s the lead track from his forthcoming new album ‘I’ll Never Forget’, which is due for release on April 7th. ‘Buddy’s Back’ was written by Allan’s band mate Graham Nash. It features Clarke and Nash together on harmonies for the first time in decades.

Allan says, “When we’re sharing a joke, Graham’s voice can go pure Salford again. When we were teens, we did music for fun. All these years later, this record has been a lot of fun too.

The album can be pre-order on-line. and Allan has a page with all the down-load links for ‘Buddy’s Back’.


On 10th February Tom A. Smith released ‘Little Bits’.

After returning at the end of 2022 to deliver his enormous Miles Kane-produced offering ‘Like You Do’ – which we heard back in October (Week 70), fast-rising Sunderland artist Tom A. Smith is back delivering his galloping new single ‘Little Bits’.

Offering up more of that raw and driven indie-rock aesthetic he has been cultivating since he first emerged, ‘Little Bits’ marks another incredible entry within his glittering catalogue to date. Produced by Larry Hibbitt, his newest release is brimming with a fresh and captivating atmosphere that is quickly establishing him as one of the most exciting new artists on the rise right now.

Adding about ‘Little Bits’ he said, “Whilst on tour with Gang of Youths, singer/songwriter Dave talked through his process when he wrote a song. As soon as I came back I put it into practice and this is what I came up with. The challenge I set myself was to write a song that would be great in Rocky IV and I think this works really well.

Tom A. Smith is on SoundCloud, Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


Never Stay Down released ‘Make Me Feel Alive’ on 10th February.

Formed in 2022, Never Stay Down are a four piece Indie Rock band from the West Midlands, UK. The band take inspiration from Depeche Mode, Kasabian and others with a blast of 80’s nostalgia thrown in. Their sound features clean pop vocals accompanied by edgy overdriven guitar to bring their own unique take on modern Indie Pop Rock. Their début single, ‘Don’t Look Now,’ received worldwide radio airplay. Now the follow up single, ‘Make Me Feel Alive’, showcase a more energetic and powerful side to the band.

Never Stay Down are on Facebook, Insta, Spotify and YouTube.


On 10th February Jack Goodall & The Kick released ‘Never Happen’.

Jack Goodall & The Kick were one of the bands that featured on the very first New Music Emporium, way back in June 2021, when I played ‘Out of Here’! They are back now, with their new release ‘Never Happen’, still performing their own kind of music.

2020 saw the formation of The Kick, a powerful force that became a regular fixture at shows and then at sessions during lockdown. Previously solo, Jack Goodall has toured the UK, Ireland and Canada and released three albums of lyrical and frequently funky music.

‘Never Happen’ was written by Goodall and drummer Jack Smith. It presents a new electronic sound yet maintains the band chemistry and energy of previous releases. The track was mixed by Doctor L who adds his magic.

Tour dates:

25th February – Sociable Beer Company – Worcester
28th February – Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham
4th March – Fairfield Hall, Bromsgrove (w/ Kate Thompson)
30th June – Albert’s Shed, Shrewsbury
23rd July – Withy Fest – Witheridge, Devon

Jack Goodall & The Kick have a website, at jackgoodall.com


Also on 10th February, The Survival Code released ‘Never Knew you Existed’.

The Survival Code was founded by Gary McGuiness in London in 2011. It had a variety of line ups and sounds before they found their sound on their 2018 release ‘Hopelessness of People’. This was the album that saw the band become a duo. It and the subsequent release, ‘Crosses to Carry, Coffins to Fill’, have gone on to define the band’s sound and energy.

This is the band’s first release since COVID. An album with 12 songs in 12 months, supported by acoustic versions and live versions of the song on set dates in advance is seen as a great way of engaging on social media.

Gary says, “’Never Knew You Existed’ is one of our favourite tracks off our latest album as it combines a few techniques we haven’t tried before and it’s technicality makes it great to play. The chorus also speaks for itself, it sticks in your head. It’s also the only song on the release with a key change which we think works really well for the song.

