Jasmine Jethwa has recently released ‘Golden’.

Jasmine Jethwa’s journey to singing begins in a melting pot of Western and Indian culture. She has a mesmerising, natural command for melody and harmonies. Influenced by the personal stories of her South-East London upbringing, Jasmine has shared her brand new single ‘Golden’. The track is accompanied by a video that mirrors the song’s intimate storytelling of a relationship between two people who are on different pages, trying and failing to make it work. ‘Golden’ is the first taste of new music from Jasmine since the release of her acclaimed début EP ‘Hurricane’. The 23-year-old rising singer-songwriter invites listeners to lean into poetry, the cosmos and a profound depth of feeling in ‘Golden’.

Jasmine says, “Golden is about the early stages of infatuation – the push and pull in a relationship. It’s about the constant unease felt when learning about each other, connected then detached, feeling close to someone and then apart – and how even that is part of the enchantment. The song has a continuous feeling of instability and uncertainty, mirrored in the open choruses and more personal verses. I think compared to my usual writing, Golden feels younger and more hopeful, perhaps even naive, but I like the purity of feeling, before things are jaded with knowing someone more and love getting heavier.

Jasmine is on Insta, YouTube and Spotify.


Joan Alasta released ‘Your Touch’ on October 7th.

Her name is probably unfamiliar to you but you may have heard her in the hit ‘Big Jet Plane’. Joan Alasta is definitely more than a talented singer and sensitive songwriter but also an accomplished business woman. She is also a talented female electronic music producer as well as a topliner for other singers. Her meeting with publisher Musigamy has enabled her to explore her multi-faceted creativity. It also enabled her to meet numerous artists in France and all over the world. She’s currently preparing a series of tracks with gorgeous other voices than hers to focus on her producer’ side.

‘Your Touch’ expresses the overwhelming, intoxicating and addictive effect that desire and the thrill of a potential new love can completely immerse you in. It describes a feeling like no other. A feeling which no one but that one person can give you; no matter how strongly you try, you just keep craving for more.

Joan Alasta is on Insta, Facebook and YouTube


The Love Asylum have released their second single ‘Green to Blue’.

We heard their previous single, ‘Walking in the Rain’ a couple of weeks ago (Week 69, October 2022).

The Love Asylum is an up and coming synth wave duo from Colchester, Essex. They have a penchant for writing infectious tunes and relatable narratives. Inspired greatly by 80s synth music, the duo is made up of Kevin Scott (vocals & song-writing) and David Nevard (synths, programming & song-writing). The multi-talented duo seem to have a unique, innate competency to ingeniously present music in multiple styles of synth wave, while maintaining a consistent brand. This is one of the factors that make them a group to keep an eye out for. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, The Love Asylum seeks to engage audience with more live performances in the near future. They are well on their way to becoming one of the most exciting artists to take the stage in recent years.

The Love Asylum have a website, at theloveasylum.co.uk.


Abudebi Zonjon has recently released ‘We’re Here’.

We’ve heard a previous track by Abudebi Zonjon – ‘I’ve Decided’ way back in December 2021 (Week 27). He’s now released ‘We’re Here’, which is sealed with bundles of optimism to overcome all the disappointment, betrayal and hurt from so-called close ones. Although this song is very close to this Denmark-based artist’s heart, ‘We’re Here’ serves as an ode to tackle any life challenges.

Starting out his music career in his native country Ghana, Abudebi has shared stages with some of Africa’s biggest names. He released his début EP, ‘15:00’ in 2017, which features various collaborations from Nigeria, Ghana, Denmark and Czech Republic. He then moved to Denmark to work with the country’s most respected music figures – the legendary artist and producer Pharfar and Danish reggae/dancehall/hip-hop phenomena, Kaka.

Boasting boisterous pick-me-up energy, ‘We’re Here’ is out now across various music platforms.

Abudebi is on Insta, Twitter and Facebook.


Baby Brave released their new EP ‘Sunny Days In Dark Rooms’ on 12th October. ‘Bombatomic’ is the first track from that EP.

