Dave Evans has released a cover of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’.

This release of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ is designed to mimic the exact style of AC/DC when they originally played the cover live. Now Dave is reviving the wishes of fans worldwide who got their start with the band by listening to this cover. They may have moved on and never expected an official release of this track, but Dave is intending to surprise them all by capturing the magic of rock in the 70s. And to do that, he’s not going alone – he’s collaborating with Metallica’s Flemming Rasmussen as producer.

No matter what era of rock n roll you’re a fan of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ is a love letter to how AC/DC got the ball rolling on it’s popularity. The track is faithful to that vintage sound while still carrying a crisp modern production quality.


Hotel California have recently released ‘Trust’.

We heard from Hotel California before. Most recently ‘Magical Grandma’ in November (Week 72) (Previously ‘The World Wants Peace’ (Week 38) and ‘Greater Love’ (Week 57)). Now Hotel California has released ‘Trust’.

Hotel California is a folk music project of singer & songwriter Daniel Green, and is on Bandcamp, Facebook, Insta, Spotify, AppleMusic and Twitter.


Atack’s new single is ‘Ain’t Got Nine Lives’.

Keith Atack made his professional début as a guitarist at London’s legendary Marquee Club when aged just sixteen, supporting Ashton, Gardener & Dyke with his first band Child. They went on to have three top 30 singles and two hit albums. He has since toured the world with diverse acts including Bonnie Tyler, Shakin’ Stevens and many others. In 2021, Keith teamed up with Lee Small on lead vocals, Chris Childs on bass, Bob Richards on drums and Nick Foley on Hammond organ to form his first eponymously named band, Atack.

Atack have a website, at atackband.com, and are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Insta.


Mark A Walker offers relief in times of trouble with ‘Let Me Breathe’ which came out on November 18th.

Mark A. Walker’s latest single, ‘Let Me Breathe’, smooths out those difficult challenges that life sometimes presents. The sheer tranquillity of soothing instrumentation encourages us to take a break from all the troubles – and just breathe – if only for a moment. Michael Upshaw wrote and produced the single, with Mark as co-writer and Chris Howden as co-producer.

Mark is a highly sought-after performance and session musician with the Gospel, R&B/soul and jazz scene, who has worked with notable artists & musicians. He’s been involved on projects which gained one NAACP Image Award nomination, four Grammy Award nominations and seven Stellar Award wins.

Now Mark is steadily coming into the limelight as a solo artist. The irresistibly smooth ‘Let Me Breathe’ is available across major music platforms.

Mark is on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and Spotify.


The Late Arrivals have released ‘Flyboys’.

‘Flyboys’ is the third single from The Late Arrivals début album, ‘The desert sure is a lonely place…’. We’ve heard the previous two singles – ‘Citybound’ (August 2022, Week 60) and ‘Take my Hand and Run’ (November 2022, Week 73).

‘Flyboys’ tells the story of the brave RAF pilots who flew and fought over the arid lands of the North African desert during WW2. It sets the scene, telling a brief history of the real life Late Arrivals Club. That is the downed airmen who walked over endless dunes, across enemy lines just to get ‘home’. It might take weeks, or just a few days, but once they were back in the safe surroundings of their base, they were awarded a silver winged boot badge and given a certificate enrolling them into the prestigious club.

‘Flyboys’ is available to download from iTunes, or streamed on Spotify, Deezer and Amazon. The Late Arrivals Club are on Facebook.


The Bad Day’s new single, ‘You’ is out now.

The Bad Days were forged from the fires of the London music scene in 2017. They are often described as “The Killers meet Springsteen“. The band’s first album came out in 2021, and was a critical success picking up awards and getting international airplay. The band’s second album came out in June 2022 and is unique; it’s a two-part concept album called ‘The Bad Day’. All the songs flow into each other and tell a tragic story of freedom and love. The album is a current first round entry for the Grammy Awards 2023.

About the single, Nick Peck, guitarist says, “‘You’ is an 80’s vibe, rock sci-fi, love story written from the perspective of someone waiting for their true love to awake from a deep interstellar sleep. We wrote this very recently (2022) as a full band and immediately set about recording it and releasing [it] as a new single.”

The Bad Day have a website, at bad-day.net, and are on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Spotify and AppleMusic.


‘Crush’ is from Burton Badman’s début album, ‘The Opposite Way Around’ which was released on 22nd November 2022.

Burton Badman’s début album is ‘The Opposite Way Around’. It takes listeners on a journey between moods, states of minds and musical landscapes, reflecting the diverse tastes of each individual band member. The songs were written at different times and in different places, and were fused together with an original, contemporary sound. The result is a unique, personal amalgam: a rich musical world, reflecting hues of alternative rock, prog, dark and theatrical.

