KEI CAR released ‘Good Disguise’ on 26th January.

Indie band KEI CAR are from Berlin, Germany. Absorbing the influences of the pulsating metropolis of Berlin, KEI CAR have been making huge inroads on the German music scene through their powerful indie tunes and energetic live performances. They have now released their new single ‘Good Disguise’. Some say it has psychedelic textures and raw funkiness.

You can find more information about KEI CAR by following them on Facebook, YouTube and Insta.


On 1st February, Jasmine Jethwa released ‘Money to Burn’.

Jasmine Jethwa’s journey into singing begins in a melting pot of Western and Indian culture. It ‘s also influenced by the personal stories of her South-East London upbringing. Plus she has a mesmerising, natural command for melody and harmonies. Now Jasmine shares her new single ‘Money To Burn’, with lyrics that read like poetry. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter invites listeners to lean into a profound depth of feeling on this, her third single from her upcoming project

Speaking about her new single, Jasmine says, “’Money To Burn’ was a song that for me, felt like it wrote itself. I was in a situation where I didn’t completely trust that I was being told the whole truth, and at the time I felt pretty powerless. I wrote this song as a way to find my power again, with ultimately a vulnerable sentiment but sonics that are strong and defiant. This version of the song is with the very first vocal we ever did, at the end of my writing session on a late night in May. We tried different variations, re-singing it, producing it all over again, but nothing quite captured the feeling the way the original guitar and vocal did. And through this I learnt that like the song, sometimes the simplest form of the truth is best.

Jasmine Jethwa’s is currently on tour.

Tour Dates:

15 February – Copenhagen, Hotel Cecil (Rhys Lewis support)
16 February – Oslo, Parkteatret (Rhys Lewis support)
12 April – OMEARA, London

Jasmine is on YouTube, Insta, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Spotify.


‘Whispers’ is from Hook’s album, ‘Breakout’ which is out now.

We’re previously heard the title track, ‘Breakout’, from this album (Week 77, December 2022), when I said the album would be out in 2023, and I was right – the album is out now!

Originally formed in 2006 Hook consists of John Hook (keyboards), Rob Hook (vocals) and Marc Hook (guitars) who, together, write and record original songs.

After getting lots of USA airplay back in 2009, John says “We decided to look at performing our songs live around our local area, Norwich, just to see what kind of response we got. Our first gig was in 2019 and then COVID came and, like many other bands out there, our musical future and our live gigging was held up. Not letting that stop us though we got busy during lock-down and started writing for our first studio album, ‘Sanantorium’ which was produced & engineered by Roaul Crane at Blaze studios in Caister Norfolk in between lock-downs & now we have returned there for our brand new album ‘Breakout’

Mick Grant, on bass, and Damion Dogget, on Drums, joined the Hook trio for the recording of ‘Breakout’.

Hook are on Facebook YouTube and Bandcamp or can be contacted through their record label, Bad Monkey Records.


Mimi Pretend released ‘Hateful’ on 3rd February.

Miriam (Mimi) Nissan, professionally known as Mimi Pretend, is an American singer-songwriter born in the mountains of Colorado and currently residing in Los Angeles. Her music has a wandering pop sensibility that is hazy, ethereal, sweet and subtle. Inspired by the everyday, heartbreak and the uncanny, her music has often been mentioned alongside the likes of Mazzy Star and David Lynch. They all influence the cinematic quality to her music.

Mimi Pretend is on Insta, Facebook and Spotify.


Hannah Grae released ‘I Never Say No’ on 3rd February.

Songwriter Hannah Grae has released her third single, ‘I Never Say No’. Hannah and Rob Brinkmann wrote this cathartic track, which Rob also produced the song. It’s fuelled with a combination of angst and an infectious guitar riff. It sees Hannah Grae express her honest and unfiltered feelings with her impressive, powerful vocals.

Speaking about the track, Hannah says: “I never used to like writing songs about myself. I loved stepping into the shoes of other people and wondering how they might feel instead. When I wrote ‘I Never Say No’, I really wanted it to feel like a journal entry of mine. For the first time, I had an urge to truly explore how I was feeling and not sugar-coat it with profound metaphors or fancy words.
To be honest, I just wanted to complain. The whole song is a big fat 3 and a half minutes of me being an unapologetic brat, and I love it. It felt really necessary for me and my process after leaving school and to get closure from the damage it did to me. I listen to it now and I’m proud of how honest and simple I could be. It really feels like I’m looking back on an old diary entry, and I already feel like I have grown since then.

