Victoria Johnston has recently released ‘Forever (In the end)’.

Irish folk / pop artist, Victoria Johnston, is from Ireland. Having been classically trained at the Royal Academy of Music in Dublin from the age of 9, Victoria Johnston has not looked back since. Now she has released her début album, ‘Where the Lights Glow’. It has been described as encapsulating her unique sound of blending pop and Irish influences.

You can find more information about Victoria by visiting her website, at or you can follow her Facebook, Insta and YouTube.


On 8th June Chris Rockford, FR3SH TrX and Miq Puentes released ‘Baby’.

We’ve heard two singles from FR3SH TrX – ‘In The Dark’ (Week 33, February 2022) and ‘Still Dream About U’ (Week 27, December 2021). Now the house / dance DJ’s and music producers has teamed up with Chris Rockford, and Miq Puentes, to release ‘Baby’.

Having already achieved international success with hits like ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Blinded By The Light’‚ ‘Baby’ is the trio’s first truly joint project and promises to conquer dance floors worldwide. The track has been described as being a unique blend of piano house and pop music.

The track is available from all the usual on-line sellers, via

FR3SH TrX has a page, Chris Rockford has all his links on a page and Miq Puentes is on Facebook.


On 15th June, Billy the Kid & the Regulators released ‘Nice Ain’t Got Me Nothing’.

Billy the Kid and The Regulators are a high powered, guitar driven, rhythm and blues band based in Pittsburgh. Lead singer Billy Evanochko is widely-known across the Steel City for his impassioned lyrics, seductive vocals, and stinging guitar riffs. Together with his band, The Regulators they deliver a well-balanced dose of funky rhythm and blues, with heart and soul being the main ingredient, playing countless clubs and festivals throughout the country. The band attracts fans with their fresh mix and interpretation of the iconic Blues Rock experience.

Billy the Kid & the Regulators have a website, at


Marshall Potts released ‘The Change’ on 15th June.

Marshall Potts is a singer-songwriter from Kamloops British Columbia, Canada, where he lives on 160 acres. He’s been writing songs since his childhood sweetheart broke his heart when he was 12 years old. His crossover writing style has found acceptance in the Americana, Country Rock and Rock formats.

Marshall not only writes inspiring music and lyrics, but he also mixes in ringing interwoven guitar lines and buoyant arena-rock beats to deliver a universal message of positivity and optimism. His music is about moving beyond your past, taking back your power, embracing the moment, and living in the here and now.

Marshall has 2 movie soundtrack credits, 3 CD releases, international and Canadian radio play, and is an international touring artist. He will release the follow up to 2022’s ‘The Storm’ album later in 2023 and will release subsequent albums in 2024 and 2025.

You can follow Marshall on Facebook, Insta, Spotify, Twitter and YouTube.


On 16th June, Tim O’Brien released his album, ‘Cup of Sugar’ and ‘Bear’ is the first single from that album.

Grammy award winning Americana artist Tim O’Brien is back with a strong follow up to 2021’s ‘He Walked On’. Including 13 new originals about a bear, a fish, lambs, horses, and some people too – a grave digger, a neighbour, and even Walter Cronkite – ‘Cup of Sugar’ is a feel good, summer release with humour on top and deeper meanings just below the surface.

Multi-instrumentalist Tim is backed by his loyal band mates Mike Bub, Shad Cobb and wife Jan Fabricius. The band is supplemented by Jamie Dick on drums, Mike Rojas on keyboards, Russ Pahl on steel guitar, and Cory Walker on banjo. Bluegrass icon Del McCoury lends his signature guitar and tenor vocal on ‘Let the Horses Ru’. Co-writers include Ronnie Bowman, Jonathon Byrd, Shawn Camp, Jan Fabricius, and Thomm Jutz.

Tim O’Brien has a website, at, which gives his down-load links as well as details of his USA tour.


Angie McLaughlin released her album ‘The Boy Is Gone’ on June 16th. ‘Every Day’ is the first track on that album.

