Leonardo Giuliani has recently released his début album, ‘Rogue’. ‘No Limits’ is the first track from that album.

UK based, Leonardo Giuliani is an independent musician, guitar player and singer-songwriter. His music revolves around, and is influenced by, rock, blues, country and folk. He is working, and dedicating his life to music and keeping it organic, honest and meaningful. In 2019 he had the honour to be invited to sit in with Buddy Guv at his Legends club, in Chicago. Buddy is one of Leonardo’s blues influences and a guitar icon.

Tom Hambridge, four-time Grammy award winning producer, produced ‘Rogue’, Leonardo’s début album. Tom plays drums on the album, which also presents Phil Palmer on rhythm guitar, Mick Brill on bass and Peter De Girolamo on keys. Robben Ford appears as a guest on the track ‘Ease My Blue’.

The album comprises 13 original songs, written and composed by Leonardo. Recorded at Forward Studios in Rome and The Switchyard Studio in Nashville, it is available on CD and from all the usual download sites.

Leonardo has a website, at leonardogiuliani.com, and you can follow him on Insta, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.


On 10th May, Nick Edwards released ‘Into You’.

‘Into You’ is the lead single from Nick Edwards stunning début EP ‘1960’.  The icons of that decade are the inspiration for the EP’s collection of 5 tracks. ‘Into You’ portrays the story of an old home-town love that never came to fruition before the couple became estranged. It is a love story to the other, a show of emotions that were never able to be told in person, only from afar. The chorus recites “We go together like the soles on our shoes, like country and blues, like burns on the oven to, through years of a mothers love.” It is essentially a country song with a folk, modern twist.

‘Into You’ is available now. The EP, ‘1960’, will be on all major platforms from 23rd June 2023.

You can follow Nick on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Insta and TikTok.


Four Faces released ‘Old Scars’ on 10th May.

Dublin-based band Four Faces released their latest single, ‘Old Scars’ on May 10th. The new track blends indie rock with pop sensibilities and is an exhilarating anthem that delves into themes of broken relationships and self-reflection. The chant-like chorus of voices underpinned by a tribal beat is an infectious dance-esque groove layered with vocal and instrumental hooks that propels the song forward.

The lyrics of ‘Old Scars’ tackle the challenges of adulthood and relationships, with lines such as “twenty-something with no goals” and “the clock runs” suggesting that old scars will eventually give way to a new start. The band’s sound has evolved on this track, with a slicker production approach and the incorporation of electronic music, adding layers of lush synths, vocal effects, and ambience.

Recorded and produced at The Clinic Recording Studios, Aidan Cunningham, who has worked with Four Faces in the past, mixed and mastered ‘Old Scars’. Guitarist Eoin Butterfield says that the song started out as a simple electronic beat that he made in his shed, but it soon became an anthem about healing and togetherness with a whole new energy.

You can follow Four Faces on Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


Kevin Devine has recently released ‘Searching for the Answers’.

‘Searching for the Answers ‘is the latest single from Kevin Devine. Drawing on influences like Human League, Simple Minds and others, he has created a synth sound, reminiscent of the 80’s and very much back in vogue. Gathering some of the finest musicians, like Chuck Sabo on drums and Chris Mars on keyboards, they have helped bring a very distinctive feel and sound to the track. Recorded at Battery Studios and mastered at Abbey Road, it is from his current album ‘London Town’.

Kevin says, “The age-old life habit of searching and striving for answers, sometimes when you don’t even know the questions. A song about the struggle for inner peace.”

Kevin has a website, at kevindevine.uk, and is on Facebook and YouTube.


Ch’Lu released ‘The Sound of Waking’ on 10th May.

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We’ve previously heard ‘Sister I’ll be There’ by Ch’Lu. (Week 97, May 2023). ‘The Sound of Waking’ is the 9th track from Ch’Lu’s Arts Council & Help Musicians funded album ‘The Goddess Within’. The single is out now, and the album will drop on June 9th, for Global Wellness Day. Ch’Lu composed, performed, recorded, mixed and produced it in her home studio.

Ch’Lu has a website, at chlu.online, and a page to all her social media and download links on Distrokid.


Knights of Caesar released ‘Moving to Berlin’ on 11th May.

It was the love of music that brought the Knights of Caesar together. According to Bayerischer Rundfunk, the band from southern Germany is one of the new exciting musical discoveries of 2021. With their début EP ‘Let Love Walk In’, the Knights of Caesar made it to German radio stations. BigFMs listeners voted the single, ‘Dancefloor’, from their second EP ‘All Work’ (2022),  to be the monthly winner .

The Knights of Caesar owe their special sound to their wealth of musical experience. When the Knights are not making music together, they are often on stage with other well-known artists. Keyboardist Lukas Großmann, for example, is part of the German indie pop breakthroughs Bruckner and singer Valentin L. Findling embodies Freddie Mercury more authentically than anyone else with The Music of Queen.

‘Moving to Berlin’ is the brand new single from the EP ‘On Top’, which will drop later in 2023. The song is an invitation to get swept away by the energy of the city and turn your own life upside down. It’s about taking risks, quitting your job and leaving your everyday life behind to move to the city, let yourself drive and enjoy life to the fullest. ‘Moving to Berlin’ also reflects the feeling of being lost and insecure that many people have when trying to reshape their lives in the big city.

