Rednex released ‘Glad Rags Jug’ at the end of October.

Rednex celebrated their first worldwide hit with their début single ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ in 1994. It still fills dance floors and is played by radio stations all over the world. The band sold more than 10 million records in the pre-streaming era! For almost three decades, Rednex’ songs have featured in movies and TV series. Even today, they average more than 10 million plays per month on Spotify and YouTube combined, which is about four plays per second. On the latter, the troupe, initially based in Sweden, now has a whopping 300 million views.

Now with the release of their latest single, ‘Glad Rags Jug’, the party is really starting. Here, the term ‘Glad Rags’ refers to crazy party clothes, and the word ‘Jug’ refers to a jug band following an old traditional musical style by using non-typical instruments such as jugs, jars, cans, spoons and so on. Fuelled by the battle cry “Rednex a-comin’!” the band loudly encourages their fans to wear crazy outfits and join in the revelry.

Renex are on YouTube, TikTok and Spotify.


Radiogeist released ‘Today’ on 11th November

Years ago, George George and Ruman wrote music together, in a teenage rock band in Bulgaria. They then went their separate ways, with George George moving to London and Rumen to Germany. It was not until 2022 when a phone call between the two sowed the seeds of the emergence of Radiogeist. After deciding to record one song together with the expert help of professional drummer Julio Baterista, one song became two and two became three until the trio had written enough songs for an album.

To coincide with the release of their second single ‘Today’, Radiogeist have started a campaign for Liverpool FC manager and self-confessed rock fan, Jurgen Klop, to hear their music with the aim for it to be played at Anfield on match day.

For further information on this you can follow Radiogeist on  Facebook, Insta and YouTube.


Nigel Hanes has shared the single ‘All Your Lovin’’ featuring Zara Sykes

Birmingham native singer Nigel Hinds’ single ‘All Your Lovin’’ evokes all those bedtime thoughts for a love interest, over a sensuous soulful groove provided by producer Xtof .The single features a dynamic feature from fellow Birmingham native, rapper Zara Sykes who brings a hip hop flare, reiterating Nigel’s steamy sentiments.

‘All Your Lovin” is taking from Xtof’s Mixtape ‘Damian’. It follows previous track ‘Ghostin’, which we heard back in June (Week 51).

Over the past few years, Nigel has been pushing out a string of fresh spin of 90s/noughties soul R&B with Xtof via his label SmokingsForCoolPeople; ‘All Your Lovin’ along with Damian Mixtape cements their burgeoning collaboration. Nigel is currently performing regularly at top music venues around the United Kingdom with Sing Baby Sing, a vocal tribute group to the Stylistics

Rapping/singing since the age of just ten, Zara has worked with Grammy nominated producer, formerly known as Ecks music, as well as collaborating with various artists. She also supported Jay Z & Kanye West’s Watch the Throne (Birmingham LG Arena) Tour in 2012. Her latest single, ‘Excuse Me’, is also on Xtof’s Mixtape ‘Damian’.

‘All Your Lovin” is now available across various music platforms. You can follow Nigel and Zara on Insta and Spotify. (Nigel is on Insta, Spotify and TikTok. Zara is on Facebook, Insta and Spotify.)


The Cathodes single, ‘In From the Cold’ has been re-released.

‘In From the Cold’ is on The Cathodes début album ‘So Clear’. We’ve previously heard ‘Dr Fell’ (April 2022, Week 41) which is also on that album.

The Cathodes are a synth-rock band based near Manchester. They officially came up with the band name on 21st March 2020, two days before the first lockdown here in the UK. They have used this period to hone their unique sound and the result has been described as “music that takes you back to the 80s with their amazing new wave sound”.

The band primarily consists of Dave Forward (vocals and guitar), Barbara Verrall (keyboards) and Paul Cargill (bass). Joining the band are guests Vince Walton (drums) and Dave Townson (lead guitar).

The Cathodes have a website, at, and are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Fingers and Sunshine have now released ‘Wrap me up in Blue’.

‘Wrap me up in Blue’ is the fourth track we’ve heard from Fingers and Sunshine’s album ‘Solar Plexus. (Previous tracks were ‘Slow Down’ (Week 14 September 2021) ‘Smile’ (Week 20, November 2021) and ‘Sharin’ the Light’ (Week 27, December 2021)) but it’s the first of theirs I’ve played this year.

There have been many incarnations of Fingers & Sunshine through the years which have culminated in the present line-up featuring David and Ron McKibben on vocals, guitar and song-writing, Donald Steininger on bass and vocals, plus Larry Stoltie on drums, percussion and vocals.

Fingers & Sunshine have a website at and have all their socials listed on linktr.


On 18th November, Zeeteah Massiah released her new album, ‘wat A Ting’, which includes ‘Baby Girl’.