Hannah Grae is on YouTube, Twitter and TikTok.


‘Petrichor’ is from Alex Roberts & Graeme Ross new album ‘Meridians & Superpowers’.

Alex Roberts is an award-winning songwriter and exemplary multi-instrumentalist. He has been a stalwart of folk circuits for many years and his songs are ‘gossamer folk webs’. Graeme Ross’ arguments them, with his inimitable Double-Bass. This duo deliver a sound that belies their line-up.

After a few years absence, and Roberts’ return from exile in the French wilderness, the duo returned to the studio in 2022 to record ‘Meridians & Superpowers’. The album is illustrative of their mastery of the art. Expect a nod towards traditional with a firm fix on contemporary in a warm, intimate performance.

Alex Roberts has a website, at, and the album is available from there.


De La Bona released ‘Don’t Give It Away’ on 7th February.

De La Bona is from Bulgaria. He reached the latter stages of The Voice in Finland, in which he had former Hanoi Rocks front man Michael Monroe as his mentor. He’s supported the likes of Girls Aloud, Howard Jones and Basement Jaxx, not to mention having a number one in Bulgaria and playing parts in Harry Potter & James Bond films, plus Mission Impossible 5 to name but a few.  De La Bona now returns with his new solo single ‘Don’t Give It Away’.

Further information on De La Bona can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and YouTube.


Britt Davies has recently released ‘No Good’.

22-year-old Britt is an independent artist from Glasgow, Scotland. She has a unique voice and is bringing an edge to pop music through her catchy melodies and self-written lyrics.

Britt’s new single ‘No Good’ is the ultimate toxic relationship/breakup anthem! This is a powerful and sassy lyrical story about two people who are ‘no good for each other’ but struggle to break away from their toxic relationship.

Britt has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.


On 8th February, Flume released ‘Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan’.

We’ve heard a few tracks from Flume before (‘Say Nothing’ which featured May-A (Week 33, February 2022), ‘Palaces’ which was a collaboration with Damon Albarn (Week 47, May 2022) and ‘Hollow’ which featured Emma Louise (Week 53, June 2022)). Now, Grammy-winning electronic music titan, Flume, has unveiled a surprise package of unheard music from the last decade. The release marks ten years since Flume’s self-titled début launched the now-iconic producer and his signature sound into the stratosphere.

Based on his social media posts it appears the music was culled from laptops and hard drives stashed away while he worked on other projects. Fans displayed significant nostalgia around the ten-year anniversary of his début album. There were mounting requests to share more music after the release of the early demo, ‘Slugger 1.4’, in late 2022. It appears ‘Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan’ may be the response.

Flume is on Instagram, AppleMusic and Spotify.


Frankie Beetlestone released ‘Cannonball’ on 9th February.

Sheffield indie-pop newcomer Frankie Beetlestone has shared his new single ‘Cannonball’. Hazy guitar chords layer over a steady electronic beat with Frankie’s soft, conversational tones briefly breaking into a playful, rapped verse.

Speaking about the single, Frankie says: “Cannonball is a song about trying to replace a toxic ex. It’s natural to compare a current relationship to previous ones, but I think a lot of people have THAT ONE person from their past. A person who has the potential to destroy whatever they’ve got going on in the present. ‘Cannonball’ is a metaphor for that person. It’s also a reference to Oasis.

Most recently, Frankie has announced he will join Tom Grennan on his upcoming UK arena tour in March.

Frankie Beetlestone Live Dates:

10th March – Utilita Arena, Birmingham**
11th March – International Arena, Cardiff**
12th March – First Direct Arena, Leeds**
14th March – O2 City Hall, Newcastle**
15th March – OVO Hydro, Glasgow**
17th March – Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham**
18th March – AO Arena, Manchester**
19th March – Brighton Centre, Brighton**
21st March – Plymouth Pavilions, Plymouth**
23rd March – The O2, London**
**Supporting Tom Grennan

Frankie Beetlestone is on Insta, Twitter, Spotify and AppleMusic.

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