Angie McLaughlin is a Scottish folk songwriter, vocalist and musician with strong connections to Donegal where her dad was from. She grew up in the west coast of Scotland and moved to Dublin for college. She then emigrated to San Francisco where she first focused seriously on her song writing and vocals, learning operatic arias through The Community Music Centre in The Mission district.

On her return to Dublin, she joined forces with Gary Fitzpatrick and formed the Sick and Indigent Song Club entertaining locals and tourists alike during their five year residency in The Ha’penny Bridge Inn. Her splinter group, Minnie and the Illywhackers allowed her to indulge in her passion for vintage pop. Now McLaughlin is embarking on her first solo project.

What began as a cathartic expression and a means of healing following the sudden loss of her husband, turned into an album of rich and authentically raw songs. Martin Stephenson produced the ‘The Boy Is Gone’. McLaughlin and Stephenson collaborated virtually, passing songs back and forth by satellite creating an album with an ever present search for hope through dark times. McLaughlin is drawn to genres strong in storytelling and the influence of folk, country and the blues is evident in her music and lyrics.

Angie McLaughlin is on Facebook, Spotify and YouTube.


The Stray Pursuit released ‘Let it be Known’ on 16th June.

The Stray Pursuit is a young, Swansea-based alternative rock band. Their eclectic individual music taste makes each song distinctively their own; with guitar-heavy riffs and powerful, catchy vocals. The four-piece consists of the lead singer, Aaron Morgan; lead guitarist, Dylan Evans; bassist, Fred Wilkinson and drummer, Ben Lewis

The band started, in 2018, when Aaron and Fred both got on the wrong bus from college and ended up an hour away from home. After getting chatting the pair discovered they were in rival local bands. But when Fred invited Aaron over for a jam, they soon realised they worked very well together. There then followed a number of gigs, their début single release ‘Out of This World’, in 2019 and three further singles, in 2020.

As a result of the pandemic, and Fred finishing university, the boys took a hiatus until June 2022. Since then, The Stray Pursuit have been in the practice room working relentlessly to perfect new tracks and tighten up their enthralling live performances. They now plan to release their début EP by December 2023.

About ‘Let it be Known’, Dylan Evans says, “It’s about someone struggling with insecurities and self-consciousness and trying to overcome them. Hence the lyric “My fear, all over my skin”. I wrote the song in the summer of 2021 on a 4 stringed acoustic guitar.”

Upcoming live dates:

30th June 2023 – The Bunkhouse, Swansea. Hometown headline show! (With Stickman and The Rogues)
September 1st – Via Fossa, Nottingham (with The Fiends)

The Stray Pursuit are on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Spotify and YouTube.


Lucia & The Best Boys have released ‘So Sweet I Could Die’.

Hot on the heels of two captivating, sold out headline shows in London and Glasgow, Lucia & The Best Boys has announced details of her début album ‘Burning Castles’. It’s due on 29th September, via Communion.

With the news comes a strutting, 80’s leaning new single, ‘So Sweet I Could Die’. On it, Lucia explores the push-pull of obsessive, drama-filled relationships.

Lucia explains, “‘So Sweet I Could Die’ is a gritty tale of a relationship that swings between the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The kind of romance where one minute you feel like you are in the depths of hell, then swimming in a pool of undeniable love the next. We sometimes find ourselves in relationships where this feels like the norm, but it’s a fine line between intense passion and a bond that can completely drain you.”

Lucia & The Best Boys will be touring in the Autumn.

Live Dates

9th July -TRNSMT, Glasgow
13th November -Dublin -The Grand Social
14th November -Manchester -Yes Bar
16th November -Nottingham -The Bodega
17th November -Bristol –The Exchange
21st November -London –Lafayette
22nd November -Leeds -Hyde Park Book Club
23rd November -Glasgow -SWG3

Lucia & The Best Boys are on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and TikTok, as well as a website with all their download links.


On 23rd June, The High Water Marks released their new album ‘Your Next Wolf’. ‘Trouble from the East’ is the third track on that album.

