Marlene Christia has recently released ‘Cheri je t’aime’.

Marlène Christia was born on June 4, 1973 in Nanterre (France). She is an author, composer and performer, who spent her childhood, and did part of her studies, in Benin. She returned to France with her husband in 2000. They have three children. She is courageous, creative, and has several jobs. She grew up in an artistic environment, where she learned to sing, dance, and play certain instruments. But she never thought that one day she would be an artist. Fate decided otherwise. 2021 saw the release of her first single, ‘Peace in the World’ (in French). This, her second single, ‘Cheri je t’aime’, dropped on June 04, 2023. This project is to record an album, and her dream would be to do a concert.

Marlene is on Spotify, YouTube and Facebook.


Zombiero Martin have recently released ‘Rotten Circus’.

Zombiero Martin combines new wave, post-punk & stoner influences to create a mix of dark undertones, theatrical voices, and swift rhythms that flows into a coolly-phrased fury.

The band started in 2012 in Fano, Italy and released its first album, ‘Fur Laboratory Skin Maker’ in 2015. The album release was followed by many shows in Italy and a great response from the most important Italian music magazines & press.

At the beginning of 2021, the trio relocated to Prague, Czechia. With a new line-up, they are currently recording their second album as well as playing live shows in Europe.

They have a website, at, which gives details of their tour dates and how to download their music.


‘The Bait in the Snare’ is from The Nick Moss Band’s new album ‘Get Your Back Into It!’

Since first forming The Nick Moss Band in 2016, master blues guitarist Nick Moss and world class harmonica virtuoso Dennis Gruenling have become torchbearers for traditional electric blues. But rather than repeating what’s come before, the band’s high-energy take on old school Chicago, Texas and West Coast sounds is completely their own. With their new album ‘Get Your Back Into It!’, Nick and Dennis – together with Rodrigo Mantovani on bass, Taylor Streiff on keyboards and Pierce Downer on drums – deliver a deeply rooted, timeless blue collar blues album.

Get Your Back Into It! contains fourteen original songs: twelve by Nick and two by Dennis. Guests include saxophonist ‘Sax’ Gordon Beadle and, on Out Of The Woods, organist ‘Brother’ John Kattke. The electrifying blues sounds of 1940s through 1960s inspired the album. This adds to the taste, restraint, sly humour and pure joy of the performance. The stylistically distinct songs – including three wild instrumentals that simply dare you to stay seated – are all connected by Nick and Dennis’ shared musical vision.

We like to push ourselves out of our comfort zone,” Nick says of the songs and performances on the new album, “and I feel like we accomplished that.

The Nick Moss Band have a page, with all their download links, and a web site at


‘Earth’s Secret Engine’ is the title track from Pagan Harvest’s new album.

At the heart of Pagan Harvest are founder members Lawrence Reed and Steve Daymond. For their third album, ‘Earth’s Secret Engine’, they have been joined by two exciting and talented guest artists: singer Sam Walker and drummer Ellie Daymond. This signals a move from the progressive dark folk of the first two highly acclaimed albums to a more commercial rock-based sound. The quirky compositions and distinctive progressive elements remain.

Pagan Harvest have always produced music arising out of the English landscape. But that landscape is changing. The new album, ‘Earth’s Secret Engine’, concerns itself with nature and the perilous predicament of our environment.

Pagan Harvest are on Facebook and Bandcamp.


‘Stand on the Faith’ was released on 21st July.

‘Stand on the Faith’ has been written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Suffolk Historic Churches Trust, the charity that raises money for church buildings. The song was released last Friday, 21st July 2023, on YouTube and on Saturday 22nd July on all audio streaming platforms.

Children from Sextons Manor School in Bury St Edmunds have been recorded and filmed singing the song in the form of a contemporary hymn. They will also sing it at a special service at St Edmundsbury Cathedral in September.

About the track…

Experienced local musician, songwriter and producer, Andrew Rayner, from Wendy House Music in Felixstowe, wrote and recorded the song, as well as filming the key stage 2 children at Fornham All Saints Church. Andy said, “It was a privilege to be commissioned to write and record this song. As part of the song writing process, it was inspiring researching the history and journey of the Christian faith in Suffolk over the last 1200 years.

The lively and celebratory song was written with children in mind. It was taught to the whole school by music teacher, Emma Jones. Emma says, “This was an amazing opportunity for us at Sexton’s Manor. The children have loved learning the song and it has become our song of the year! It was a privilege to work with Andy Rayner and to be part of such a great project. The children had great fun recording and filming for the song and can’t wait to show their families and friends the final results of their hard work.

Trustee Rachel Sloane says “The Suffolk Historic Churches Trust is very grateful to Andy Rayner for giving us his time and expertise to create such a joyous modern hymn for our special anniversary, and involving the children in such an exciting project. This year we are celebrating fifty years of supporting historic church buildings in Suffolk, with thousands of pounds of grants, raised through legacies and sponsored events such as the annual Suffolk Churches Ride and Stride. The service at the cathedral will be the opportunity for church people to come together to mark this great achievement.

These is a website, at, with all the down-load links and more information about the track.


On 3rd July J. Kas released ‘Celebrate’.

