The Too Late released ‘Just Don’t Tell Me’ on 20th April.

‘Just Don’t Tell Me’ takes listeners through the journey of reliving those first few months within a new relationship. The lyrics and production help convey the feeling of not knowing how committed the other person is in the relationship or if they share the same feelings as you. It is instantly relatable and with catchy guitar hooks and chopped up vocal samples and synths it keeps the user engaged and energised. Musically the track reflects the feelings of the two parties at the start of this new relationship, with the highs, lows and everything in between.

Having recently expanded from a duo to a 4 piece indie/pop band, The Too Late have further crafted their signature sound whilst adding some additional notes to their production. ‘Just Don’t Tell Me’ highlights this strong indie/pop vibe. Ryan (lead vox/guitar), Connor (lead guitar), Matthew (keys) and Donal (drums) formed a strong connection in a few months performing together with gigs at Broadcast (Glasgow) , HMV Glasgow. They were also approached for a performance at King Tuts.

‘Just Don’t Tell Me’ is the band’s 7th release and serves as the first of several tracks planned for this year. To find out more follow them on Spotify, Insta, TikTok and Facebook.


On Lily Moore has recently released ‘Beautiful Lie’.

Following Lily Moore’s triumphant return with single ‘Hard Days Love’ (which we heard back in February, Week 84) follow-up track ‘Beautiful Lie’ is out now. Produced by The Nocturns, the emotional song opens with Lily’s rich and commanding vocals, and builds to a powerful chorus.

The pop powerhouse has also revealed the music video. Teaming up once again with director Claryn Chong, the visuals were captured in just one shot! The video sees Lily sipping on a colourful cocktail whilst lounging on a giant pink inflatable flamingo, which is floating on murky waters.

Lily explains, “I wrote this song originally after a friend of mine got cheated on. They said how at least when they were being lied to they were happy, and it got me thinking about all the beautiful lies we tell ourselves and get told when we grow up that don’t end up coming true.

It felt like a song I really needed to write for myself and my friends and people my age who have constantly been messed about. Growing up post Brexit when we weren’t old enough to vote and to say no, post COVID and realising that maybe none of us will ever afford a house – no matter how hard we work, despite what we were told.

I wanted the video to look glamorous and relaxing until it zooms out – like when you post an Instagram photo in the sea and everyone thinks your somewhere expensive and far away but actually you’re in Dover. The video starts off with me relaxing and having a little sip on my blue lagoon – before gradually revealing I’m sat in a pond in Woking.

Lily Moore is on Insta, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


On 21st April, Miles and the Chain Gang released ‘Charlie’.

Miles and The Chain Gang formed in York in 2018 and played their first gig in February 2019. The original line-up met through a series of coincidences and meetings at open mic nights in York. They started work recording songs in September 2019. They have been working towards an album since then. “It’s nearly finished” sighs Miles. The band have had numerous sessions working with Jonny Hooker at Young Thugs Studio in York.

The more recent line-up (since January 2022) includes Daniel Bowater (keys), Mathew Watt (bass and guitar) and Steve Purton (drums). ‘Charlie’ is the fifth single release from the band since the start of 2020.

Miles says, “Basically, we’re a rock n roll band, with a touch of poetry. The songs have heart and (I like to think) are emotive. Little celebrations of life, little flashes of energy and insight.

Live dates:

29th July – Meadowfest – Malton

Miles and the Chain Gang are on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and Spotify.


Suté Iwar released his third single, ‘Star Player’ featuring Kadiata on 21st April.

The track perfectly combines Suté’s afro-infused R&B lyrics with the laid-back tone of Kadiata’s nonchalant bars. This is from ‘Ultralight’ which dropped on the 21st April via London and Johannesburg-based label Outer South. The 15-track album features a star-studded line-up from West Africa and the UK

The lyric video is on YouTube and you can follow Suté Iwar on Insta and Twitter.


On 21st April, Lisa Marini released her new album. ‘Summer Rain’ is the second track on the album.

A multifaceted artist, raised in London. Lisa Marini’s recently released album ‘Buried Town’ was self-written, self-recorded, and self-produced; her visuals self-made, her approach self-sufficient. After the cancellation of her entire 2020 tour, Marini’s début album ‘Born in Tribes’ felt as if it disappeared inside the pandemic. This false start turned out to be an opportunity: a more free and direct way of creating emerged.

Lisa Marini has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Insta, Spotify and YouTube.


Poison Oak released ‘Therapy’ on 21st April.

Poison Oak are an Indie Rock, Punk band hailing from the heated swelter of the North Queensland town of Townsville. Beginning in 2019 the band consists of members James Balthes, Ray Pearson, Chris Reiterer and Adrian Tarca. Since their inception the band has released three EPs and a string of singles, landing themselves in well-known music magazines throughout the globe. The band have now released their next single ‘Therapy’.

Poison Oak are on Facebook, Insta and Soundcloud as well as having a page with all their down-load links.


Local artist, Stephen Foster-Pilkington, has recently shared ‘Can’t be Satisfied’.

This is the second track from his forthcoming album ‘who Can Live in a House Like This?’ Stephen has shared with us; we heard the title track a couple of weeks ago (Week 95, April 2023).

