International Women’s Day Special.

Bit of a different New Music Emporium this week. There’s a mix of new tracks, tracks I didn’t play when they first came out and tracks I have played before. The important bit is, they are all tracks by women!


Lucy Blue released ‘Postman’ in 2022.

Lucy Blue continues her cinematic soundscape of releases with latest EP ‘Suburban Hollywood’ and the brand-new single ‘Postman’. Her new EP showcases Lucy’s song writing pedigree even further and 2022 has already seen Lucy cement her place as one to watch

Describing the EP in her own words Lucy says, “Suburban Hollywood is my celebration of the ordinary. I wanted to create a world that in a way romanticises everyday life and people. I think there’s pieces of Hollywood everywhere if you look whether it be in people or places, taxi drivers or pilots. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of Hollywood and what it means to people. The way we glamorise things and icons. Gift shops that sell tacky souvenirs of anything and everyone. I’ve always been so fascinated by it. When I think of suburban Hollywood I think of streets I grew up on and people I knew. It feels like a suburban version of Hollywood. I want to write songs that celebrate that and those type of people.

Lucy Blue is on Twitter and TikTok and has a page with all her down-load links.


Sofia Talvik released ‘Too Many Churches’ on September 1st.

We previously heard ‘Memories of Snow’ by Sofia (Week 22, November 2021)

‘Too Many Churches’ is a timely song about pro-choice. Swedish songstress Sofia Talvik is peeking through the looking glass at the recent events in the U.S with the eyes of a spectator with a different perspective.

Reminiscing of her many tours through the U.S she sings “Driving through the country I see houses falling down, people living under bridges, but there’s five churches in that town”. The lyric video created for the songs shows some 40 different churches filmed from her tour bus window on a drive from Palatka, FL to Tuscaloosa, AL. And that’s not even all she passed on the way. Sofia says, “I tried to film as many as possible, but sometimes I didn’t get the camera up quickly enough, or it was hard to film because cars were in the way”. Still it paints a clear picture as she sings “There’s too many churches, and too little love in this world today”.

You can ask yourself why a Swedish artist would sing about events so tightly associated to the U.S, but there’s a ripple effect in these things, and decisions like these effect all women worldwide, and maybe there is a special need for the outside perspective to show that it’s not just about women in the U.S, it’s about women’s rights period.

Sofia Talvoik has a website at and is on Facebook.


‘Temple’ is from Liz Jones début album, ‘Bounty’.

Songwriter Liz Jones, originally from South London & Cumbria, has landed a creative base in Edinburgh working beside celebrated & internationally toured musicians on her original music. A singer also in the roots, rock & blues worlds, most known for a hybrid soothing and raucous “voice that could wake the dead”.

Wry, idiosyncratic, often challenging and personal lyrics fuelled by sexuality, atheism and a ‘peace & love’ hippy spirit, performed in a, ‘whichever way the wind blows’ style. Liz has been bizarrely compared vocally to both Dusty Springfield and Janis Joplin!

Back to the roots of a singer-songwriter, Liz holds her own with a simple ‘pluck ’n’ roll’ rhythm guitar style and a voice with a power and tone you really don’t expect. But the biggest strength is the natural spirit of her performance. Determined delivery combined with a real, un-polished voice.

Liz Jones has a website, at, and is on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Last year, Tizane released ‘Off the Edge’.

‘Off the Edge’ is Tizane’s first co-write, and the angst factor has been cranked up to eleven. Yes, those silky signature vocals still hold pride of place and the ‘loser lyrics’ can’t be easily ejected but an assault of stadium guitar noise has added a new level of creature discomfort!

The song, which features on her album, ‘Forever is Nothing’ has been produced by ex Vibrator Pat Collier who recently stated. “I think she’s (Tizane) one of the most talented and gifted artists I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with”.

Tizane has already established herself as a face on Camden’s historic music scene, with frequent performances at iconic grassroots venues serving as the fulcrum for an ever-growing fan base. She spent most of last year locked away, writing and recording. Despite this, she is delighted to have seen her Spotify numbers for previous single ‘In the Dark’ cruising up close to a million.

Tizane has a website,, and is on Insta


‘Crown of Gold’ was released by Damascan Daydreams in January.

Damascan Daydreams is Eman Tiba, a singer/songwriter who crafts dreamy dark pop with electronic undertones. Currently residing in Austin, TX, Damascan Daydreams released her début, ‘Haunted Home’ in 2021 and then shortly after released ‘French Film’ and ‘Lights, Color, Dark’.

Her song writing started at a very young age while living in Dublin, OH. She purchased her first keyboard and tabla after graduating college and continued to write music while juggling to finish her PhD. in School Psychology at OSU. After graduation, she moved to South Carolina and released her first solo project ‘Where Have You Been’ EP in early 2020. This release encapsulated themes of self-identity and childhood dreams.

Damascan Daydreams latest single, ‘Crown of Gold’ can be streamed on all major music platforms. There is more to come for 2023! Stay on the lookout for an upcoming EP, official music video, and live shows. Damascan Daydreams is on Vimeo, YouTube, Spotify and AppleMusic.


On 1st February, Jasmine Jethwa released ‘Money to Burn’.