Knights of Caesar have a website, at knightsofcaesar.com.


Brightlingsea singer / song writer, Stephen Foster-Pilkington has shared ‘Not Enough Love But Just Enough Lust’.

This is the third track from Stephen’s forthcoming album ‘Who Can Live in a House Like This?’ We’ve previously heard the title track (Week 95, April 2023) and ‘Can’t be Satisfied’ (Week 98, May 2023).

Stephen is a singer/songwriter who lives in Brightlingsea. He goes out gigging solo with his guitar, loop pedal and violin. In his spare time he enjoys listening to indie music and also exploring less well known composers of the nineteenth century.

You can follow Stephen on Soundcloud, Facebook and Bandcamp. Plus you can catch him live at The Snooty Fox, in Frating, on Saturday 24th June, starting at 8.30pm.


Rachid Aseyakhe released ‘Where is the Love?’ on 11th May.

Moroccan/British singer-songwriter Rachid Aseyakhe (pronounced AS-E-AK-HE) is based in the West Midlands. Emerging from a lineage steeped in musical enchantment, Rachid Aseyakhe’s melodic journey began within the embrace of his harmonious family. With an innate ability to sing and play the keyboard, he embarked upon a path that led him to the latter stages of the Moroccan edition of the X Factor in 2007. There his talents shone brilliantly.

In the wake of his migration to the United Kingdom in 2016, Rachid Aseyakhe’s passion for performance endured. In a stroke of artistic genius, he commenced an ethereal collection of Arabic cover songs. Their mesmerizing allure captivating hearts far and wide. Like an enchantment bestowed upon the digital realm, these renditions transcended barriers. They have amassed an awe-inspiring multitude of views on YouTube and other social media platforms. He has now released his new single ‘Where Is The Love?’

You can find more information on Rachid Aseyakhe by visiting rachidaseyakhe.com or by following him Facebook, Twitter, Insta and YouTube.


Simesky + Fritich released ‘Colour Running Away’ on May 12th.

Dug out of a drawer is a photo. Trinidad, 1942. There’s a parent and grandparents barely seen through the bleach after decades on desks and in windows. Now its 2023 and there’s a retro-style photo booth in the corner of a sweatbox in Cardiff. It throws back to that cool old school print. And we wonder which one lasts the longest… is it the photo, the feel, or the moment?” ‘Colour Running Away’ asks just that. But it’s cemented in music not celluloid.

Picking up from the high praised and cool 80s neons of last year’s debut ‘Such Imperfection’, this new single hits brighter, bolder and meaner in a clean blast of glossed adult pop. As it soaks up the decades of synth pop and indie, the cult sound they’ve created continues.

Co-writers, co-creators and co-makers across continents, Simesky and Fritch have success in their own rights. But together they’re something unstoppable, with a slew of releases lined up.

Simesky + Fritich have a website, at simeskyandfritch.com, and are on Facebook.


Tom Lumley & the Brave Liaison have released their new single ‘Dead’.

Cambridge four-piece Tom Lumley & the Brave Liaison have dropped their brand new single ‘Dead’. Recorded with Adrian Bushby at Otterhead Studios, the track comes filled with hooks, dripping with anger, and wrapped in a huge chorus.

On the new track, the band comment, “‘Dead’ is a song for those that feel as if they’re living their life on the side-lines. Left out, ignored and luckless. A feeling most people can probably relate a period of the lives to, but if felt with a level of permanence it can drive a person to desperation and despair. It’s a track which continues on from our previous releases in regards to its style but it also takes us in to a new stage of the bands life. It’s the first time we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone and recorded in a new location with a new producer. This new era for the band is something we’re immensely proud of and we know our best is yet to come starting with ‘Dead’.

You can follow Tom Lumley & the Brave Liaison on Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


Hot Milk have released ‘Horror Show’.

Manchester based Hot Milk have announced their début album ‘A Call To The Void’. It will drop on 25th August 2023 via Music For Nations.

For some, it might feel like a long time coming. But Hot Milk always knew that when the time came to make their début album, they had to be ready for it. It will be their loudest statement yet of who they are and what they stand for. It’s an opportunity to show the world what they are made of.

Walking a tightrope between the humorous and the serious, tracks on this album brim with positive nihilism. They’re not so much finding the light in the dark as they are laughing because if they don’t, they’ll cry.

Take the thunderous first single ‘Horror Show’ about which Han Mee, one half of Hot Milk, states, “To those on the outside of the lives that we lead, we may look odd, scary and different… so what?. In their eyes we may be damned, lost, rebellious, and less than. This song accepts that difference, embraces it and shoves it back in their faces. Built to be obnoxious and written to be purposely aggressive, Horror show combines our loves of drum ‘n’ bass ‘n’ dirty riffs. We are who we are like it or lump it.

Hot Milk are currently on tour.

Tour Dates:

09 June 2023 – Download Festival, Donington UK
30 June 2023 – Rock Werchter, Werchter Belgium
01 July 2023 – Main Square, Arras France
07 July 2023 – TRNSMT Festival, Glasgow UK
25 August 2023 – Leeds Festival, Leeds UK
27 August 2023 – Reading Festival, Reading UK

Hot Milk have a website, at hotmilk.co.uk, from where the album can be pre-ordered and tickets for their tour purchased.

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