Lucy Blue released ‘Graveyard’ on October 6th.

We’ve previously heard ‘Deserve You’ (Week 107, July 2023), and ‘Postman’ (Week 39, March 2022) by Lucy Blue. Now she’s back, with her latest single, ‘Graveyard’.

If there is real talent, it will always be noticed eventually. Just ask Ireland’s Lucy Blue, who has been labelled ‘promising’ ever since her first releases. Since then, she’s supported George Ezra and now has two EPs under her arm. With the new single, ‘Graveyard’, Lucy has created the ideal soundtrack for a chilly autumn. A gigantic minimalist single, which manages to move even more. With nothing more than a piano and a slightly electronically processed voice, the Irishwoman provides emotion and melancholy in abundance.

Lucy is on Insta, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube.


Rebecca Winkworth released ‘Remember You’re You’ on 6th October.

We’ve previously heard ‘Young, Brave and Free’ (Week 111, August 2023) from Irish singer-songwriter, Rebecca Winckworth. Rebecca’s achievements include: international tours; recording on award-winning albums; special guest appearance on Celtic Woman’s Grammy-nominated ‘Destiny’; representing Ireland in the World Festival of Music China with Titanic Dance; and an International Emmy Award Nomination in 2022 with ‘Dapinty, A Musicolor Adventure’. Now she has released her latest single, ‘Remember You’re You’.

Rebecca has a page with all her down-load links.


Stickman released ‘Sheena’ on 6th October.

‘Sheena’ is the third single from Stickman’s début album, ‘Cyanide Smile’, which dropped on 20th October. We’ve heard the previous two singles – ‘My Genome’ (Week 116, September 2023) and ‘Done Wrong’ (Week 117, October 2023)

Hailing from the South of Wales, disco-punkers Stickman have had a whirlwind 12 months. Signed following a Music Venue Trust #ReviveLive Show in a room holding no more than 50 people, they have now released their début, full-length album and they do it with a ‘Cyanide Smile’.

A worthy alt.punk début the lead up singles have gained heavy support. Described as “disco punk with a pinch of mid-life crisis”, the band’s album is a must listen. Their video single of the same name, ‘Cyanide Smile’, releases as the lead track, alongside CDs and merch in a bid for the Official UK Independent Albums Chart.

Stickman have an page with links to all their down-loads and social media.

Live Dates:

17th November – EJ’s Llanelli (Stickman’s Christmas bash)
26th May – Breaking Bands Festival (Headliner)


On 6th October, Minna Ora released ‘Storm’.

Minna Ora is a singer-songwriter from Finland.

She says, “After decades of experience as a singer, songwriter and guitarist in the rock scene, I have now launched my solo career with music I have written, arranged, recorded, and produced myself.
Drawing inspiration from the mystery of life, nature, love, spirituality, plus my own life experiences and struggles, I filter it all through what I’ve recognized as traits of high sensitivity. Harnessing and embracing these traits gives life to music quite different from what I’ve done before.

Minna Ora has a website, at, from where you can down-load her music and reach all her social media.


MiParis Music teams up with Carol Riddick for single, ‘I Love Me Too’.

Philadelphia based label MiParis Music has unveiled an anthem that will resonate with people around the world. It comes in the shape of ‘I Love Me Too’, released on 10th October. The single forms part of MiParis Smooth Jazz Compilation album Vol.2, and features soul songbird Carol Riddick. She showcases her infamous sultry vocals to proclaim love for herself. In a world which holds so much negativity that can have a knock effect on self-worth, the therapeutically soulful single also serves as the perfect ode to encourage every person to take a moment to appreciate themselves – and most importantly to practice self-love.

The single was written by singer-songwriter, producer and record label owner of MiParis Music, Michael Upshaw along with Right Side Music Publishing owner, Dexter T.Moore. Together they own 1 Vision Music Productions.

You can follow Michael and Carol separately on Spotify, Insta, Twitter and Facebook.
Michael Upshaw: Spotify, Insta, Twitter, Facebook
Carol Riddick: Spotify, Insta, Twitter, Facebook


On 11th October, All Tvvins released ‘Every Minute’.

We’ve previously heard ‘What’s Happening’ (Week 97, May 2023)

Irish indie-electronic powerhouse All Tvvins is set to ignite the music scene once again with their latest single, ‘Every Minute’, which dropped on October 11th. This eagerly anticipated track marks a significant milestone for the dynamic duo, as it leads the charge for their upcoming EP, ‘This Country’, due for release on November 1st.

‘Every Minute’ is a testament to the creative synergy between the duo of Conor Adams and Lar Kaye. The track’s inception began with Conor’s enthralling guitar riff, which underwent a transformative evolution in collaboration with producer Cormac Butler for their forthcoming EP. It masterfully weaves together elements from their initial release, infused with the palpable progression and vigour that epitomizes the band’s current musical prowess.

Despite its profound subject matter, ‘Every Minute’ radiates with a magnetic intensity, showcasing All Tvvins’ hallmark fusion of electronic beats, rock guitar finesse, and soaring vocals. The result is a riveting auditory experience that bridges the gap between contemplation and immediacy, cementing All Tvvins as trailblazers in the realm of thought-provoking yet immensely accessible music.