Baby Brave started out an acoustic duo with harmonies, shoop-shoop dance routines, a ukulele, and a flute, – and has taken on many different incarnations to become what it is today! They are now a DIY new wave noise pop outfit. Formed in North Wales in 2014, their sound has graduated to what it is today with a heavier, gutsier beat that has given the band a solid fan base along with support slots at festivals and venues all over the UK. The band self-recorded and digitally released 4 singles during 2019, and have now recorded a lock-down E.P. ‘Sunny Days in Dark Rooms’.

Each member individually wrote and recorded their parts of the EP at their homes in Wrexham and Llangollen, and the bands guitarist/producer, Steve Nicholls, piecing the record together. Charlie Francis at Synergy Mastering completed the mastering.

Baby Brave are on Tumblr.


Also on 12th October, Morning Midnight released their new single, ‘Teenagers’.

We’ve previously heard ‘Easy’ (Week 61, August 2022) and ‘Talk’ (Week 66, September 2022). All three tracks come from Morning Midnight’s début album, ‘Happy Hour’.

Morning Midnight is a juxtaposition that makes sense from the jump, the bedroom-pop duo are made up of Jordan Scott and Jess Pascal. Singer-songwriter Jordan’s personal lyrics and soaring vocals captivate, while Jess’ production and synthesis both ground and illuminate the group’s sound.

About the album the band say “When the world stopped two years ago we set up a studio in our front room with the idea to work on new music, and what started out as a couple of voice notes on my phone eventually grew into something that’s both exciting and surreal to announce; our début album. It’s been a labour of love and we couldn’t be prouder of it, there’s been a lot of self-reflection over these past few years and these songs have really helped us work through it. We hope it gives you as much as it’s given us.”

Morning Midnight have a website, at morningmidnight.co.uk, and are on YouTube, Facebook, Insta, Twitter and TikTok.


Metronomy have shared their reimagined version of ‘Love Factory’ featuring Katy J Pearson.

We’ve previously heard ‘It’s Good to be Back’ (Week 25, December 2021) and ‘Things Will Be fine (Week 35, February 2022) from Metronomy’s seventh album ‘Small World’. The band have now announced the ‘Small World (Special Edition)’ which will be out on 29th November via Because Music. The repackaged version of their acclaimed seventh studio album will feature re-imagined versions of songs from the original album created by some of the band’s favourite artists.

Alongside the announcement, the band also shared the first taste of the repackaged album in the form of Bristol based singer-songwriter Katy J Pearson’s version of the ‘Small World’ stand-out track, ‘Love Factory’.

Katy J Pearson.

Katy’s re-imagining of ‘Love Factory’ is a duet with Metronomy front-man Joe Mount that swaps the glorious groove of the original for her wistful Americana-tinged rock, while retaining all of its irresistible charm. The track is accompanied by a nostalgic video that stars Katy and Joe channelling iconic country performances of the ’60s and ’70s, framed against the distinct landscapes of Devon.

Katy shares, “I’ve been a huge fan of Metronomy for a long time. The records they made had a big influence on my music. I have fond memories of travelling up to Bristol to watch them play in when I was a teenager and the shows being so joyous. Brilliantly intelligent pop music.

I met Joe after their show in Bristol and we got chatting. After this encounter I got asked to rework ‘Love Factory’ for the special edition of their album ‘Small World’. I was so excited as ‘Love Factory’ is my favourite song from the new record. It’s so beautiful! So I was very flattered and honoured to have the chance to put my own spin on it. I wanted to strip it down to basics and make it a vulnerable duet. I’d been listening to a lot of Nancy Lee & Lee Hazelwood at the time so making it a pop duet felt really fun to do.

Metronomy have a website at metronomy.co.uk and are on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Plus they have a website with all their down-load links.


On 14th October, Martha D. Lewis released ‘A.I. Man’.