Stephen is a singer/songwriter who lives in Brightlingsea. He goes out gigging solo with his guitar, loop pedal and violin. In his spare time he enjoys listening to indie music and also exploring less well known composers of the nineteenth century.

You can follow Stephen on Soundcloud, Facebook and Bandcamp. Plus you can catch him live at The Golden Fleece in Chelmsford on Sunday 28th May at 6pm.


Gospel Street Peter, another local artist, has recently released ‘Your Love’.

Peter said, “I am local to the Ipswich area and live in Holbrook. I’ve been writing and playing gospel/worship music for years. I also busk gospel/worship music in the summer. I have a YouTube channel, Gospel Street Pete, and my website,

Peter is also on Facebook, and you can download his music from his website.


Andrew Young has recently released ‘I Don’t Like Him (Mr Nice Guy)’.

Platinum download music artist Andrew Young is from Indianapolis, USA. With over a million streams on Spotify, Andrew Young’s music has transcended geographical boundaries making him a noteworthy name to watch on the US music scene and beyond.

Having graced the stages in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Nashville, delivering spellbinding performances, Andrew has now unveiled his latest masterpiece, the soul-stirring single, ‘I Don’t Like Him’.

Further information can be found on Andrew’s website, at or you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Insta.


Factory have recently released ‘Lightening From Heaven’.

‘Lightening From Heaven’ is the latest single from Factory’s album ‘Back in the Time Machine’. We’ve previously heard ‘Angel from the Sky’ (Week 72, November 2022) and ‘Scarlet Lady’ (Week 87, February 2023) from the same album.

Factory are from Hastings, and have an Official Website which includes their full bio. They are also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Insta.


Ffredi Blino released ‘L’ami de jacques Renard’ on 25th April.

A Welsh Australian serenading you in French? Oui, c’est normal!

‘L’ami de Jacques Renard’, the new single from Ffredi Blino is out now. It’s from the upcoming album ‘Tarmac Roads and Fences’ which is due out on June 22nd.

This strange and groovy tune is a bit Dave Brubeck meets Serge Gainsbourg. It features awesome drumming from Sophie Wozencraft and the sweet clarinet of Tom Deakin, plus a truly surreal video directed by Welsh artistic powerhouse Izzy Rabey.

You can follow Ffredi Blino on Bandcamp, Facebook, Insta, Spotify and YouTube.


Due to some technical problems, the following three tracks were played on the live show but don’t appear on the recording, and were not part of the encore airing on the following Saturday.


Thundercat & Tame Impala released ‘No More Lies’ on 25th April.

Thundercat links up with Tame Impala for a brand new single, ‘No More Lies’, which is out now on Brainfeeder. This is the first new Thundercat song in over three years. The single arrives ahead of a huge string of tour dates for Thundercat, who will perform with acts including Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Strokes, before taking his show to Australia, Asia, and Europe later this summer.

A musical match made in heaven, the duo of Bruner and Parker is an electrifying union. With ‘No More Lies’, the pair hits the sweet spot between their two individual, complementary styles with laser accuracy. Their melodic synchronicity belies this love lament, with Thundercat musing on a doomed relationship for which he takes responsibility – “But it’s not your fault, I’m just kind of ass.” The song culminates in a candid monologue from the bassist questioning the sense of honesty being the best policy in relationships – “I tell you the truth because I care, but I also lie to you because I care.

Thundercat states, “I’ve wanted to work with Kevin since the very first Tame Impala album. I feel that I knew that us working together would be special. I’ve been excited about this song for a long time and hope to create more with Kevin in the future.

‘No More Lies’ is available via Spotify.


Cagri Reydimir released his latest EP ‘Black or White’ on 26th April.

‘Justifiable Hands to Play’ features on the ‘Black or White’ EP.

Cagri is a Turkish singer songwriter based in Munich. He has been making music since he first picked up a guitar at the age of 13. Impressively, after playing in many bands over the years, he has since self-released 12 albums and 6 EP’s. Now he has added ‘Black or White’ to this list.

Cagri recorded the EP at his home studio. He also wrote all the lyrics and music, as well as performing all of the vocals and instruments. Not only that but he programmed, arranged, mixed and mastered everything too. A man of multi-talents indeed!

‘Black or White’ is available from ReverbNation. You can follow Cagri on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and YouTube.


On 27th April Deyaz dropped ‘Bones’.

Multi-hyphenate talent Deyaz has returned with his second offering of 2023, the hauntingly beautiful new single ‘Bones’. Written over two years ago, ‘Bones’ is the ultimate juxtaposition; both bleak and hopeful. A cathartic release process for Deyaz, whilst reminding him of dark times, he hopes ‘Bones’ will help guide others out of their own darkness.

Landing in the wake of his viral single ‘I’ll Scream (All The Words)’ – which we heard in February (Week 84) – ‘Bones’ marks a very special moment in this young artists’ career, as he shares his début official music video – an eerie and powerful cinematic cut that details his lyrical struggle through imagery.

Deyaz is on YouTube, Insta, TikTok and Spotify.

A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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