John Carr released ‘Good Vibrations’ on 14th September.

Singer-songwriter John Carr is based in Essex, England. A working musician all of his life, John Carr can claim to have worked with the likes of Elton John, Elkie Brooks and Leo Sayer to name but a few. Now one of the creative forces behind alt Country band Brand A, he’s recently signed to the Creative & Dreams label. John Carr has also branched out as a solo artist and releases his new single ‘Good Vibrations’.

Details of John Carr’s music can be found via his record label, at


The Stray Pursuit have recently released ‘Mama’.

Hailing from Swansea, The Stray Pursuit emerges as a dynamic force in the realm of Alternative Rock. Distinctive for their guitar-driven riffs and captivating vocals, each track becomes an embodiment of their eclectic musical tastes. The four-piece consists of the lead singer Aaron Morgan, lead guitarist Dylan Evans, bassist Fred Wilkinson, and drummer Ben Lewis. They had their first gig in November 2018, quickly followed by a string of sold-out shows. Now  ‘Mama’ has dropped. Like ‘Let It Be Known’, their previous single, it features on the band’s début EP which will drop in mid-December 2023.

Delving into the intricacies of a strained relationship between a son and his mother, ‘Mama’ becomes an emotional canvas where frustration and confusion are elegantly woven into a quest for clarity, improved communication, and a shared understanding. The song’s foundation is built upon a commanding bass-line, driving the rhythm with unwavering intensity. Intermittent pauses and calculated breaks strategically highlight moments where the titular word ‘Mama’ is delivered with unwavering vocal prowess, charged with raw power and undeniable passion. This punchy and enthralling composition not only captivates the senses but offers a tantalising glimpse of the journey The Stray Pursuit promises to embark upon.

Live dates:

15th October – Shunkfest

The Stray Pursuit have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Spotify, Apple and YouTube.


On September 15th, Claudia Balla released ‘Drive’.

Claudia Balla, who is based in Switzerland, is establishing herself as an exciting talent and one to watch. She has tackled issues in her songs ranging from the current social status of women to climate change. Now she has released her new single ‘Drive’

You can find more information by visiting or you can follow her Facebook Twitter and Insta.


On 15th September, Calboa released ‘The First Time (In a Long Time)’.

Calboa was initially conceived by Callum Blakeston as a solo project during lockdown. That turned out to be a very influential period in his life, taking time to reflect and make music, throughout this creative process garnering a collection of songs. Once lockdown lifted, like many people, he was looking for the next direction in life, and formed a band of like-minded individuals to bring the music to life.

Calboa’s style is story-telling that pulls from any emotion. Each song is a personal tale covering subjects like love, loss, and addiction – to name a few – all while being accompanied by a musical style that is distinctive to the band and elevates the sentiments Callum displays in his voice. Every tender, bitter-sweet lyric is delivered with a ‘heart-on-my-sleeve’ approach. It has a a charm and honesty that underpins the reality of Calboa’s words and brings depth to his formidable vocal performances. This is all complimented by the multi-instrumentalist’s ability to craft beautiful and memorable sounds; ranging from toe-tapping guitar hooks to haunting, sombre organ pieces; each song sticks around in the mind long after the track ends. Truly a talent that is all too rare to find in the current musical landscape.

Calboa have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Deezer and Amazon.


Alexander O’Neal released ‘Love Finds a Way’ on 15th September.

Alexander O’Neal really doesn’t need any introduction other than ‘Soul Legend’. He is now presenting his stunning new single ‘Love Finds A Way’. Written along with long time collaborators, Alexander and JV Johnston of Manchester’s Mamma Freedom, and featuring the band themselves, the track is a nod to the feel of classic 70’s Soul. That, plus the uplifting light and emotional power of Gospel fuses Alexander’s now wonderfully weathered, velvet toned voice with producer Alexander Johnston’s ‘Retro-Sonic’ production.

The track is from his forthcoming, long awaited new album ‘Testament’ coming in 2024.

You can follow Alexander on Facebook.


Read the Room have released ‘Same Old Story’.

We’ve previously heard Read the Room’s début single, ‘Jade’ (Week 115, September 2023).

Hailing from Norwich (UK), Read The Room are an emerging pop/punk/rock outfit. They embrace a wide range of influences to produce high energy, guitar-driven music that radiates with earworm, vocal hook-lines.

The exciting newcomers to the British rock scene consist of Alana Beardsley-Best (Vocals), Adam Hearth (Guitar), Alex London (Guitar), Dan Dawson (Bass) and Elle Steele (Drums/Backing Vocals). Within a short space of time, the five piece outfit are fast gaining recognition for their energetic live shows and for their commercially-edged sound.

Their début EP, ‘A Place Like No Other’ will drop on Friday 6th October 2023. ‘Same Old Story’ is out now, and is available on Spotify. You can connect with Read the Room via Facebook, Insta, TikTok and YouTube.


Michele Villetti has released ‘That’s It’.

