mUmbo released ‘Don’t Even Mind the Rain’ on August 12th.

London-based band mUmbo was formed in 2021 by solo artists Doug MacGowan and Emma Semple. Their début album, ‘I Fly With Swallows’, released last year, was met with very favourable reviews in the indie music press. 2022 has seen them release three singles to date.

For their current single, ‘Don’t Even Mind The Rain’, they are joined by Italian drummer Antonio Dalè.

Sonically, the band draws on a diverse range of influences encompassing alt rock, blues, folk, country and the fringes of dream pop.

mUmbo have a website, at and a linktr page with all their down-load links


On 19th August, Amelouk released her new EP, ‘…Like a Shroud’. ‘Ritual’ is the first track on that EP.

Ethereal, moody, hypnotic – Amelouk is music from the dreamy abyss. Its name comes from the Finnish word meaning death, kuolema, read backwards. The brainchild of Olga Vähä-Piikkiö, a scientist turned musician, Amelouk is a one-woman-band.

The first official releases came in 2022, although its roots go back more than a decade. Bending and blending genres, Amelouk appears in different instrumentations from acoustic piano to electronic. All the while retaining a recognizable feel and intricacy. The EP ‘..Like a Shroud’ travels in the realms of the subconscious. It deals in visions, dreams and the haunted areas of the mind. It is a combination of old and new songs, spanning over a seven year-period. Recorded in the spring 2022 at Studio Oodi and Harjun Studio in Helsinki, Finland, it is a return to Amelouk’s acoustic roots.

Amelouk is on Facebook, Insta, Spotify and YouTube. She also has a linktr page with all her down-load links.


Ryan Sheridan released his new single, ‘Molly O!’ on August 22nd.

We’ve heard from Ryan before – ‘Have Little Faith in Me’ (Week 44, April 2022), ‘Get Yourself Together’ (Week 38, March 2022), ‘Walking in the Air’ (Week 26, December 2022), ‘Parachute’ (Week 21, November 2021) and ‘Fine wine’ (Week 8, August 2021).

Monaghan man Ryan Sheridan is back on the road in Ireland in support of his new ‘Americana’ album. Having launched the record with a long-anticipated German tour in the spring, Ryan is absolutely delighted to finally bring ‘Americana’ and many other tracks – both old and new – to Irish fans on his ‘Love and Peace’ tour.

Ryan’s new single, ‘Molly O!’, is a catchy, road-trip invitation to let go and to lose yourself. It was written by Americana storyteller / poet Simone Felice and is the perfect soundtrack to summer as well as Ryan’s own journey as he heads back out on the road with his long anticipated tour.

Speaking about it all, Ryan says “It’s been way too long to be away from Irish fans and to be getting back out on the road finally is like a dream! I honestly thought we might never see this again. But to be back with a tour and to be releasing new music from Americana is the icing on the cake.

The ‘Love and Peace Tour’ (Ireland):

2nd Sept – Sea Church, Ballycotton, Co. Cork
8th Sept – Mike The Pies, Listowel, Co. Kerry
9th Sept – Dolans Warehouse, Limerick
16th Sept – Whelans, Dublin
24th Sept – Séan Ógs, Gweedore, Co. Donegal

Ryan has a website, at, and is on Insta, Facebook and Twitter.


Rock Hearts released their début single, ‘Wanderlust’ on 23rd August.

Rock Hearts are pleased to announce their recent signing with 615 Hideaway Records and the release of their début single ‘Wanderlust’. Band member Alexander R. MacLeod IV wrote ‘wanderlust’ and Ned Luberecki produced it. It features a collaborative performance with special guest Michael Cleveland.

Alex describes the single as, “A song that explores the yearning to constantly move and not remain static. A phenomenon that occurs with many ‘adult military brats’ who moved frequently as children. It’s a song that I would dedicate to every adult ‘military brat,’ who by simply being born into a military family, had to move frequently, often leaving friends and loved ones behind, always being the ‘new kid’ and trying to make sense of it all, never knowing where ‘they’re from.’ Not so much the story, but the genesis of the story.

Rock Hearts have a website, at


On August 26th, Seeking Benjamin released ‘Marry Me’.

Seeking Benjamin – AKA Ben Francis – is a singer-songwriter from Dorset. Writing from the age of 10, he has taken influence from a range of genres to produce his original music. In high school, Ben was a front-man for a rock band where he first began performing in Battle of the Bands events, raising money through his performances. The past decade has been spent travelling the South Coast, playing open mic nights and helping start a local music festival which still runs today. The last 12 months have seen Ben supporting a popular local rock covers band and working on his new EP – due to be released in March 2023 – plus his début single ‘Marry Me’ which was released on the 26th of August.

About the track, Ben says, “Marry Me is a modern love song about the nervousness and excitement of giving love a second chance and asking the big question.

