‘I Will Praise Thy Name’ by Michael Upshaw, featuring LeJuene Thompson, is out now.

Singer-songwriter, producer and record label owner, Michael Upshaw was inspired by God in the writing of the new single, ‘I Will Praise Thy Name’ It has been released on all digital platforms.

After writing this powerful praise and worship song from the scripture Isaiah 25:1, Michael reached out to his friend, church member and keyboardist, Austin Woodlin to work with him on the producing side. Austin is one of the most sought after multi-talented musicians in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and surrounding area.

After completing the production, Michael knew immediately the song needed to be sung by someone who understood praise, worship and the word of God. He was pleased to be introduced to LeJuene Thompson, who is a prominent figure in the gospel community worldwide. Her ministry includes singing with a variety of renowned artists

Michael has taken the back seat as a writer and co-producer on ‘I Will Praise Thy Name,’ as LeJuene Thompson delivers this powerful praise about who God is and what he has done and continues to do.

‘I Will Praise Thy Name’ is available from Spotify and AppleMusic.


Man Wazimu has released ‘Reggae Nice’.

This track, ‘Reggae Nice’, is a feel good song on ‘Buss It Riddim’ which was produced by K Dawg on the Truce Da Label. Besides Man Wazimu ‘Reggae Nice’, the riddim has:

  • Skywarcar a Kenyan reggae artiste with a song titled ‘Musle’.
  • Queen L a Kenyan singer based in United States of America with a love ballad ‘On and On’.
  • Acton a Malawian reggae singer with an effort titled ‘Maluzi’ about money.
  • Sennid based in United States of America with a conscious song titled ‘Hear Thee Call’.

Song writer, Singjay reggae and dancehall musician Man Wazimu (born Peter Wagany) is a Nairobi, Kenya based musician. A native of the community of Mukuru Kwanjenga a slum in Nairobi where life is economically challenging with social issues which have shaped his bias in the music industry. An adherent of the Seventh Adventist faith he is a Saturday Sabbath keeper who works six days a week and rests from Friday evening to Saturday evening.

Man Wazimu is on Facebook, YouTube, Insta, Twitter and Bandcamp.


CHVRCHES have shared their new single ‘Over’.

CHVRCHES surprised fans with the release of new single ‘Over’. It is available to stream and download now via EMI (UK) and Island Records (US). Their first new music in over a year arrives as the band say goodbye to their acclaimed ‘Screen Violence’ era following a triumphant run of shows in Australia and Asia. It also heralds a new phase for the Glaswegian trio. ‘Over’ sees them team up with producer-songwriter Oscar Holter for a soaring, alt-pop anthem that arrives ahead of nine stadium shows in support of Coldplay in Brazil this March.

The band say: “’Over’ is a song that we wrote with Oscar Holter, a producer we really respect and admire. Normally we collect songs over the course of months (or years!) until we have an album’s worth of material, but this time we just wanted to release something we were excited about and give the fans something new to mark the end of the ‘Screen Violence’ era, and the start of whatever the next CHVRCHES chapter might be.

CHVRCHES has a website, at chvrch.es.


Indie-pop artist, Lydia Ford, released ‘Sink or Swim’ on March 1st.

About the track Lydia says “I wrote ‘Sink or Swim’ in a bleak January when I kept having nightmares about water. Every night I fought against the waves and during the day I was sleep deprived, feeling lost and stuck in rut. Ultimately I decided I needed to make a change and the song is the journey to that decision – my only two choices, in the nightmares and in life, were to sink or swim. I wanted the production to be more upbeat than the lyrics, but keeping a glitchy, dreamy, underwater quality in places. The track was co-written with Jess Pascal from Morning Midnight who also co-produced alongside Sam Stevenson. We’re all big MUNA fans so a lot of the inspiration came from there and The Japanese House. I think it’s a great intro for what to expect coming later in 2023.”

Lydia is on Facebook, Insta and Twitter.


Ellen Williams has released ‘Be Thou My Vision’.

‘Be Thou My Vision’ with its new classical orchestration and soprano voice, mixed with that filmic quality Celtic music bestows, paints this traditional hymn in a new light. It appears on Ellen’s album ‘Inspire’ from which we’ve previously heard ‘World in Union’ (Week 73, November 2022).

About ‘Be Thou My Vision’, Ellen says “It’s my favourite on the album and felt the perfect opening to the collection as it really builds from something so honest and pure to being rousing and powerful. I really enjoyed recording this one, it comes from the heart.

Ellen Williams has a website, at ellenwilliams.co.uk


Elrose has recently released ‘Stupid’

‘Stupid’ by Elrose, from Cyprus, has been released through the Blind Dog record label.