Burton Badman, in its current line-up, came into being five years ago. It coalesced around the creative spark ignited by the meeting of the two material creative engines of the band, Ran Shedlinsky and Danny Yachin. The group gives expression to both songs accumulated over the years and passed the test of time, as well as new songs written from their current incarnation. Their unique sound is created from the influences that the band members bring with them, and the extensive experience they have gained over the years. The result is a personal and unique alchemy of a rich musical world.

Burton Badman are on Spotify, Facebook and YouTube.


World Government released ‘Lucky’ on 22nd November.

World Government return with a full maxi-single ‘Lucky’ and a marathon of videos. They proudly present ‘Lucky’ in seven versions and videos. It is a bit cautious, a bit sad, a bit of a sarcastic song about being in the moment, feeling “now“. We are finally out of our comfort zone. What is next?

At a time when a lot of creative effort is channelled into just one ultimate track, it is technically impossible to include everything that sounds “right“. Sometimes there are so many options that it is not clear anymore what the “main” version is and what is a “remix“. So, for their first proper single, World Government chose to prepare a full pack of versions of one song.

All done by the band, these variations outline the duo’s spheres of interest and sonic palette. It is almost like the same song is coming from different parallel universes. The ‘Lucky’ tracks are accompanied by a full collection of videos. Each of the seven versions of the song has its own imagery. Some are simple and contemplative; others are puzzling or even shocking; some are presenting fragmented stories; others are just video designs. The videos feature some reappearing footage, as if it is being connected between many realities. It works as a set of separate videos as well as a small music film.

‘Lucky’ is available now and world Government have a website with all their down-load links. The videos are on YouTube. You can follow World Government on Facebook, Twitter and Insta.


‘My Freedom’ is from The Star Prairie Project’s new album, ‘Fight of Flight’, which was released on 22nd November.

We’ve heard from The Star Prairie Project before –‘The Right Life’ from their third album ‘Rudiger’s Revenge’ (Week 6) and the title track from their ‘Shine a Little Light’ album (Week 27). Their new album,

‘Fight or Flight’, trumpets the fact that the world order is teetering and crumbling before our eyes.

While too many remain oblivious, there’s no denying that the human civilization is facing it’s gravest challenges since WW2. To make matters worse, these challenges are hitting us from all possible directions. As if we weren’t busy enough dealing with the accelerating climate change, environmental degradation, flora and fora extinction, we’re also batting political and social discord unforeseen in many western nations until recently. As the prices of consumer goods and gas are soaring, the poor become poorer and the rich become richer. It’s unintentional but we’re creating a fertile recruiting ground for street gangs and organized crime. The riot squads have never been busier.

The Star Prairie Project is the brainchild of Nolen Chew Jr. Describing the new twelve-song concept album he says, “The idea behind ‘Fight or Flight’ album was to capture the chaos, confusion and anxiety of the current times. We attempted to make it powerful and intense from the first note to the last and invite the listener to strap in for a bumpy and tumultuous ride. Regardless of the name of the album, the message really is: fight. The earth and our existence, is not like a sinking ship. We can’t abandon it. If it goes down, we’ll go down with it. The orbit has no lifeboats. Our survival depends now on our response and the response has to be imminent.”

The Star Prairie Project have a website at thestarprairieproject.net, and are on Facebook and Insta.


ferna released ‘New City’ on 23rd November.

In 2017 Hannah McPhillimy, aka ferna, moved to Michigan, USA for two years. This relocation inspired the sounds and sentiment for ‘New City’. It is the third release from her début album, ‘Understudy’, which will be out in Spring 2023.

Exuberant synths, homemade drum kits (literally, made from a suitcase) and dispassionate vocals; this track visits both the euphoria of beginning again and the pain of having a reason to leave in the first place.

ferna says, “Trying to hold onto a sense of who you are, while also shedding an old skin. It’s the tension between those things.

The accompanying music video is a short film depicting relocation in another way: moving home. It shows the transplant of Eliza Frew, a Greta Gerwig-esque twenty something, back to her depressing home-town. Over the course of the video, she comes to re-frame it as a humble paradise. Artist and film-maker Alice Eugenie conceived and directed the film.

Alice explains, “One of the main themes I wanted to explore was the feeling of stuck-ness and overwhelm. I played on the origins of the song’s creation in the US by flipping the concept round, creating a character who has returned to seaside suburbia in Northern Ireland.” Both she and ferna are from the North Coast, where the video is set.

ferna adds, “Although the character is dealing with a different move to what I wrote about, the questions are all the same: how do I reconcile my past with the life I have now? Is one better than the other? Is there such a thing as a ‘fresh start’?”

ferna has a website, at fernamusic.co.uk and is on Bandcamp, Spotify, Insta, Facebook and YouTube

A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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