Tommy Stoneberg released his new single, ‘I’m Searching’ on 28th September.

We’ve previously heard ‘This Time’ (Week 45, May 2022), ‘Praying’ (Week 52, June 2022) and ‘Dance’ (Week 59, August 2022)

Singer-songwriter Tommy Stoneberg is originally from Africa but now lives in London. He’s been evolving his music career since singing in the school choir at the age of 7. He has written a large number of songs in styles ranging from blues to jazzy soul to dance pop which he has showcased on the London music scene.

Tommy is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


Mally and the Hayburners have released ‘Beggers and Buskers’ ahead of the release of their EP ‘Save Me’.

Mally and The Hayburners are a Norwich-born, blues inspired group. With heartfelt, belting lyrics from singer / song-writer Tom Malachowski, the group have their own hard hitting folk / blues presence.

Formed in 2022 the band have recently recorded a 3 track EP with local studio Catch 21 Records. It’s called ‘Save Me’ and is due to be released on all major streaming platforms at the end of October.

Mally and the Hayburners are on Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube.


On September 29th, Ali Comerford released ‘Cool Girl’.

Classically trained violinist, violist and songwriter from Kilkenny, Ali Comerford has released her new song ‘Cool Girl’. An original mix of classical performance techniques with pop production and melody, gives Ali Comerford a unique space in the Irish music scene.

‘Cool Girl’ is just an acknowledgement that it’s time to stop playing along with what’s not good for you and to commit to what’s best for you.

About the song Ali says, “’Cool Girl’ is a song about being tired of trying to please people. I grew up afraid to upset anyone and just wanting everyone to be happy with me but I think the older I get the more comfortable I am with the idea that you’re not going to please everyone, you just have to do your best. The song also looks at lines that are used to placate people when really they are condescending, the “it’s not you it’s me” trope and how in 2022 maybe it’s time to retire that. If someone really thinks they are not worthy of you then maybe they shouldn’t chase after you to begin with.

I really wanted to make my strings the feature of this song. Playing violin and viola is such a big part of who I am as a musician. I came into the studio with a full score and recorded nearly 150 channels of strings before I put down any vocals. This is also my first time letting others have an input into my music and it was such a magical experience. Producing this song with Shane Tobler and Sean Montgomery Dietz was unforgettable. We used found sounds from around the studio to create most of the beat, it opened up my eyes to so many new possibilities and I’m grateful to both of them for it.

Ali is on Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


Christophe Lorient released ‘Notre Jardin Secret’ on September 29th.

Christophe Lorient is a Belgian singer songwriter born in Lessines. He began singing at the age of eight. During studying at university, he began to write his first songs, which he entered into a competition and ended up as a finalist on a television show. During that competition in Brussel, he met Eric Abraham, a songwriter with whom he still works today. Around this time, he also met Plastic Bertrand who became his producer and manager for the single ‘Voyageur Solitaire, which was all released on Bertrand’s label.

Nowadays, his passion for writing and singing continues. A lover of flora and fauna, nature often gives Christophe the inspiration and the desire to create. ‘La Vertitude’ a neologism (A new Word for a new World), Christophe set his passion for nature to music. Vertitude would be an ideal to reach. Which brings us to his gorgeous new single ‘Notre Jardin Secret’

In Christophe’s own words “It is not always necessary to travel far away to find our happiness. A grain of sand, a light wind, a hidden place in nature can be enough to make us happy.

Christophe has a website and is on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and YouTube.


On September 29th, glaive released ‘Three Wheels and it Still Drives!’

‘Three wheels and it still drives!’ is the new single from rising superstar glaive. We previously heard ‘Walking Around with no Hands’ (Week 32, February 2022).

After supporting The Kid LAROI on a European tour and playing a run of headline dates in the U.K., the 17-year-old is on tour now, headlining venues across the U.S.

glaive is on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as having a website with all his download links.


The Love Asylum have recently released ‘Walking in the Rain’.

Hailing from Colchester, Essex, The Love Asylum is an up and coming synth wave duo with a penchant for writing infectious tunes and relatable narratives. Inspired greatly by 80s synth music, the duo is made up of Kevin Scott (Vocals/Song-writing) as well as David Nevard (Synths/Programming/Song-writing). The Love Asylum’s music journey began not too long ago. However, they have already been featured on multiple online programs and radio shows internationally.

The duo seem to have a unique innate competency to ingeniously present music in multiple styles of synth wave, while maintaining a consistent brand. This is one of the factors that make them one of the artists to keep an eye out for. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, The Love Asylum seeks to engage audience with more live performances in the near future and is well on their way to becoming one of the most exciting artists to take the stage in recent years.

