‘Stupid Words’ is from unsigned UK indie/folk teen ‘Bellza’.

‘Stupid Words’ is the latest single from Hastings (UK) teenage indie-folk artist Bellza. Taken from the début album ‘Goldfish’. The track showcases an independent artist who draws influences from folk pioneers whilst embracing sonic experimentation.

‘Goldfish’, Bellza’s début album contains songs that were written by the artist as young as 14-years-old, at the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recorded and produced entirely at home, ‘Goldfish’ is a genuinely raw and confessional body of work in both its lyrical content and intentional lo-fi tilting production values. The album is a journey of melodic sophistication wrapped in contemporary folk stylistics and tastefully embellished with psychedelic and dream pop overtones. With the exception of percussive contributions from Amie Tarrant, ‘Goldfish’ was largely recorded by Bellza herself.

‘Stupid Words’ is available to stream/download on Spotify. ‘Goldfish’ is available on all major digital platforms, via Bellza’s distrokid page. You can follow Bellza on Facebook, Insta and YouTube.


The Cosmic Whiskey Brothers released ‘You’re the One’ on 14th August.

We’ve previously heard ‘Together Apart’ (Week 88, March 2023) which, like ‘You’re the One’, will appear on their ‘Numquam Sero’ EP. I think that’s due out later this year.

Cosmic Whiskey Brothers formed in a valley in South Wales, during the great lockdown of 2020, when Keryn asked Kevin to write a song. Which, with no previous experience, he dutifully did, and the writing goes on.

The band is predominantly Kevin Mewies and Keryn Isaacs, the former being the lyricist and lead singer, with the latter being the multi-instrumental maestro and musical magician!

Coming from the hot bed of talent that South Wales is, there’s plenty of gifted musicians to call on, and that’s the plan. Band members come and go, as their skills are desired, but once a Cosmic Whiskey Brother they’re always in the brotherhood.

Although the two, main protagonists are big fans of rock music, their sound doesn’t slot easily into a single genre. “We just go where the song takes us” is their simple mantra. And it goes down some varied alleys, but that’s just how they roll.

When asked where their ambitions lie the boys just say, “If we catch a break we’ll take it, but if not, we’ll just keep on doing what we do, and keep doing it because we love it.

‘You’re the One’ is available via their record label, Bad Monkey Records and on Apple. You can follow Cosmic Whiskey Brothers on Facebook.


‘Center of the Universe’ is the title track from Sofia Talvik’s new album.

We’ve previously heard ‘Memories of Snow’ (Week 22, November 2021), ‘Too Many Churches’ (Week 62, August 2022) and the first single from this album ‘Circle of Destruction’ (Week 107, July 2023). Now, Sofia’s 9th album has been released. On this new album, Swedish born musician, Sofia Talvik, brings together her own distinctive Nordic melancholy, Laurel Canyon vibes, and modern folk mixed with bluegrass, further defining the path that is uniquely hers.

Throughout the 10 songs on the album, there is a broad range of topics of some of life’s most earnest moments, ranging from the Ukraine War, American women’s rights, the thousands of missing children in the U.S. and the torment of domestic violence survivors across the world.

In the title track, ‘Center of the Universe’, Sofia memorizes the thousands of missing US children. Singing about all the photos of the Missing found hanging in Walmarts she witnessed on her last US tour. The song honours Hopi Native Americans’ traditions by sending a prayer of hope that the missing children weren’t abducted but rather ascended to the Tuuwanasavi, the Centre of the Universe, and in so doing, found peace. The accompanying video features the pictures of the missing children and young adults in an extended effort to spread the word and efforts to find them.

Sofia Talvik has a website, at sofiatalvik.com, and is on Bandcamp, Facebook and YouTube.


The Menzingers released ‘Hope is a Dangerous Little Thing’ on 15th August.

More than 15 years in, treasured Philadelphia punk rockers The Menzingers have cemented a multi-decade reputation as road warriors with an unbeatable catalogue. Now they expand their impressive repertoire with the announcement of their seventh studio album, ‘Some Of It Was True’. That album is due for release on October 13th via Epitaph Records.

Vocalist and guitarist Greg Barnett reveals, “Written over the last two and a half years in hotels, back stages, basements, and rehearsal rooms and recorded during a life-changing retreat down south, ‘Some Of It Was True’ is the most realised version of what we set out to do when we started this band 17 years ago—have fun and be ourselves.

The band also shares the record’s lead single, ‘Hope Is A Dangerous Little Thing’. This balances confessional lyrics with an anthemic edge.

The Menzingers have a webpage with all their down-load links, and links to pre-order their new album. They also have a website, at themenzingers.com, and are on Insta, Facebook, and Twitter.


St Lucifer have released ‘Vanity Damage’.

‘Vanity Damage’ is the first single from St Lucifer’s new album, ‘Disgraceland’. The album will drop on 15th September.

Manchester (UK) based St Lucifer are 40% trans, 40% non-binary, 20% Post Human and 100% Queer. An expansive sound best described as a “heady cocktail of Alt/Pop/Electro/Punk/Noise”. Their breakout self-titled LP, released in 2016, is now followed by the incoming fourth album ‘Disgraceland’. This LP is a 40-minute odyssey of thrilling noise that is already delighting live audiences.

From the outset, the band wasted no time in establishing themselves on both social media and the Manchester live circuit. Then, as the world entered into the ‘new normal’ of post-pandemic life a line-up change was necessary. Ashleigh took a sabbatical from bass duties and the band welcomed Gitzy Hate to the live set-up and creative fold. This was all in time for them both to feature on the new ‘Disgraceland’ album.