The Survival Code have a website, at thesurvivalcode.co.uk, and are on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, YouTube, Spotify and AppleMusic.


Dolores Forever’s new track, ‘When I say so’ is out now.

We’ve previously heard ‘Funeral’ (Week 63, September 2022). Now, following the success of their new EP, Dolores Forever roar into 2023 with infectious new single in ‘When I Say So’. Produced & mixed by Grammy award winner Ben Allen, ‘When I Say So’ takes Dolores Forever’s dreamy pop to yet another level. Hooks, harmonies and a festival-sized chorus to boot, it’s a track that elevates the duo to one of the most exciting acts of 2023.

‘When I Say So’ is about reluctantly growing up.” say the women. “A song for the curious who want more than they are supposed to expect. There’s the moment when you’re suddenly not the ingénue in the room anymore and everything around you is changing. You’re not sure you’re on the same ride as everyone else.

Dolores Forever have a website, at doloresforever.com, and are on YouTube and Insta.


Elena Shelton released ‘Better’ on 17th February.

This February, Elena Shelton is releasing her début, self-titled album. It is a shimmering intimate journey through cycles of love & change. From the California coastline to the New Mexican mountains, this album has been written over a decade. During this time, Elena has processed evolving relationships to those she loves.

A love letter at the core, this album explores all facets of love & friendship. It is filled with admiration for humanity. At its essence it speaks of how we can learn to accept and find the beauty in the unexpected outcomes of life as well as how the unplanned path can be paved with something better than we thought possible.

Elena Shelton’s music draws influence from Irish folk, psychedelic indie & experimental powerhouses like Kate Bush & Bjork. Working in collaboration with Nate Salman her album was recorded in the most intimate, immediate way, playing guitar & piano live together, often recording in the middle of the night. Because of this, the album captures something rare. It has moments of charged synchronicity; the resonance of the time in which it was recorded; the feeling of static in the air; light creeping through the windows in the morning; the sound of birds and the ocean outside. With the addition of violin, cello, percussion & synths, the album moves from stripped back acoustic voice & guitar to epic orchestral swells, which reach anthemic heights.

The two singles from the album ‘Wild Night’ & ‘Better’ (which we’ve just heard) take us to the poles of the record. ‘Wild Night’ is a hypnotic ballad, reflecting on the intensity of shared loss. ‘Better’ is an exuberant anthem of hope, ending the album with a chorus of outpouring joy. Elena Shelton enters the music world with an astoundingly tender, vulnerable & real voice.

Elena Shelton is on Insta and Spotify.


‘Scarlet Lady’ is from Factory’s new album, ‘Back in the Time Machine’.

In the past we’ve heard three tracks from Factory’s previous album ‘Aiming High’ (‘Aiming High’ in Week 16, ‘Mama Called Me’ in Week 20 and ‘Free ‘n’ Easy’ in Week 36). Plus we’re heard ‘Angel from the Sky’ (Week 72, November 2022) which, like ‘Scarlet Lady’ is from their new album ‘Back in the Time Machine’. That album is coming out on 23rd February.

Factory are from Hastings, and have an Official Website which includes their full bio. They are also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram


Billy Droze is releasing ‘It’s OK to be OK’ on 24th February.

Billy says, “The inspiration for ‘It’s OK to be OK’ came from a personal understanding of being able to relax and feel good in your own skin when walking through valleys on your way back up the mountain.

He has a website, at billydroze.com.


The Camans will release ‘The Banks of Inverarey’ on March 3rd.

Craig McIntyre is a singer songwriter from Inveraray in Argyll, Scotland. He performs regularly around Argyll and the wider area. His latest project is called The Camans. Plus his new single, ‘The Banks of Inveraray’, is set for release on March 3rd. The track is an old Scottish love song, which was written in the 1850s by an unknown writer. It been beautifully rearranged by Craig for the modern age. It was recorded at The Cotton Music Studio which he owns and manages.

The video for the single can also be found on YouTube.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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