Elrose is on Facebook.

Neriah released ‘Falling 4 Somebody’ on 2nd March.

Emerging pop star Neriah has released her newest single, melodic breakup anthem ‘Falling 4 Somebody’. It’s from her new EP ‘No One Cries Forever’ which came out on March 17th.

While true to Neriah’s knack for songs about heartbreak and relationships, ‘Falling 4 Somebody’ addresses these themes with a more upbeat tone. The track shows Neriah coming to terms with the end of a relationship, using the hopeful melodies to comfort her as she accepts the inevitable breakup.

Speaking about the track, Neriah says, “’Falling 4 Somebody’ is about being in love with someone and discovering they’re not who you thought they were. It’s about wanting to leave a relationship, but staying because you’re scared to stray from its comfort. You’ve reached a breaking point in your relationship and know you should end it, but your fear prevents you from doing it.

You can follow Neriah on Insta and YouTube


‘Solitary Wind’ was released on 2nd March. It’s by FeelX and features Jessy Howe.

We have previously heard ‘Waiting for that Sweet Kiss’ (Week 85, February 2023) by FeelX. Now he’s back, with his new single, ‘Solitary wind’, which features Jessy Howe.

We’ve heard numerous tracks from Jessy Howe (‘Soul Food’ with Vikings of Blue in Week 14, ‘I Am Love’ with Valentina Velkova in Week 18, ‘Sea of Humanity’ with Felix Waldispühl in Week 40, ‘Eternal’ in Week 56, and ‘Message of Love’ in Week 77).

We’ve even heard a previous track from FeelX featuring Jessy Howe – ‘Love is a Reason’ (Week 74, November 2022)

FeelX is an independent musician from Zürich. His love of prog-rock, ambient, fusion and pop all fall into place while writing and producing tracks. His songs are instrumental or vocal with many instruments and textures. He has a website – feelxmusic.ch – but, as he’s Swiss, it’s mainly in German! He is also on is on Bandcamp, YouTube and Facebook

Jessy, also from Switzerland, has a website at jessyhowe.com and is on YouTube, Twitter, Insta and Facebook.


On March 3rd, Avalon Emerson & The Charm released ‘Hot Evening’.

Avalon Emerson has returned under a new alias, Avalon Emerson & The Charm, to announce her forthcoming début album. It was released on her brand new label Another Dove that she launches with AD 93 founder Nic Tasker. Leading with the garage-influenced single ‘Hot Evening’ dropping with an announcement of forthcoming worldwide live tour dates!

An artist who has long looked beyond the club for inspiration, Avalon Emerson has become one of dance music’s most celebrated contemporary figures. She is on Insta and Twitter.


David Haerle released ‘Little Gordon’ on 3rd March.

‘Little Gordon’ is on David’s upcoming album, ‘El Camino Sierra’ which will be out later in 2023.

Speaking about the album, David says, “’El Camino Sierra’ is my third full length album of original songs. The further I progress as an artist and songwriter, the more I realize my favourite songs to write are usually the personal ones that tell stories from my life or from the lives of friends and loved ones.

‘El Camino Sierra’ (or The Sierra Highway) is the historic name of Highway 395 which runs through the Owens Valley of California. The Owens Valley has been called Payahǖǖnadǖ by tribes native to the area and interpreted as meaning “the place where water has always flowed” or “the land of the flowing water.” With the valley floor having an elevation of 4,000 feet and mountain ranges rising on both sides to over 14,000 feet, it is the deepest valley in the United States. I’ve been going there since I was a young boy and it’s a place of renewal for me. The High Sierras, the White Mountains, the Ancient Bristlecone Pines: the beauty of this landscape never fails to lift my spirit, and El Camino Sierra is the way there.

Most of us experience first-hand how music can change outlooks, touch our hearts, and transport our imaginations to new and different places. I hope listening to El Camino Sierra can take you somewhere that refreshes and renews your spirit as its namesake highway has for me.

David Haerle has a website, at davidhaerle.com.


Elephant released a new single and video, ‘Young’, on March 3rd.

Indie alternative artist Elephant, the moniker of Irish songwriter Shane Clarke, is back with a new single ‘Young’.

The song is an ode to embracing and loving oneself for the unique qualities that make each person who they are. In Elephant’s own words, “Young is all about loving the unique things that make you you. Do you like to dance around the house in your pyjamas? Dine out in restaurants alone? Put the TV on just for the company? Are you afraid of the dark, heights, or just being alone? Are you single and nearing 40? Do you want me to stop asking questions?! Love yourself, you’re too young to be worrying about all that.

Unsurprisingly, Elephant is on YouTube.


A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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