Initially keen to avoid making another ‘political’ album a la their third LP, ‘Deathcrush Palare’, the state of the world and the UK provided a rich vein of material. Trump, Johnson, Farage, PPE scams, TERF-wars and the toxic post-truth dog whistles proved to be a focus point to rally against. In terms of sound, another sparkling evolution has been embraced and delivered – a harder, faster more passionate soundscape. With a UK tour in the autumn of 2023 coinciding with September’s album release and more dates to be announced for early 2024 the band aren’t so much on a roll as a tsunami of intent.

St Lucifer have a web site, at stlucifer.net, and are on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Insta.


‘Cherry Blossom’ is by Michael Morrow and the Culprits.

Michael Morrow & the Culprits sound could be described as hard rock countryfied blues. An American rock band, hailing from Colorado, they deliver the goods when it comes to that bluesy hard rock. Plus there’s a touch of twang undoubtedly coming from that big red Gretsch guitar Michael is known for playing over the years. That tone matched with his voice is distinctive.

The band have produced 4 albums on CD and 2 printed on Vinyl. Their music can be found on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. The band have an upcoming mini tour in the UK this October and a new album new out around the same time. You can find more details on their website and follow them on Facebook.


Angelo Palladino released ‘Knucklebones’ on 11th August.

‘Knucklebones’ is the first single to be taken from ‘Blango’, the brand-new album from legendary bluesman Angelo Palladino. The new album is a real return to form for the man who has performed at some of the world’s greatest venues and alongside some of the greatest names in the business. His writing credits include songs for and with such diverse musical talents as Carole King, Ted Nugent, Jeff Beck, and The Bangles. Now, at the ripe old age of 74, he is writing and playing better than ever before.

Angelo says, “Knucklebones is all about now. The hardships many are facing. Anyone with some social conscience should connect and empathise with it.

Angelo Palladino has a website, at angelopalladino.co.uk.


The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show released ‘So Angry I Could Vote’ on 16th August.

We’ve previously heard ‘Boomtown’ (July 2021, Week 2) and ‘Life’s Quite Bland’ (December 2021, Week 24) from The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show. Now they are back with their brand new single ‘I’m so angry I could vote’. It’s taken from their upcoming third album ‘Folkadelica’.

After witnessing French riots over a slight raise in the pension age, while the UK let’s politicians do whatever they like with absolutely no reaction, they tried to write the most apathetic middle England rubbish protest song in history to reflect this…. Hardly bothering to raise its head to look at the state of old blighty. The chattering middle classes future anthem.

The track is taken from the brand new album ‘Folkadelica’. 11 brand new original tunes fuse folk, Americana, country and punk. They touch on love, grief, loss, betrayal, politics and even shoplifting. It’s been recorded and mixed entirely in a dark Dorset barn in England. Total DIY.

You can follow The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show on Facebook, Spotify, YouTube and Apple.


Stephen Foster-Pilkington has shared ‘Secret Crush’.

This is the latest track from Stephen’s recently released album ‘Who Can Live in a House Like This?’ We’ve previously heard the title track (Week 95, April 2023) ‘Can’t be Satisfied’ (Week 98, May 2023) and ‘Not Enough Love But Just Enough Lust’ (Week 101, June 2023).

Stephen is a singer/songwriter who lives in Brightlingsea. He goes out gigging solo with his guitar, loop pedal and violin. In his spare time he enjoys listening to indie music and also exploring less well known composers of the nineteenth century.

You can follow Stephen on Soundcloud, Facebook and Bandcamp.


She Burns Red have recently released ‘Crosshairs’.

‘Crosshairs’ is the first single from She Burns Red’s eagerly awaited new album. ‘Out of Darkness’ will be released on September 15th.

Scottish rock outfit She Burns Red are the ‘truth’ when it comes to gritty feral infused slabs of hard crunching rhythms and standard flying rock anthems. Riffs go wild, melodies are plentiful and make no mistake, She Burns Red are potential game changers. Vocalist/guitarist Andy Moore and vocalist/bassist James McCulloch have been the two constant members. After a few line-up changes She Burns Red solidified with the additions of Scott Hanlon on drums and lead guitarist, Naz (an Italian living in Edinburgh) in 2020.

Speaking about the track, James says, “’Crosshairs’ speaks of bad relationships and how they can affect you. Looking towards hope when all around you seems lost. It is far too easy to lose sight of what you have and blame others for what is happening to you when sometimes the answer to the question of what is wrong is yourself.
Words written by Andy, music by She Burns Red. We previously recorded a version with Toby Jepson for our last EP, but the song has taken on new life since then with the addition of Naz and Scott. We felt it was right for updating.”

Live dates:

15th September – Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton
30th September – Rockin for Tots Festival, La Belle Angel, Edinburgh
21st October – Station 18 festival, Hangar 18 Swansea
10th November – Rockmantic Festival, Yardbirds, Grimsby
9th February 2024 – Rockmantic Festival (headline), Brickyard, Carlisle
Supporting South of Salem:
26th October – London – Black Heart
27th October 27th – Tunbridge Wells – Forum
29th October 29th – Bristol – Exchange
30th October 30th – Glasgow – Attic
31st October 31st – Newcastle – Think Tank
1st November 1st – Milton Keynes – Craufurd Arms
2nd November 2nd – Manchester – Rebellion
3rd November 3rd – Wolverhampton – KK’s Steel Mill

She Burns Red have a website, at sheburnsred.com, and are on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and Apple.

A recording of the show is available on MixCloud.

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