Martha’s album ‘All That You See’ opens with the gripping song ‘A.I. Man’. It’s a song that looks at the consequence of ‘algorithm choice’, plus the encroachment of machines and technology into our daily lives. As Martha sings, “You’re the man-made man to take my place / Programmed by humanity / Flesh and blood and copper wires / Artificiality and Grace / I’m here for you to see you through an algorithm choice / You’ll see me through your camera eyes / And I’ll fine tune your voice.

Martha D. Lewis has an impressive career as a singer-songwriter and storyteller. She started her journey with creative partner, Eve Polycarpou in the acclaimed music-comedy duo ‘Donna and Kebab’ in the 1990s (then later the song writing duo ‘Martha and Eve’). Martha has also spread her solo song writing and composing wings over the last 20 years. Composing for film, theatre and radio as well as for her jazz-world ensemble, Martha has also presented documentaries and a globally released feature-film in 2014 called ‘My Sweet Canary’.

Martha has a website, at marthalewis.co.uk.


Brett Littlefair released his new album ‘Toetappin’’ on 14th October. ‘Broadside’ is the second track on that album.

Brett Littlefair plays footstompin’, toetappin’ boogie on guitars made from biscuit tins, hubcaps and other rescued, junkyard items

After playing music professionally in bands throughout Western Australia and South Australia for nearly 30 years, Brett’s musical career took a right turn in late 2018. That was when his wife and daughter surprised him on Christmas with his first cigar box guitar. Brett played it all Christmas day until his fingers couldn’t take any more punishment. It was an epiphany! Brett knew that he had found his true musical love. From that point on cigar box guitars would be the cornerstone of his music.

After playing a successful festival in 2019, all gigs for the first half of 2020 were cancelled due to the worldwide pandemic. However this has not slowed his ascent. Despite the restrictions, Brett turned to online performances. He has gone on to build an international fan base, and his album ‘Footstompin’’ has featured in the top ten of the Australian Blues and Roots Airplay Radio Charts in 2022.

Brett is on YouTube, Spotify and Facebook.


Marshall Potts released ‘The Fall’ on 14th October.

Marshall Potts is a singer-songwriter from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. He’s been making music since his childhood sweetheart broke his heart when he was 12. He lives on 160 acres near what many, including the Dalai Lama, call the centre of the universe. His crossover writing style has found acceptance in the Americana, Country Rock and Rock formats. Marshall not only writes inspiring music and lyrics, he mixes in ringing, interwoven guitar lines and buoyant arena-rock beats. His music is about moving beyond your past, taking back your power, embracing the moment and living in the here and now.

‘The Fall’ follows previous singles including ‘The Rope’ (Week 62, August 2022) and ‘Heaven or Home’ (Week 56, July 2022), which we’ve previously heard. They feature on Marshall’s album, ‘The Storm’.

Marshall has a website, at marshallpotts.com, and is on Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Spotify and YouTube.


On 14th October, The Bloodstreams released ‘The Knife’.

Born in a flood of writing, South East London’s The Bloodstreams are the architects of a glam-goth / alt-rock hybrid sound. Siblings James & Jasmine forge an unwavering vocal force with bassist Danny creating searing three part harmonies, and Nico drumming furiously to charge the songs through every phase. With thumping bass lines, glassy guitar riffs and beatific organ & piano astride the lyrical prowess delivered with aggressive passion by the three song writers of the group.

With three songs released, and a fourth imminently to be unleashed, The Bloodstreams are stopping at nothing. 2023 is set to be a year to put their stamp on.

The Knife’s instrumentation was written by Jasmine Daniels (Keyboards/Vox) on piano with her original vocal hook. Then Danny (Bass/Vox) expanded the idea lyrically. It was essentially an expression of anxiety and claustrophobia spinning around a vision of sleep paralysis nightmares and the endless search for inner strength and acceptance as an imposter in a seemingly alien society. The beat took on a ferocious acceleration and groove whilst James (Guitar/Vox) yields his axe shifting from melody to unorthodox screams and discordance bringing that signature Bloodstreams flavour to proceedings.

The Bloodstreams have a website, at thebloodstreams.com, and are on Facebook, YouTube and Insta.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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