It was insanely fun!” says Hilarie Sydney of The High Water Marks about making ‘Your Next Wolf’, the band’s upcoming, 17 track album, scheduled for release on June 23rd. ‘Your Next Wolf’ is the third ‘comeback’ record in as many years by Hilarie and her band mates in The High Water Marks, following the end of a 13 year absence.

The songs on ‘Your Next Wolf’ contain all the memorable pop melodies, intricate, blazing guitar solos and riffs, washes of psychedelia and percussive punch (plus Hilarie’s unmistakable voice) that have been trademarks of her long music career. Here they are even more to the point, sophisticated, and amped up experience.

Based in both Groa, Norway and Lexington, Kentucky, the current incarnation of The High Water Marks includes Hilarie, Per Ole Bratset, Oystein Megard and Logan Miller. ‘Your Next Wolf’ arrived on June 23rd 2023 via Minty Fresh. The album’s first single ‘Trouble from the East’ is out now.

The High Water Mark are on AppleMusic, Bandcamp, Facebook, Insta, Spotify and YouTube.


Nathalie Maerten will release ‘Neptun’ on 30th June.

Nathalie is an artist from St. Gallen, Switzerland. Raised in a mountain village, her musical roots reach to Africa. There her great uncle Roy Mingas (along with André Mingas) composed the national anthem of Angola. Roy also works as a musician, ambassador and minister of culture.

Nathalie has collaborated with various musicians. These include the Zurich Music Orchestra, Pullup Orchestra, Rive Gauche (advertising production), Claude Diallo and many more. Now she has released ‘Neptun’, which is the first single from her upcoming EP of the same name. ‘Neptun’ is a dreamy, romantic song that invites you to go on a journey and let yourself drift.

In addition to music, Nathalie is also passionate about acting. Besides various theatre productions, she is working with Fernando Soto (House of Money) this summer.

Nathalie does have a website, at, but when I checked it, it was a ‘work in progress’. She is on Spotify.


Adrian will release ‘Summer is Crazy’ on 9th July.

Adrian says, “Originally from the South of France, I have been passionate about music since the ‘Dance Music’ years. Manager at the time for dance artists, I wanted to take the plunge today by having my own songs.

It was during a stay in Montreux in Switzerland that I discovered the The Hana Road Studio. A few months later, with Andy Platon and Artemy Shulgin, we created and recorded 3 titles.

In March 2023, through a radio, I met the label ‘Driving Wheel Records’ and the DJ Rinaldo Montess. From my idea then from this association comes the cover ‘Summer is Crazy’ famous tube Dance! Something to dance all summer long!

Adrian is on Facebook, Insta, Spotify and Deezer.


The Dublin Brass Ensemble, accompanied by Eimear Quinn, will release their album, ‘Breath upon the Flame’, on 7th July.

The album includes the new single, ‘Thugamar Féin an Samhradh Linn’, which features Siúbhán Ní Ghríofa.

William Palmer and Siúbhán Ní Ghríofa created the ‘Breath Upon the Flame’ project. Will, a Devonshire native met Siú in Portugal where they both had orchestral jobs. They moved to Ireland and have been living and working there for over fifteen years. Will always had the dream of fusing classical brass playing with Irish music. Meanwhile Siú had met and recorded Eimear Quinn’s Christmas album and the idea of BUTF was born.

As well as a brass quintet, Will and Siú added two strings (violin & viola), concert harp, and percussion to the ensemble which lends even more variety to the music. In 2017 with specially arranged works for this unique ensemble, BUTF played three hugely successful concerts in St Patricks Cathedral Dublin, St Fin Barre’s Cathedral Cork, and Galway Cathedral. At all of these concerts the demand for an album was immense and so they decided it was time to record!

William Palmer, founder & director of Dublin Brass Ensemble, says, “We’re delighted to have recorded these works with Eimear. It’s largely thanks to the Bank of Ireland Begin Together Arts Fund in partnership with Business to Arts. The album is every bit as good as the concerts we performed with Eimear back in 2017! It’s traditional Irish music specially reimagined for voice and brass which also features strings and percussion.

The Dublin Brass Ensemble has a website, at Eimear Quinn also has a website,


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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