Acclaimed Sheffield artist J. Kas will mesmerise music enthusiasts with the release of his latest single, ‘Celebrate’. It’s a dynamic composition that explores the rich tapestry of the African diaspora and its profound influence worldwide. This eagerly anticipated offering, taken from the ‘Celebrate Royalty’ project, promises to captivate listeners with its vibrant melodies and infectious rhythms.

Filmed against the backdrop of Liverpool’s Brazillica Festival and Leeds West Indian Carnival, the accompanying music video for ‘Celebrate’ (which is on YouTube ) is a visually stunning masterpiece. Directed by the visionary Pishdaad Modaressi Chahardehi, the video flawlessly captures the essence of the song, immersing viewers in a kaleidoscope of colours, captivating dance sequences, and jubilant festivities.

J Kas is on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, TikTok and Spotify.


Lucy Blue released ‘Deserve You’ on 5th July.

19-year-old singer, songwriter and producer from Dublin, Ireland Lucy Blue has released her brand new single ‘Deserve You’. It is from her forthcoming EP which will be out in late Summer/early Winter, after more single releases. It comes as a follow up to her début EP ‘Fishbowl’ where she observed other people’s feelings and pain and reflects on it.

‘Deserve You’ is an emotional song, full of love and pain, describing a story of an undeserving love. Written and sung by Lucy Blue in her incredible soft tone that sounds almost like a hushed whisper, it makes us want to see the story she is painting. Led by piano chords, she brings a sense of heartbreak and sadness that most have been through in their life for this sentimental ballad.

Lucy is on Insta, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube.


Sofia Talvik has recently released her new single, ‘Circle of Destruction’.

We’ve previously heard ‘Memories of Snow’ (Week 22, November 2021) and ‘Too Many Churches’ (Week 62, August 2022)

On her new 9th album, ‘Center of the Universe’, Swedish born musician; Sofia Talvik, brings together her own distinctive Nordic melancholy, Laurel Canyon vibes, and modern folk mixed with bluegrass, further defining the path that is uniquely hers.

Throughout the 10 songs on the album, there is a broad range of topics of some of life’s most earnest moments, ranging from the Ukraine War, American women’s rights, the thousands of missing children in the U.S. and the torment of domestic violence survivors across the world.

‘Circle of Destruction’ is the first single from the anticipated album.  Written during the first days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the song draws inspiration from 70’s protest anthems. But it has an all over theme about the wish for peace and acceptance. It also covers the topic of non-war-based immigration, as well as a search for truth in a society that is more information based than fact based.

Sofia Talvoik is touring in the USA, and her tour dates are on her website at She is also on Facebook.


On 7th July, Dead Reynolds released ‘Save Me’.

The band hail from East Anglia and mix alt rock, metal core, indie rock, and pop punk with unexpected twists.  The band formed in Oct 2018, through the local music scene.

‘Save Me’ takes Dead Reynolds down a new path! Fusing the drive and determination of previous noises heard but with a modern twist, bigger hooks and anthemic melodies culminating in a message about bettering yourself in the realisation you can’t do it alone. Simply a reflection on remembering to lean on your loved ones in times of trouble! A perfect addition for the summer festival scene

Guitarist Dom says, “Recent releases tackle real issues and include mental health, addiction and loss that we have channelled into songs that people are identifying with.

Dead Reynolds have a website, at, and are on Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube and AppleMusic.


The Broadside Bandits Project released ‘Time Again’ on 7th July.

On the eve of their 2nd album release, The Roadside Bandits Project dropped the single ‘Time Again’. It’s a tale of chance and staring it full in the face.

Following the release earlier this year of their singles ‘Down Down’ and ‘NOTHiNG’ – which we heard a few weeks ago (Week 103, June 2023) – The Roadside Bandits Project release the third single from their upcoming sophomore album ‘The Siberian Candidate’.

A dark foreboding almost cinematic atmosphere sets the scene on this seemingly fateful tale of chance and earned luck. Featuring Nashville based vocalist Tommy Smith, the lyrics tell of the difficulties encountered in life and the seemingly impossible chances that we all face at points along our own journey through it all. “It’s the greatest show on Earth and it’s for all of us” sings Smith on his impassioned performance but in all of life’s scenarios there are winners and losers. Which one are you?

Arribas explains his inspiration behind the track. “Originally an instrumental, I was inspired to take it further after Tommy sang a few lines over it one day. In some way it seemed to speak to me about the path we all have to navigate in life and how difficult it can be to make those sort of decisions that have such an effect on our personal happiness and fulfilment – for me a heartfelt message to weave into a song.

The Roadside Bandits Project have a website, at, and are on Spotify, Twitter, Insta and Facebook.


On 9th July, ‘Seren’ released ‘The Fool’.

Indie-pop, singer-songwriter Seren is from London, England. Seren began her musical journey in Istanbul where she resided for seven years. It was during this time she picked up a guitar and discovered a passion for song writing and self-expression, crafting her own unique musical style.

After realising that others resonated with her lyrics and enjoyed her haunting voice, she independently produced two albums from her bedroom, showcasing her talent as both a songwriter and performer.

Now she is releasing her new single ‘The Fool’, recorded at SAFO Music Studios. It encapsulates the difficulties of falling in love again after a devastating breakup.

You can find more details by following Seren on Insta, TikTok and YouTube.

A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.


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