Michele Villetti wrote and performs ‘That’s It’.

An enthusiastic percussionist, Michele is also a composer, producer and teacher with a deep knowledge of music theory and a propensity to inspire students and people. He is considered one of the most creative Italian musicians in world and ambient music. Michele is an exceptional drummer with 15 years of experience in performing Italy and abroad. Plus, he has extensive experience in the field of record production, with multimedia in general (video, screenplays, production, etc.). He has many years of experience in concerts and live performances, often collaborating with international artists. Michele is also a teacher of jazz, pop rock and fusion percussion, with more than 13 years of experience.

Michele Villetti has a website, at


‘Home is Where the Heart is’ comes from North Blood’s ‘Rolling Doves’ début album.

We previously heard North Blood’s début single ‘Supermarket Flowers’ (Week 108, July 2023) and the follow up, ‘Postman’s Whistle’ (Week 111, August 2023). Both of those tracks, and ‘Home is Where the Heart is’ are from their début album ‘Rolling Doves’ which will drop on 16th October.

North Blood is an original 4 piece guitar-based indie band from Lancashire. Daz Gilkinson (lead/rhythm guitars) and Duffy (drums) have toured extensively in the UK and internationally on other projects. Mick Bates (bass) has played with various bands over the last three decades. Daren Reece Lamberton (singer/songwriter/guitars) has played and recorded in numerous bands, and toured in the UK and parts of Europe.

Their début album ‘Rolling Doves’, is an honest and eclectic collection of original compositions with influences varying from funk, blues, rock and folk. Daren wrote a collection of songs over the lockdown period with a desire to record them all and see what happens. He recorded them at Lisa Stansfield’s private studio Gracieland in Rochdale. Around this time, Duffy had recently finished building his home studio and had kindly offered the use of his facility to work on new material and rehearse. Daz lived around the corner, and as they both liked the songs, they keenly got involved. Mick and Daren were long term music buddies who had done many gigs together so with this enthusiastic response, North Blood was born.

North Blood have a website, at, and are on Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Apple and YouTube.


Stickman released ‘Done Wrong’ on 15th September.

Welsh disco-punkers Stickman announce their début album ‘Cyanide Smile’. Due to drop on 20th October via Criminal Records. The record shares the flamboyant fruits of their summer touring & studio sessions.

Described as ‘disco punk with a touch of mid-life crisis’ their sound is unmistakable.  Essentially anthemic alt.punk, they effortlessly switch up genres, complete with soaring choruses and dynamic melodies.

We recently heard the lead single ‘My Genome’ (Week 116, September 2023) and they’ve now released ‘Done Wrong’ from the same album.

Upcoming Dates:

20th October – EJ’s Llanelli (Head-liner)
17th November – EJ’s Llanelli (Stickman’s Christmas bash)
26th May – Breaking Bands Festival (Head-liner)

Stickman have a page with links to all their social media and down-load sites.


MammaBear has recently released ‘Fever Dream’.

MammaBear has always been a rough ride. Brass knuckle indie rock for misfits that don’t need to lift a fist to fight the good fight. A heart attack in the Atlanta music scene.”

Originally formed as a studio project by Gordon, he had full control over the project writing and recording songs as he saw fit. Eventually he called on some of his closest peers to join him on stage to play live shows. The line-up is ever changing, but always consists of true Altanta talent. ‘Fever Dream’ is the second single from this awesome project and supports the upcoming UK Tour.

UK Tour Dates:

Thursday October 5- Round the Corner, Liverpool
Friday October 6- Sotto, Liverpool
Saturday October 7- NE Volume Music Bar, Stockton-On-Tees
Sunday October 8- Leith Depot, Edinburgh
Tuesday October 10- Night & Day, Manchester
Wednesday October 11- Dead Wax, Birmingham
Thursday October 12- The Six Six Bar, Cambridge
Friday October 13- The Black Bull, Chelmsford
Saturday October 14- Camden Eye, London

MammaBear is on Bandcamp, Facebook and Spotify.


‘Shake Your Head’ is the first single from Hobson’s new album ‘Falling as we Fly’.

Hobson début album, ‘Falling As We Fly’, dropped on 17th September. Hobson are a Leeds based 7 piece indie/rock band with too many influences to name. Their songs are a salute to old school bands and song writing with a few twists and quirks thrown in.

After BBC Introducing played a couple of early versions of two of the album tracks, the band invested in some real studio time producing ‘Falling As We Fly’. It is an eclectic mix of genre bending tracks with that definitive Hobson sound. Acoustic and melodic guitars from Chris and Adam, bright brassy tones from Zena and Leigh, driving drum and bass from Sandi and Chris, all brought together with harmonies and that sweet lead vocal from Kelly.

From the ‘in your face’ opening track ‘Shake Your Head’ to the subtle aching ‘Siren’ this album is a testament  to the band’s skill, creativity and ability to create a unique sound and original music that feels like an old friend.

Hobson have a website, at and you can follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Insta.

A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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