Born in Barbados, raised in London, Zeeteah Silveta Massiah was singing before she could talk. She is famous for her amazing live performances. Her unique style and stunning voice have earned her a legion of fans, and every show she performs is a thrilling event.

While still in her teens, Trojan Records snapped her up and she recorded a reggae version of the Jackson 5 hit ‘We Got A Good Thing Going’. Soon afterwards, she sang in the hit London musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. In the early 1990s Zeeteah had a major hit with ‘Slide on the Rhythm’. She followed up with ‘This is the Place’ and ‘Sexual Prime’, both of which were UK chart hits.

Zeeteah lives near London, where she plays regularly to packed houses. As well as many singles, she has released two albums of jazz: ‘Juice’ in 2014 and ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ in 2016. In 2020 she returned to her reggae roots and put together a new band. On 18 November 2022 she released a reggae album, ‘Wat A Ting’.

Zeeteah has a website, at, and is on Facebook.


‘Bounty’ is the title track from Liz Jones album which she released on 18th November.

A long awaited creative collection by Liz Jones features her best writing, clearest vocal and most honest songs so far. It begins with selfish, psychedelic dreams and greed and ends in the tremble of grief. On the way you will be bitterly accused, thanked and invited to waltz around romantic memories.

‘Bounty’ was made with musical partner and producer Jennifer Clark. Recorded & produced through 2020-2022 the album has been layered by 10 physically separated musicians, built from the starting point of simple voice, acoustic guitar and songs that mean something. Liz says, “The way we approached this album was to send spacious solo recordings out to great musicians with the option of ‘play what you like on what you want’, which has resulted in a full, rounded and varied record!

Liz Jones has a website, at, and is on Facebook, Insta, Spotify, TikTok and YouTube.


Duncan Moss released ‘Mnemonics Part One’ on November 18th. ‘Carefree Days’ is from that album.

Duncan Moss is a musician and a non-conformist, enjoying his journey as performance, not a dress rehearsal. With a compelling belief that the possibilities are endless Moss carves his art outside the confines of genre. Guided by passion and instinct as well as crafting every piece from the heart Moss finds inner peace from music. A state that he believes signifies success far more than a monetary measure. He is convinced the answers are available for everyone even if they haven’t found them yet.

‘Mnemonics Part One’ is an album of solo piano pieces – a labour of love, encapsulating Duncan’s memories, and life experiences. The result is eleven, intensely moving tracks, each sincere, powerful, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Speaking about why he’s released ‘Mnemics Part One’ now, Duncan says, “I really couldn’t find a credible reason not to focus my complete energies on music and composition which go to the very core of who I am. I don’t regret this, but given the feedback I’ve had to date, I do feel that I should probably have done it earlier. I’ve worked it out, finally, that being an artist seems to have two diametrically opposed conditions, insecurity, and supreme self-belief. Now I know this, it really is much easier.

‘Mnemonics Part Two’ is due for release on the 17th February 2023 and features fully orchestrated versions of all the tracks.

Duncan Moss has a website, at


‘That Was Then’ is the title track from Friends of Our Youth’s new album.

‘That Was Then’ is the scuffed and shiny début album from Manchester-birthed four piece Friends of Our Youth. It brings transcendent sounds from a differently-shaped constellation where human problems have long coalesced into bright spheres of beauty and love. ‘That Was Then’ drapes a garment of shimmering polyphonic fibre, glorious guitars and deeply haunting vocals over propulsive drums and bass, celebrating too the gashes in that fabric, dark cosmology and fuzzy logic in which the most profound things are born. Nuclear heart of that serene, faraway star. The result is triumphant and tearful. You’ll hold your sleeves to your eyes and your loved ones close.

Speaking about the album, the band said, “We try to exist in the world, it gets increasingly more weird, confusing and scary and absurd. We summon up sounds and words as a kind of vessel in which to navigate it all, maybe to hide behind. That’s what it means. I can’t possibly imagine living without being able to make a noise, even if no one buys anything. That’s what it means. It’s being able to laugh at yourself, at others, at bullshit, to cry and open yourself up, to get mad and kick back. That’s what it means.

Friends of Our Youth have a website, at


The Markey Blue Ric Latina Project have released ‘When I Close My Eyes’.

Markey Blue Ric Latina Project are a blues, American, roots n soul band, based in Nashville.

With every album over the past 10 years being nominated for multiple blues awards and almost all having songs sitting in national film and television shows, it is not surprising that the members of Markey Blue Ric Latina Project are a ‘who’s who’ in the music industry. They have recently earned a spot in the National Blues Museum, in St Louis, ‘Women in Blues’ exhibit.

They have now released their single ‘When I Close My Eyes’ which is from their new album ‘Mississippi Soul’. You can find more information on this and Markey Blue Ric Latina Project by visiting their website, at or you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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