The Love Asylum have a website, at


David Torrance released ‘All About the Money’ on 30th September.

This is being released through THP Songs who were formed in the winter of 2010. Their sole purpose is creating new exciting music including dance, pop and R&B under the backdrop of cold grey Glasgow skies. It has proved to be an ideal musical collaboration for David Torrance and Hollywood producer Drew Phillips. After releasing music by a variety of artists, it is now the turn of THP Songs own David Torrance.

THPSongs have a website, at, and are on Facebook.


King Tappa released his third album, ‘9 to 5’ on 30th September. ‘Are You Feeling It’ comes from that album.

King Tappa is an International reggae singer based in Florida. He has been in the music industry for over ten years. Beginning as a DJ he established Power Sound and went by the name DJ Tappa. Inspired by international Reggae artists he began writing and moved on to singing. Going now by the name King Tappa he released his premiere album ‘When I Work’ in 2007.

King Tappa has written over 100 songs and has done excessive amounts of dub plates and jingles for many different sound systems worldwide. He released his second album in July 2019 titled ‘Feeling the Vibes’. The album garnered a lot of traction within the USA, Africa and the Caribbean. He has been performing both locally and internationally in places like Canada, the Caribbean and Nairobi Kenya Africa.

King Tappa is now releasing his third album, ‘9 to 5’, which is available via his website, at He is also on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and YouTube.


Siobhán has recently released her début single, ‘Black Hole’

Siobhán, a London based singer-songwriter, has just released her début single ‘Black Hole’.

About the track, Siobhán says, “While trying not to write ‘another sad song’, inevitably, I did. My début single ‘Black Hole’ is about a relationship ending unexpectedly and how that can cause you to fear being vulnerable with someone again. Although the lyrics are heartfelt, I wanted to make it a song I would also want to dance to, so my producer Jack (Shute) and I included electronic pop beats and brit-indie rock inspired guitars that were the soundtrack to my teens – bringing the song into the addictive sad-bop genre. Written last summer when I was going through a difficult time, ‘Black Hole’ articulated my feelings in a way that I couldn’t when speaking to those closest to me. Making this song has been an emotional journey, and I hope that people experiencing a similar situation feel less alone when they listen to it.

Siobhán is on Insta, TikTok and YouTube.


On 30th September, Harry Stone released ‘Boy’.

‘Boy’ & ‘Tokyo’ are the brand new double-A-side from Harry Stone. The hotly-tipped artist and producer recently played his first ever live shows with an intimate, sold-out residency of three shows at London’s Laylow. ‘Boy’ & ‘Tokyo’ showcase new sides of Harry Stone’s sound and storytelling with the same lyrical openness that has earned him widespread praise.

Harry says, “’Boy’ is an imaginary conversation I wanted to have with my younger self; kind of like advice that was ironically too late to give. Before coming into the studio I’d been told about something that was really upsetting, and basically just put me in a ‘all men are dickheads’ kind of mood. ‘Boy’ is a reminder of how I used to see the world, but also a good message, that I’ve grown so much since then, into somebody I respect.

Harry Stone has a website with all his download links.


On 30th September, Judy Pearson released ‘In a Box’.

Singer / songwriter Judy Pearson is based in London, England, and we’ve previously heard ‘Blame’ (Week 55, July 2022) and ‘My Guiding Key’ (Week 46, May 2022). After honing her skills in song writing, Judy Pearson now releases her new single ‘In a Box’. Described as having a blend of emotive lyrics and soft but powerful vocals, you can find more information on Judy Pearson by visiting her on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Insta.


Paul Potts released ‘Parla Piu Piano (The Godfather)’ on 30th September.

Following his Britain’s Got Talent win fifteen years ago, Paul Potts has been touching people’s lives with his incredible talent.

He has now announced a double album of tracks performed during the UK’s lockdown.

Paul says, “When the first lockdown started in March 2020, no one knew how long it would last. It was even more uncertain for those in the entertainment industry- in fact there is still much uncertainty in the entertainment industry now.

As lockdown started, I had noticed many of the performances from the streets in Northern Italy and was inspired by them to start a marathon session of daily performances that continued every day for four months. While I could not travel anywhere, in music you can be transported just about anywhere you wish to go. Not only that, I was able to learn a lot of music that I had listened to but never performed. It was also very good vocal exercise for me. I particularly enjoyed the Sunday afternoon/evening performances often with a great sunset behind me.

So much in life has been forbidden, but not music itself, hence the title of this double CD album – ‘Musica Non Proibita’ – ‘Music is not Forbidden’. I’d like to dedicate this CD to those that have worked unendingly and stubbornly to make it through the pandemic, and to those that have lost loved ones either directly or indirectly as a result of the pandemic.

Paul has a website, at


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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