Jasmine Jethwa’s journey into singing begins in a melting pot of Western and Indian culture, influenced by the personal stories of her South-East London upbringing and with a mesmerising, natural command for melody and harmonies. Now Jasmine shares her new single ‘Money To Burn’. With lyrics that read like poetry, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter invites listeners to lean into a profound depth of feeling on this, her third single from her upcoming project

Speaking about her new single, Jasmine says, “‘Money To Burn’ was a song that for me, felt like it wrote itself. I was in a situation where I didn’t completely trust that I was being told the whole truth, and at the time I felt pretty powerless. I wrote this song as a way to find my power again, with ultimately a vulnerable sentiment but sonics that are strong and defiant. This version of the song is with the very first vocal we ever did, at the end of my writing session on a late night in May. We tried different variations, resinging it, producing it all over again, but nothing quite captured the feeling the way the original guitar and vocal did. And through this I learnt that like the song, sometimes the simplest form of the truth is best.

Jasmine Jethwa’s is currently on tour.

Tour Date:

12 April – OMEARA, London

Jasmine is on YouTube, Insta, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Spotify.


Anita Abram’s second single, ‘Stars Above’, is available now.

Anita was born in Ipswich in Suffolk and is a singer songwriter and producer with a passion for the visual arts. She performs solo and in a folk trio The Copper Foxes. She also sits on the board of an arts charity.

Anita says, “I wrote ‘Stars Above’ during the pandemic and it is dedicated to everyone who struggles with love and loss. I dedicate this song to NHS staff and those battling illness. It is a celebration of recognising true love and our purpose as human beings.

Anita has a website, at, and is on Facebook and YouTube.


‘Another Try’ is from Plastic Rhino’s album, ‘Terminus’, which came out on 24th February.

Plastic Rhino is a female-fronted Alternative Hard Rock duo from LA. Raised on 70’s Progressive Rock, 80’s Hair Metal, and 90’s Alternative Grunge, Plastic Rhino have a deep root in Rock ‘N Roll music. Lead singer and co-writer Atara wanted to be a singer in a band from a very young age. Lead guitarist and co-writer Jack decided he wanted to learn to play guitar after attending his first Metallica concert at the age of 13. When the two of them met in 2011, a strong friendship formed, based on a mutual love for rock history and live music.

In 2013, they stepped into the studio to create their début EP ‘Confessions Of A Nobody’. They then formed the band Plastic Rhino and gigged around town, introducing themselves to the music scene. In 2014, they met Tom Chandler, a rock producer who worked with many local and national bands at a show. They decided to collaborate, and released ‘Let’s Begin’, the 2nd EP. Plastic Rhino, then decided to go back into the studio in 2015 with Tom to create an even heavier rock sound for the band. The new album, ‘Recondition’, garnered lots of media and local attention. Jack then joined other bands, while Atara went solo.

All of a sudden, 5 years had passed, and Plastic Rhino found themselves stuck at home in a pandemic bored and looking for a creative outlet. The songs started writing themselves in a way, and Jack and Atara had 15 new song ideas. They hit up their old Producer Tom again, and created the next album in 2020.

‘Terminus’ is 9 songs, created from the pain and suffering that was the year 2020. Capturing the early 2000 rock vibes, but modern musicality. ‘Terminus’ is out now and a tour is coming soon.

Plastic Rhino are on Facebook.


On 24th February, Halsey released ‘Die 4 Me’.

Halsey has shared a solo version of ‘Die 4 Me’. They initially began working on the song while recording their chart-topping 2020 album ‘Manic’. But Halsey’s original verse first appeared alongside Post Malone and Future’s vocals on the 2019 release of ‘Die for Me’.

Teasing the release on social media, Halsey explained, “It’s been long known in my fan base that there’s a demo of ‘Die for Me’ with just me on it. I performed my verse on the tour all summer long and since so many people have asked for it, I decided to put my full version out as ‘Die 4 Me’. Big, big thanks to Post Malone, Louis Bell and Future for having me on the original release and co-signing this version finally seeing daylight.

Halsey is on Twitter, Facebook and Insta.


Eliza Rose released ‘Better Love’ on 28th February.

Eliza Rose returns with ‘Better Love’, her first single since ‘Baddest of Them All (B.O.T.A.)’. She has journeyed “from underground gem to global superstar” (British Vogue) in under a year!.

The track launches with Eliza as cover star of New Music Daily globally on Apple Music ahead of her massive 16-date UK, EU & Australia tour in March.

Eliza brings together her love of sound system music and soulful lyricism. She is a self-styled vinyl collector whose ‘Interplanetary Criminal’ produced breakthrough ‘B.O.T.A.’. That began its ascent to the top of charts worldwide with spins in every corner of Glastonbury Festival.

Eliza Rose is on YouTube, Bandcamp, TikTok and Insta.


‘Waves’ is from Amelouk’s new album ‘Solar wind’.

Amelouk is mysterious and haunting, music pulled up from a sea of dreams. Its name comes from the Finnish word for death, kuolema, read backwards. The music has an experimental quality and refuses to squeeze into a genre. Olga Vähä-Piikkiö is the mind behind Amelouk. She was a seasick marine physicist before turning her full attention to music.

‘Solar Wind’ is Amelouk’s second acoustic EP following ‘..Like a Shroud’. We’ve previously heard ‘Ritual’ from ‘..Like a Shroud’ (Week 62, August 2022). ‘Solar Wind’ is another grouping of old and new music, some of it stored in silence for years. The songs weave their own worlds with unusual harmonies and intricate tensions. Recorded in January 2023, the main instruments are piano and voice. Ocassionally featured on the EP are clarinet, droning sounds and light percussions.

Amelouk is on Facebook, Insta, Spotify and YouTube. She also has a linktr page with all her down-load links.


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