‘Every Minute’ is available now on all streaming platforms, and you can follow All Tvvns on Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


On 12th October, Seán Parnell released his début single, ‘Over Feeling Down’.

Seán Parnell, a rising star in Cork’s vibrant music scene, is captivating listeners with his début release. ‘Over Feeling Down’ dropped on October 12th under Faction Records.

‘Over Feeling Down’ is a poignant and introspective track that seamlessly melds pop sensibilities with alternative R&B-inspired production. The song, produced by the renowned Brien, was crafted between the vibrant cities of London and Cork, capturing a unique blend of influences and emotions.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind ‘Over Feeling Down’, Seán Parnell shares, “A song about the smoke clearing after a hard time when I was broke and eating a lot of beans.

‘Over Feeling Down’ is available on all major streaming platforms, and you can follow Seán on Insta, Twitter and Facebook.


Anita Abram released ‘Shift Away’ on 12th October.

Anita Abram was born in Ipswich. She is an independent singer songwriter, based in Suffolk, with a passion for the visual arts. Anita performs solo and in a folk trio The Copper Foxes. She also sits on the board of an arts charity, and is an official representative of the International Singer-Songwriter Association. Having attended the DIY Female Musician’s Home Recording Academy she’s now recording her own music at home.

Anita released her first two tracks at the end of 2022 – and we heard ‘Stars Above’ (Week 88 and the IWD Special, both in March 2023) and ‘Go Again’ (Week 93, April 2023) back in the Spring.

Anita’s latest single, ‘Shift Away’, about the coastal settlement Shingle Street, aims to raise awareness of plastic pollution that ends up on Suffolk’s beaches. Nestled on the Suffolk Coast, where The River Ore meets the North Sea, Shingle Street boasts a dynamic, shifting pebble shoreline reshaped over time. With its beauty, folklore and history, Shingle Street provides a poignant backdrop to the message of valuing our coastlines and raising awareness about plastic waste in our oceans that end up on our beaches, harming the natural environment.

Anita said, “So I’m excited to release my fifth single ‘Shift Away’ in dedication to the four generations of my family who grew up in the area beach combing and finding the precious stone amber. We bear witness to increasing plastic pollution in our oceans and on our beaches, and we play a role in its preservation.

Anita has a gig at the Klinker Club, Felixstowe, on 18th November, 17:30-20:30. Details are on her website, at You can also follow her on Spotify, Facebook, Insta and YouTube


On 3rd November, The Cides will release two tracks, ‘WakeUp England’ and ‘WakeUp America’.

The Cides, concerned about the slow, drip-by-drip, erosion of our rights and freedoms have released these two tracks. They are a wakeup calls to the people of England and America. It’s time for both to rediscover their fighting spirit, and force their respective Governments to reinstate our lost freedoms and rights.

The Cides have pages, where you can pre-order WakeUp England and WakeUp America. The Cides also have a website, at


On 12th October, ‘To Do List (After the Breakup)’ dropped.

Blossoms have revealed their new single, ‘To Do List (After The Breakup)’. It features Findlay and is produced by long-term producer James Skelly. The single is the first new music from Blossoms since their third Number 1 album. ‘Ribbon Around The Bomb’, dropped in April 2022. Rupi Kaur’s poem, ‘To Do List (After The Breakup)’, from her book ‘Milk and Honey’ inspired the track. The book shot her to fame on its initial release in 2014, selling more than 3 million copies. Joining Blossoms on the single is the band’s friend and Manchester musician Findlay.

Speaking about the new single…

… the band’s singer and lyricist Tom Ogden said, “We initially kicked the song around as a band in a way that we did when we first started – all in the round together at our rehearsal room. It’s something we’ve not really been able to do for a long time but it felt so natural and euphoric for the five of us! Some of the song’s DNA lies within the local Manchester bands we grew up listening to from our parents’ record collections, bands like New Order and James.
Lyrically our songs have sometimes been inspired by books and short stories. Last January we came across the poem ‘To Do List (After The Breakup)’ by Rupi Kaur and thought it captured the feeling of heartbreak so accurately and it struck a chord with us (literally!). We thought it was a great concept for a song and reached out to Rupi about using some of her words and she kindly gave us permission to use them. We had always imagined the track as a duet, so we got in touch with singer Findlay who’s work we’ve been fans of for years. She loved the song and was up for getting involved and that really was the final piece of the puzzle for us.

Blossoms have a website, at, with links to their down-loads, social media and details of their upcoming gigs.


On 13th October, Francesca Luker released ‘Almost Healed’.

Francesca Luker is a singer-songwriter based in Bristol, originally from Bucks. Francesca was immersed from a young age in the sounds of the soul, jazz and blues greats alongside the funk and R&B sounds of the nineties. It was from these roots that her passion for singing emerged, as she absorbed and assimilated their rich, emotive vocals.

Her progression from the release of her début EP ‘Take me Down’ set her up with an exciting future. Now she follows her distinctive, genre-crossing singles ‘Some things Don’t Change’, and ‘Promise Land’ (which we heard a few weeks ago – Week 110, August 2023) with ‘Almost Healed’.

Francesca has a page, with links to all her social media and down-load sites.

A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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