Upcoming tour dates:

Friday, 2nd September – Wooders Wild Weekend Festival
Saturday, 24th September – Royal British Legion Marie Curie Evening, Marnhull Dorset
Sunday, 25th September – Shepton Mallet Town, Somerset Square
Saturday, October 22nd – Rocky’s Bar Gillingham Dorset
Ben has a website, at, and is on Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and YouTube.


Time of the Mouth released ‘RIDE (Here We Go Again)’ on 26th August.

Founded by lead singer Chris Jones and original bass player James Chatfield in early 2011, Time Of The Mouth have been a band for a little over a decade.  Inspired by bands such as Fall Out Boy and Four Year Strong, Chris Jones developed his own unique brand of pop-punk mixed with Emo undertones that helped shape the modern sound of Time of the Mouth.

Many line-up changes have occurred over the years, until Chris met current bass player Mitch Tyler and drummer Ollie Badger through the local music scene in their home-town of Worcester. From the first rehearsal it was clear that the cocktail of musical influences was going to blend beautifully. This developed into writing their début album ‘30 Seconds’ due for release in November 2022. With lead single ‘RIDE (Here We Go Again)’ out now and ‘You’re Falling Apart Kid’ due for release in November.

About this track, Chris says, “Anyone that has a passion for music can relate to this song. This song is BY people who love music, FOR people who love music.

Time of the Mouth are an incredibly ambitious and hard working group of best friends that live to play music as often and as loud as humanly possible. They have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, YouTube, Spotify and AppleMusic.


Escapee… released ‘75’ on 26th August.

Escapee… is a new producer, based in the North West of England. He forages in the past for influences, citing 80s stadium rock right through to early 90s shoe-gaze. This is the second single the Warrington based project have released. Back in November 2021, they released their début single ‘Jodie’s Ticket to Ride’.

Escapee… are on Insta and Facebook.


Sofia Talvik will release ‘Too Many Churches’ on September 1st.

We previously heard ‘Memories of Snow’ by Sofia, back in November (Week 22)

‘Too Many Churches’ is a timely song about pro-choice. Swedish songstress Sofia Talvik is peeking through the looking glass at the recent events in the U.S with the eyes of a spectator with a different perspective.

Reminiscing of her many tours through the U.S she sings “Driving through the country I see houses falling down, people living under bridges, but there’s five churches in that town”. The lyric video created for the songs shows some 40 different churches filmed from her tour bus window on a drive from Palatka, FL to Tuscaloosa, AL. And that’s not even all she passed on the way. Sofia says, “I tried to film as many as possible, but sometimes I didn’t get the camera up quickly enough, or it was hard to film because cars were in the way”. Still it paints a clear picture as she sings, “There’s too many churches, and too little love in this world today”.

You can ask yourself why a Swedish artist would sing about events so tightly associated to the U.S, but there’s a ripple effect in these things, and decisions like these effect all women worldwide, and maybe there is a special need for the outside perspective to show that it’s not just about women in the U.S, it’s about women’s rights period.

Sofia Talvoik has a website at and is on Facebook.


In August, John Carr released ‘The Edge of Doom’.

Singer-songwriter John Carr is based in Essex, and we’ve previously heard his track ‘The Flowers’ (Week 43, April 2022).

A working musician all of his life, John Carr can claim to have worked with the likes of Elton John, Mike & The Mechanics, Elkie Brooks and Leo Sayer to name but a few. One of the creative forces behind alt-country band Brand A, John has now branched out as a solo artist and released his new single ‘The Edge Of Doom’.

Further information about this can be found on John’s website, at


On 8th August, Fundamental Truth released ‘The Man that Time Forgot’.

We’ve previously heard ‘Sweetness of the Moment’ (Week 38, March 2022) and ‘Warning’ (Week 31, January 2022) by Fundamental Truth

Fundamental Truth is the concept and creation of singer and songwriter Richard Wayler. The project was inspired by a long-held desire to express his feelings on life, love and the human condition.

In his career as a session vocalist, Richard has worked with various artists and producers, both in the studio and on stage. However, with this open-hearted offering of songs, he has begun to fulfil his own potential as a writer, performer, and producer.

Fundamental Truth have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and Bandcamp.


Also on 26th August, Marshall Potts released ‘The Rope’.

Marshall Potts is a singer-songwriter from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. He’s been making music since his childhood sweetheart broke his heart when he was 12. He lives on 160 acres near what many, including the Dalai Lama, call the centre of the universe. His crossover writing style has found acceptance in the Americana, Country Rock and Rock formats. Marshall not only writes inspiring music and lyrics, he mixes in ringing, interwoven guitar lines and buoyant arena-rock beats. His music is about moving beyond your past, taking back your power, embracing the moment and living in the here and now.

‘The Rope’ follows the previous singles ‘Heaven or Home’ (which we heard in July (Week 56)). Plus ‘Free and Easy’ and ‘The Storm’, which all feature on the album ‘The Storm’.

Marshall has a website, at, and is on Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Spotify and YouTube.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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